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Found 8 results

  1. My baby boy was hit by a car on Friday and needs to be kept on oxygen until we can afford to see a surgeon in either Boston or Manchester. PLEASE HELP US SAVE HIM. They will euthanize him if we can't get the money together
  2. Good morning... Midnight is our 9 year old Big Baby of the family. She is a purebred Rottweiler who sometimes forgets that she is a big dog. She thinks she is still a puppy. My family lives in Rochester, NY and are in need of assistance with emergency vet care. I am on a very fixed income receiving SSD/SSI. I do not want her to suffer or be put down because we don't have the money to help her...she is the last gift my daughter's dad gave them before passing on several months later. She is very special to us. We would appreciate any help you are able to offer.
  3. Cookie, a 5 year-old Netherlands Dwarf rabbit was rescued after she was diagnosed with a severeteeth issue (malocclusion), She had a tooth-extraction surgery and got 6 teeth removed a year ago. She was good and happy for several months until a large abscess was found near her right eye. Cookie went to the Berkeley Animal Hospital to have a CT scan on 3/15/16. The radiologist said Cookie has a very large abscess eating away at the roots of her upper cheek teeth, and that is also starting to push into the area of the eye and her sinuses on that side. She will need a surgery ASAP to save her eye and the remaining teeth. We expect Cookie's surgery cost is around $2,500. We were all blindsided by this urgent surgery and we could use your support. To assist us to help Cookie get well, please consider donating to her. Your love, support and get well wishes for Cookie will be shared with her. Owner is able to pay $1,000.
  4. Liam's Orthopedic Surgery

    Hi, My name is Sabrina and I own a 3.5 year old neutered male chihuahua. His name is Liam, he is 7lbs and white. On Saturday, January 16th, Liam decided he was going to jump from my arms (approximately 4 feet off the ground since I was standing) onto the cement floor. He landed wrong on his front left leg and ultimately fractured his radius and ulna. Doctors say that in order to fix his fracture, a splint would not do the job due to the lack of blood flow in that area of the body in small dogs. Liam would need to undergo a fracture repair orthopedic surgery or an amputation. I am a college student working multiple jobs on minimum wage and unfortunately will not be able to afford the $2,500 orthopedic surgery and its additional costs of post care. I have instead decided to have his leg amputated for around $800, which is still going to be quite a bill for me. His consultation is scheduled for Friday, January 22nd, and his amputation, tentatively, the 26th. Can anyone please help me?
  5. Hello, my name is Denise, and I am seeking help for my family's 9 year old Boxer, Bailey. He is a sweetheart, and suddenly became ill this week. He's otherwise a very healthy dog who runs around like a puppy with our 2 year old Rough Collie, Luna. He started coughing and then became sluggish, and then having labored breathing, and lastly coughing up blood. I became very concerned. Yesterday we were able to get him outside for some sunshine, but today he showed no interest. He just wants to lay on the couch, and any movement triggers a coughing fit. I called his vet and after checking that he was not anemic or had a distended belly and was still eating and drinking, she advised he come in tomorrow morning(I called at 8 PM) since she didn't feel he was in immediate danger of heart failure. Though anyone who has dealt with this knows that putting off treatment can put your dog at risk for anemia and fluid buildup, and weakening of the heart. If too much damage is done, there is no going back. I had already made the decision to take him in no matter what the cost, and that I'd have to figure out how to pay the bill later. I will admit we have horrible credit, through layoffs and not being able to find another job at all, or taking a huge cut in pay, and having to choose our basic bills to pay over credit cards. My oldest daughter has grown up with Bailey since she was 4, and he's my youngest's best buddy since they're both the same age. Losing him would break their hearts. I guess his condition isn't considered an immediate emergency, but I know if I don't get him in tomorrow morning, he will continue to deteriorate and eventually pass away. I know he's miserable, and needs help right away.
  6. Cujo needs help

    Hi. I'm Lauren and my dog Cujo is in dire need of help. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday with the pretense that he ingested something he should not have. After Xrays and blood work, it turned out that Cujo needed what seemed to be, a routine surgery to remove a foreign body. When they got in there, Cujo had his intestines perforated, and had 3 ft, removed. His body has turned septic as a result from the build up of bacteria and the holes found. Cujo is my best friend as well as my one year olds. I have had him since he was a mere 6 weeks old, running in front of my car, on New Years almost 4 years ago. I have watched him grow and applied a lot of tough love. Cujo has always been there for me and is always looking out for my son. He knows and emotions, and has always been able to make a bad day, good. I don't want to lose my best friend. He needs more time to heal and get better. But with each passing day, another few thousand dollars gets sucked in. I don't have that as a single mother... I don't want to give up on him because of money. Cujo has never given up on me, and I will surely not give up on him. Please help support my best friend.
  7. Please help my baby Lilly!

    My name is Jill and I am a single female. every night, as I lived alone, i would go outside wor a cup of tea where this cat would just come and sit with me. One day she pulled 2 kittens, too young to be weened, under my porch. I took them in and became "mamma" as I realized she had been watching me to find someone to care for her babies. they are now my babies. Lilly swallowed something and i need $3800 to give her the surgery she needs immediately or she will pass. I have also recently broken my hand and beenoff work so i am barely keeping a roof over my head. Please help her!!!!!
  8. Russell urgently needs surgery

    Russell is a 1-2 yr old Jack Russell mix that was brought into the vet clinic by the sheriff department on Monday, 1/7/13, he was hit by a car and in the street. We were initially going to euthanize him, but he was wagging his tail and so sweet, we didn't have the heart. X-rays revealed he has a severely broken pelvis and femur. So he will need orthapedic surgery. He became ward of the county shelter for 5 days to see if an owner came forward. Which never happened. We ahave been keeping him comforable on pain medications, and today his 5 days are up. The shelter was planning on euthanizing him today, but we have stepped in and got a repreive until Tuesday to see if we can raise funds to have his surgery done. We are a very small rescue (4 people) who work at a vet clinic and take the ones that that the local shelter euthanizes due to medical reasons or injuries as the county has no budget for medical issues. We are despirate to help this little guy and find his forever loving home, that he so deserves. If you can help, please give what you can. Thank you Cheryl, Mel, Jenn and Arlene Deserving Pets Rescue p.s. pictures to follow, having trouble with attaching. sorry...