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Found 14 results

  1. Basically, I am one of 4 kids being raised by a single mother. We have a Shih Tzu named Devit whom we got after my parent's divorce. As corny as it sounds, he was there for all of us emotionally when we needed it over the years, knowing we can't help him now when he needs it most is the most heart breaking feeling. I have a job which has gone all to either my little angel's vet appointments, college books, my car that keeps breaking down or my mom's. We were told he has Intervertebral Disk Disease, his spine has slowly been deteriorating but he's never shown signs in the past until recently where he's almost completely lost the use of his little back legs. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see him try to walk to go to the bathroom. He's on bed rest until we can figure out how to pay for the surgery, I started saving up as best as I can but we've been struggling. We would appreciate any help whatsoever, he's been the most amazing, loyal dog and doesn't deserve this :( email: suupimniaa@gmail.com Thank you for your time.
  2. Please visit, like, donate, share, and comment on these two campaigns I've started on GofundMe.com! My lab/pit had to have part of her tail amputated last Wednesday, and our newer rescue Joey needs surgery on his shoulder ASAP for Osteochondritis Dessicans. Delilah's care will come to around $1,500 before we are done treatment, and Joey's care will come to almost $5,000! I'm a single, disabled mom, and these health issues just were not in the budget! Trying every avenue possible to get help, so please pass this on to your friends, family, and contacts, at the very least! Your help is greatly appreciated.
  3. 5lbs Morkie Rescue

    From the album Otitis Externa

    This is Dora yorkie-Maltese mix. Needs your help with donating for my ear surgery. total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA/LBO) surgery needed

    © 2015

  4. My pets eye is injured and is in need of surgery. Don't have income at the moment and can't afford his surgery. Estimated about 300 dollars, but i just don't have the money for it. Refuse to put him to sleep, because his injury is fixable. PLEASE HELP. hes family and don't want to loose him, any donations would be greatly appreciated!
  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FLAG THIS POST! THIS IS URGENT SITUATION AND I NEED HELP! I am in need of immediate assistance to help our beloved Sadie. My aunt is 77 years old and will be going to live in a retirement community. Her beloved YorkiePoo needs to find a home with a family member. My current dogs cost are exuberant due to his allergies and special foods/medicines. My landlord is requiring me to pay another pet deposit in order to take little Sadie in. Sadie is only 4-4 1/2 lbs and my aunt can not live with thought of this dog ending up in a shelter. I saw her tears for the first time in my life yesterday when I told her my landlord was being uncooperative. I paid a pet deposit and I also pay monthly for my pet. If anyone knows of any agency in PA that will help us I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. My aunt will need to be moved into her new home by Friday and Saturday at the latest. I did start a fundraising effort and hopefully something will come from that. We are willing to fully repay any donations! My aunts funds are tied up because of the move and having to sell assets and turn over her payments to the community.
  6. Pearl is in the Magic Bullet Fund and needs additional help. Please help Pearl with a donation. You can read about Pearl and see the fundraising drive at the Magic Bullet Fund's website with the link below. I have also included a direct link to donate to Pearl's treatment. 100% of the donation goes to Pearl! Members, please type IMOM into the “instructions for seller” (or recipient) box during the donations. www.themagicbulletfund.org Below is also Pearl's story written by her mommy. My girl Pearl was diagnosed with lymphoma on the 13th of June 2014. She was so sick that I was going to put her down, but our vet referred us to a Veterinary Oncologist in Glendale, AZ and then I decided that I had to try to fight for Pearl. She had one chemo shot, and the next week she had three chemo pills. Pearl has gone into partial remission but already but I cannot afford to continue her treatments. I have changed Pearl’s diet. She no longer eats dog food, she eats a human diet now. My 7-year-old Chocolate Lab Rusty does also, who has seizures but has had no seizures at all since the diet change. There is a big difference for the better in both dogs. Their coats look gorgeous! I am a widow since August, 2013. Alzheimer's disease took my husband and my income is cut more than half since his death. I just cannot afford to pay the chemo bills but I charged the bills for the first 2 treatments. I get a 5% “widow`s military discount” from Pearl`s Oncologist because my husband was in the Navy and was a 100% Disabled Veteran. He was in the Korean War and a War Hero. I am asking everyone who reads this to please help me pay Pearl`s chemo bills to restore her “healthy life” back to her. Please help me and Pearl. We will be so grateful for you gracious help. You will be saving a beautiful life that is so young.
  7. Bear is in the Magic Bullet Fund and needs additional help. Please help Bear with a donation. You can read about Bear and see the fundraising drive at the link below. I have also included a direct link to donate to Bear's treatment. 100% of the donation goes to Bear! Members, please type IMOM into the “instructions for seller” (or recipient) box during the donations. www.themagicbulletfund.org Below is also Bear's story written by his family. Hi! My name is Bear and I could really use your help. Until recently, I was a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky black lab without a care in the world. Then I had a tumor removed from my mouth and it turned out to be a malignant cancer called oral melanoma. There were a lot of tests to see if it had spread to my lungs and lymph nodes. Fortunately, it has not. My family is the best family a dog could ever have and they are all very worried and sad about me. They have been feeding me special homemade food with lots of nutrients and supplements to help make me strong to fight this disease. I need to have a special vaccine treatment, called the DNA vaccine for oral melanoma. It will help my immune system fight the cancer cells. With this vaccine I could live another two years or longer. The vaccine is expensive and my family is having financial difficulties right now. I won’t be able to have the treatment unless we receive donations. The kind and caring people at the Magic Bullet Fund have offered to help me raise the funds we’ll need to pay for the treatment, and they provided a gift into our campaign to get it started. I love going for walks, the beach and dog parks with them. Most of all, I want to spend more time with them so that they can rub my ears and belly and make me feel so good. I want to be with my family for as long as possible. Please help me to have a few more years with my family. I will be so grateful to anyone who can donate towards my treatment, and I know they will too!
  8. Recently my puppy Promise fell ill at a time I was having financial difficulties, it was an awful dilemma not to be able to get her the proper care she deserves. I am grateful that she is on the road to recovery and truly inspired to help others and it was a true blessing to find this forum for all of the advice and support available. My first drive will be held Sept. 8th in my city Charlotte, NC and I am looking forward to donating to the IMOM.org Family and want to thank you!
  9. Please help my dog Attila!

    I have the BEST 9 year old St Wiler (mix of St Bernard and Rott). He is loyal, a sweet big bear. Well, 2 weeks ago there was a stray dog walking in our yard and Attila went to chase him and his right leg went into a dip in our yard. Ever since then he has been limping and has a lump on his right wrist/forearm area. May be a carpal hyperextension injury, soft tissue injury, tumor, arthritis.. who knows. He is at his prime and usually gets up like he is 3 years old but he's been lethargic and not eating and limping still. I am disabled with 3 kids and 1 grandchild. I barely make rent. I have been up all night researching grants and charities that can help and I have been crying for hours. Please help my baby!!!
  10. Treatment for Smoosh

    Hi everyone! After Googling for hours, calling up numerous places, vets, organizations, I've exhausted all outlets. I need desperate help getting donations to get my cat a diagnosis and treatment. My cat, Smoosh, started peeing on the couches in the house randomly and we figured that it was a behavioral problem due to our somewhat new cat that we got back in March, but we decided to take her to the vet to rule out a UTI. The vet felt her organs, and felt a large lump in her bladder. We had Xrays done, which didn't show us what the mass was, but was told that because it wasn't metatisized in any way, that it's most likely not cancerous. However, in order to figure out what is going on in her bladder (if it's a polyp, benign tumor, different type of stone that doesn't show up on a simple X-Ray) we will need an ultrasound and bloodwork. The ultrasound is $550 and blood work is a whopping $220. The expenses, I expect, will not stop here as I have a feeling that whatever it is, it has to be taken out. For starters, I need to at least get her the ultrasound so I can go further with figuring out a treatment plan for her, as well as giving the diagnosis to organizations that need it in order to see if they can help or not. My mother and I have exhausted all funds, as we are both on SSI disability and can't afford to get Smoosh the treatment she needs, but I cannot see putting her down or giving her away as she was my Uncles cat, who passed away 2 1/2 years ago, and I'm very close to that cat. With that said, if anyone could, that would be greatly appreciated.
  11. getting fincial aid for Harry

    hi there all I am marie france and i came here in search of some finacial aid only need 5$ from 289 people to get the needed surgery How do i get this posted to you community Thank You
  12. Isis is my 4 year old rescue kitty who is the sweetest feline I have ever known. I got her at a garage sale where the owner just gave her to me. It was love at first site. Isis shares our home with her two canine brothers Midas (Golden Lab-5) & Gasket (Choc Lab -5). I am very proud to donate my time in rescues. I agreed to foster an abandoned Dog that was left in the basement of a house where the tenants made a midnight move and left the 10 mo old puppy & a 40lb bag of food locked in the basement. The neighbors heard the dog barking so called the police who broke in and rescued the poor guy. I was asked to foster the poor guy and I agreed to socialize him with my dogs. All was going well for 2 weeks, until the incident. I let Mr P, out of his kennel to go potty where I would sleep with him in our finished basement her ran up stairs where the door was closed and Isis was laying on the top stairs. She was trapped and had no where to go. I and Isis are still both a bit traumatized. Mr P had her by the left back leg, I had him by the collar pulling him back wards down the stairs trying to get him to let go, He would not. By the time we got to the bottom of the stairs my husband made it downstairs and took the collar and managed to make him let go. Isis has had a tough time of it all, she has been under vet care for almost 3 weeks, we ran out of funds and could no longer afford to keep her in the clinic. Isis's injuries are localized to the leg area (she is very very lucky), she has multiple exterior fractures, interior lacerations & xrays show her bones in 5 pieces with a few shards embedded in her muscles. We have tried to raise the funds needed for her surgery, but maintenance has overwhelmed us & now we are running out of time, as the tissue is beginning to break down. Everyone just loves our sweet girl & it is our hope that we can get the funds for the amputation ASAP instead of ... well I don't know if we have any other options besides putting her to sleep because the next step in her deterioration will be far spread infection.
  13. My name is Carrie Burke, age 34, Raleigh, NC, proud owner of Cooper, my 4 year old pitbull, who I rescued from Placer County Animal Shelter in Auburn, California in July 2010. Actually, Cooper rescued me! He has been my constant companion through a very unexpected divorce, a cross country relocation, and now a serious medical condition as I was diagnosed with MS a few months ago. Cooper is now blind in both eyes due to cataracts associated with bad breeding (not kidney problems or diabetes). Cooper is friendly and sweet and precious and a little clumsy! He loves children and is truly a "nanny dog"! He is affectionate and intuitive and just loves people! He used to live for tennis balls and fetch, but now that he's blind, he struggles to find the ball or even navigate his way around the dog park - his favorite place. He is running into other dogs, and sometimes picnic tables, and even trees. So I am now having to keep him on leash when we go there. It breaks my heart! I hope to be able to afford to get him cataract surgery soon. I am applying to various foundations and organizations, but because his condition is not life threatening, and he does not have a disease such as diabetes, he has not qualified for any programs. I want to give my best friend back his vision! Any resources you can point me to would be great. I've exhausted Care Credit due to an accident he had in November 2012 where he was struck head on by an SUV. Fortunately he survived, but I am still paying off those bills and now I've incurred my own medical bills due to MS. Please pray that I can restore his quality of life sooner than later. He has certainly restored mine! Blessings - Carrie & Cooper
  14. Hello from Georgia

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself and reach out to everyone. My name is Edith Mears and reside in Cumming, Georgia with my 4 year old Shi-tzu Ashanti. My dogs name is Ashanti, she is a 4-year-old Shi-Tzu who has been diagnosed with a slipped disc in her back due to an injury. This is extremely painful, very serious and can lead to paralysis if she doesn’t receive surgery soon. Ashanti is our family dog, love her more than anyone can possibly understand and means everything to my mom and me. I woke up one morning and noticed she was having trouble walking and yelping in pain. We rushed her to the vet where she was given Prednisone (a steroid to help reduce the inflammation) along with a muscle relaxer. I found a Chiropractor who agreed to do some adjustments and Acupuncture for a very reduced fee which seemed to help, but it was all too brief. On Sunday, we awoke to find her in immense pain again, dragging her hind legs, and crying out in pain. We rushed her back to the vet and were told she needs emergency surgery to repair a slipped disc, a cost of four to six thousand dollars! Knowing we didn’t have the funds for the surgery, due to a financial crisis as a result of my mother’s recent stroke, I applied for Care Credit but was denied. Due to my mother’s severe memory loss from the stroke, she is unable to care for herself or be left alone at home safely. Having to care for my mom, has prevented me from returning to work until her memory improves so she is able to stay home alone safely. Becuase I am not currently working, I am faced with a situation where I do not have the financial means to have Ashanti’s surgery, what our sweet girl so desperately needs. This is devastating for us. My mom receives a limited income from social security but that is all. I have started a Facebook page for our sweet girl and am reaching out to anyone that can possibly help. I am trying everything I can, including postings flyers at Kroger, Publix, the library and local business in the area. Sadly, the grocery store and PetsMart told me I had to take down the flyers indicating that I “wasn’t allowed” to post flyers requesting donations. I feel so helpless when Ashanti looks at me with her big pretty brown eyes and to know that I am limited in what the outcome will be when it comes to her quality of life and seeing the pain she is in hurts my soul, to the core. I won't ever give up on her and do whatever it takes to get her well again.