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Found 4 results

  1. Please visit, like, donate, share, and comment on these two campaigns I've started on GofundMe.com! My lab/pit had to have part of her tail amputated last Wednesday, and our newer rescue Joey needs surgery on his shoulder ASAP for Osteochondritis Dessicans. Delilah's care will come to around $1,500 before we are done treatment, and Joey's care will come to almost $5,000! I'm a single, disabled mom, and these health issues just were not in the budget! Trying every avenue possible to get help, so please pass this on to your friends, family, and contacts, at the very least! Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Help Charlie With Her Cancer!

    Hi! I'm brand new here and I'm holding my breath here since there are so many other people on here who need help but I'm going to give this a try! My name is Kelsey and my cat's name is Charlie. She has already had surgery to remove her left eye because there was so much pressure in it it was causing her discomfort and pain. Since the surgery she's been back to her normal self. Eating, drinking, relieving, playing and is as loving as every, if not more so. About a week and a half after her surgery I got a call that her biopsy results came back and it wasn't good. She has what is called diffuse melanoma in the eye, which is an aggressive form of cancer in the eye that attacks pigment in the eye. It is rare, and rarely spreads to other organs but since that, under the microscope, the cells appear to be the aggressive type it's almost 99% certain that her cancer is malignant. It's very confusing for me to know what this diagnosis is because she SEEMS totally FINE. Everything is fine and back to normal since her enucleation. The next steps we have to take are getting all of her diagnostics done, 3 films of chest x-rays, needle biopsy of a node and abdominal ultrasounds to check her liver and kidneys. These tests are going to run me up about $1.2k. We've spend SO much on her already, about $1,600 and I'm not working that much right now, my fiance had lung cancer 2 years ago and since it's a new year, we have to pay almost full price for his pain management doctor and scans, and we have to move soon, have car insurance and other bills to pay. When she is HEALTHY to me, I see no reason to put her down because it's the cheaper option. We can't have kids so this old lady is all I have. She's only 9 years old. She deserves to live a fuller life, to be loved and cared for. I'm trying to do that as best as I can. We are changing her diet slightly and looking into supplements per our vets concurrence with some research we've done already.
  3. Hi all! My name is Christina, and I am so happy I found this site! We have a 4 month old miniature schnauzer who desperately needs medical attention. Through hours of online searching, I stumbled across this site. I want to apply for financial aid, but it says that they are only doing emergencies right now. This is an emergency, a matter of life or death really. But my problem is that the rules say that I need a written letter from my vet with diagnoses and life expectancy. No vet in my area (even my own) will diagnose her without me paying for extensive tests. They all have told me what they think is wrong, but without tests they can't be sure. I started a gofundme page. It's my last option, before we choose to put her to sleep because it's the cheapest option. I don't want to do that. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did. I HAVE to find her help, and all other options have shut me down. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link to my gofundme page on this forum. And if I am not allowed, please let me know where I can post it. I don't want to break the rules right off the bat. All of our puppy's info and symptoms (more of her story) is on the gofundme page. I'm not asking anyone to donate, though I would be forever grateful. But I am asking that you share the link with anyone who you think might help. We are on a time crunch. She is getting worse by the day, and seriously needs medical attention. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much!
  4. Cujo needs help

    Hi. I'm Lauren and my dog Cujo is in dire need of help. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday with the pretense that he ingested something he should not have. After Xrays and blood work, it turned out that Cujo needed what seemed to be, a routine surgery to remove a foreign body. When they got in there, Cujo had his intestines perforated, and had 3 ft, removed. His body has turned septic as a result from the build up of bacteria and the holes found. Cujo is my best friend as well as my one year olds. I have had him since he was a mere 6 weeks old, running in front of my car, on New Years almost 4 years ago. I have watched him grow and applied a lot of tough love. Cujo has always been there for me and is always looking out for my son. He knows and emotions, and has always been able to make a bad day, good. I don't want to lose my best friend. He needs more time to heal and get better. But with each passing day, another few thousand dollars gets sucked in. I don't have that as a single mother... I don't want to give up on him because of money. Cujo has never given up on me, and I will surely not give up on him. Please help support my best friend.