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Found 7 results

  1. Please visit, like, donate, share, and comment on these two campaigns I've started on GofundMe.com! My lab/pit had to have part of her tail amputated last Wednesday, and our newer rescue Joey needs surgery on his shoulder ASAP for Osteochondritis Dessicans. Delilah's care will come to around $1,500 before we are done treatment, and Joey's care will come to almost $5,000! I'm a single, disabled mom, and these health issues just were not in the budget! Trying every avenue possible to get help, so please pass this on to your friends, family, and contacts, at the very least! Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. 5lbs Morkie Rescue

    From the album Otitis Externa

    This is Dora yorkie-Maltese mix. Needs your help with donating for my ear surgery. total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA/LBO) surgery needed

    © 2015

  3. Newbies

    Greetings. I just joined online and so far have had nothing but success with the volunteers at IMOM. My Rottweiler Cash was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. After visiting multiple vets I finally went to the Vet Cancer group in Tustin CA. And let me tell you that place has it down! They created a "plan" for us and provided us with resources to get the financial help Cash and I needed to beat his cancer. So we are joining the fight against cancer and looking forward to sharing our success!
  4. Hi my name is Tracy & my dog, Caesar needs open heart surgery in order to live. This week he was diagnosed with a PDA murmur, which is a congenital heart defect that is fatal in dogs between 1-2 years. I can't begin to describe to you how earth shattering that news was. I have been plagued with pet emergencies this year which has caused my carecredit card to be maxed out. I had just got it paid down enough to be able to afford the echo Caesar needed when we received the news about the PDA murmur. You know how they say feast or famine? Yea. That's us right now. I have a cat that in December got attacked by a raccoon and spent 17 days in my local vets, then 33 days at home recuperating in the kennel. Then 2 months later, Caesar (who I jokingly call Hoover) ate some pills he shouldn't have and landed in the emergency clinic for three days to ensure he didn't go into kidney failure. Needless to say I've racked up $2000 in debt quickly that I'm working to pay off. I work at the local library so it's a slow and steady race to pay it. Yesterday we went to see the surgeon and Caesar's heart is severely enlarged and needs to have the surgery as soon as possible. The estimated surgery cost is $2400-$3100. I've already raised $435 on my own through friends and family. I have three dogs and a cat at home and no children, because honestly they are my children. I love them with all my heart and it's devastating to receive news about Caesar. Caesar is a spunky little guy who is the light of my life. He has a way of looking right into your eyes and seeing your soul. I know that I can do this someway, but I just need some help and just because I can't afford it doesn't mean I shouldn't move heaven and earth to give Caesar the fighting chance he deserves. He's done a lot of me even though he's only 1 yr. and a half. He's there for me day in and day out and I should be there for him too. I know a love for a pet is strong but I also know his love for me is even stronger. Thank you for reading and understanding because honestly I can't emotionally handle any more "He's just a dog" statements. He's much more than that to me.
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Mercedes and I live in Minnesota. I have a 105lb Yellow Lab named Ely that developed a softball-sized lump on his scapula just before Thanksgiving. I took him in and they diagnosed it as a pulled muscle and sent us home with pain killers. In the past few weeks this hard mass has quadrupled in size, so I scheduled another appointment. Fast forward to his second appointment which included X-rays and it appears he has a bone fracture and the lump is a rapidly growing tumor. The vet said he may have to have his leg amputated entirely. Is anyone familiar with this type of ailment? Ely is only two years old and has been the most wonderful joy in my life throughout this time. I have no plans to put him down, but I am scrambling to put together resources to pay for such surgery.
  6. $ 15.00 would do it ?

    Hi again IMOM members, Portos and Cleo send their regards to all. It has been such a Journey helping my Portos recover after all the illnesses he went thru. He has put some weight back on, is very picky but I make sure he eats all of his meal, hand feed him. I finally got his wheelchair and he is still getting used to it, unfortunately being in a house where we don't belong has been extremely hard and I can't do whatever I need to do a better job for him. I have had to reduce Portos and Cleo's amount of food on a daily basis, to make it last longer. Thanksgiving Day we spent it alone and in loneliness, no Holiday breakfast, lunch or dinner, just a turkey breast sandwich for which I am thankfull, there have been days when the fridge is empty. I need to go back home and finish taking care of my mom's unfinished affairs, she left quite a list, but I'm close to the finish line, if not by next month, then by mid January things will be over and I'll be able to get my life back. I desperately need your help. I have spent whichever money I brought with me when I came to Denver to give my Portos my last embrace and kiss him ' til we meet again my Divine Love', as you know, he came back to life when I arrived to his side and called his name. Then I started to spend ( which I don't regret ) on his lab tests, treatments and medications, his, Cleo's and my food and maintenance here, plus money I have to send to the attorney who is taking care of my mom's legal issues in Mexico, plus salary I have to pay everyweek to the ranch caretaker. My ttd check has been stretched to the maximum and so has been our food here. We can not stay any longer, and incoherently, we can't leave either. We're stuck and depressed! I have started a campaign to raise funds for my trip, need to rent a car due to Portos osteoarthritis, the vet will only give me their health certificates if I travel by road, besides, the temperatures are droping and the roads become snowy, I've never driven on snow! and need to start my trip since yesterday to avoid much lower temperatures from Denver to Tamaulipas Mexico (North part in the country), after that, I may find rain but that's no problem. It will take me almost 4 days to get home to my mom's ranch, and my 4legged kids are going with me, no more trusting a family relative to care for them, my Portos' life was put in danger due to his neglect. PLEASE help us go back home, I have donated in the past to IMOM regardless of my very tight budget, I wish I had donated more but can't. I didn't ask IMOM to help me save my Portos' life, I read other pet parents' desperate cry to get help from IMOM to save their pets, and left room for them to get their help instead. I also tried to help by posting valuable information in the forum and blog for the IMOM community.But this time I DO need your help, if each of you donated $15.00 dls will help tremendously with the cost of our travel. My Portos is alive but not fully recovered, I'll be able to provide him with medical treatment in Mexico since it is much cheaper there, and will be able to give better use to my ttd check since I'll no longer have expenses here. I can also take him to the beach to strenghten his rear legs, he'll have such a blast meeting my rescue doggies who live on my mom's ranch, and the cattle as well, they've never seen one! Whatever long he lives, he'll have lived it surrounded by interesting and new experiences that renovate his mind, soul and body, most important, he'll be surrounded by tender loving and care, not rejected, neglected, and ignored as he, Cleo and myself have been here. I'm planning to leave next Tuesday morning to get home by Friday with God's blessing. Please, we can't stay here any longer, help us! You may have to go thru the hassle of registering at the website to make your donation: <removed> search for ' save Portos' life & take us home!" in fact, this website can be useful to any of you, even IMOM can raise funds there to help more pet parents in need, but please, help us now! Thank you ! PS- for those of you who don't know my Portos' story, search IMOM's forum, scroll down and to the next page to find "Portos my Divine Love " and continues under "Portos, osteoarthritis changed his life" THANK YOU !!!
  7. Portos, my Divine Love

    Hi everyone, I am glad I found this website, I'm a new member here but this 'place' makes me feel at a cozy home. My Name is Yoko, my beautiful Divine Love's name is Portos, chow/wolf mix I've been told. He's been my companion since he was 3 weeks old, he's now 14 yrs. We've been through a lot of challenges and changes together, and have shared lots of happy moments as well. Why is Portos my Divine Love? you may wonder. I can start by telling you that Portos was sent from heaven, he's an extra-ordinary living entity. Just about every morning as I good morning kissed him, he had this delightful smell, as if he had been to the woods during the night, at other times he smelled like flowers, or as if he had been at a farm. I hugged him and kissed him so much until he did not take another hug or kiss from me. Once when I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his floffy body, I felt it was God himself I was hugging. I felt such peace within like I had never felt b4. Since then Portos became my Divine Love. He taught me what unconditional love feels like, I try to love the way he loves, I have not mastered that yet but I'm working on it. Perhaps it is easier to succed in practicing unconditional love on these living entities than it is on human entities, because lots of humans are not able to either give or receive love. Pets, whether they be dogs, cats, pigs, horses, etc., are ALWAYS READY to give it and receive it. My beautiful Portos also has his one and only, that's Cleo, a yellow lab, 14 yrs old, they love each other for ever. There is soo much to say about them, but mostly about Portos, that I might have to create a "portos 2' topic title....