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Found 18 results

  1. Please visit, like, donate, share, and comment on these two campaigns I've started on GofundMe.com! My lab/pit had to have part of her tail amputated last Wednesday, and our newer rescue Joey needs surgery on his shoulder ASAP for Osteochondritis Dessicans. Delilah's care will come to around $1,500 before we are done treatment, and Joey's care will come to almost $5,000! I'm a single, disabled mom, and these health issues just were not in the budget! Trying every avenue possible to get help, so please pass this on to your friends, family, and contacts, at the very least! Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Please help me to continue treatment for my puppy. She has parvovirus, a highly contagious deadly virus.
  3. My baby Dook

    My baby is a 2 year old Pit and Cane Corso mix breed. I have had him since he was 10 weeks old. On Saturday 4/2/16 he was outside running and barking at a dog he seen passing the fence. I then noticed he started to fall to the side and cry out loudly. He began dragging his back legs and was unable to make it back to the door to come inside. I carried him inside and examined him for any noticeable injuries. I took him to a nearby 24 hour vet clinic that only gave him pain medication because they were afraid of him (breed) and sent me home. I slept with him on the couch just to keep him calm and comfortable. The next morning I carried him back outside to see if he needed to urinate, he was unable to. At that point I noticed his abdomen was extended and he was uncomfortable when I pressed on it. I took him to an advance care center (other than the 1st one that did nothing) They stated he has a FCE (FIBROCARTILAGENOUS EMBOLISM) which is a injury to his spinal cord caused by all of the running and jumping he was doing. He has been in the ICU at the vet center since 4/3/16 with a catheter in place and IV fluids and is under the care of a neurologist since he is still unable to urinate or walk. I am a single parent and we both desperately want Dook back home and the cost of his MRI, spinal tap and hospitalization is very unexpected. I am doing the best I can because I cant lose my baby! If you know of any grant programs please let me know and I will apply I have applied to 4 so far and been denied by one. Any information is helpful. I don't know how to reply to comments but FCE STANDS FOR FIBROCARTILAGENOUS EMBOLISM. Thanks for reading!
  4. Please help us. My dog was hit by a car and the guy ran off! I haven't been able to work because of my sons medical issues. He may have autism and other factors. My credit is to bad for the carecredit and my bf has none. We need 2500$ by Monday December 7th (My Birthday) to get my dog his surgery he needs.(Been Extended to asap) He has a broken pelvis, bruised organs, Fractured ribs, fractured spine, and can't walk. His head was banged up pretty bad and he's miserable. We were unable to keep him at the vet through the weekend due to funds. Already had to lay out 450$ to take him home with pain medications and my car is about to be reposed. We have 900$ down on him now if you call up at the vet office. If I don't come up with the rest of the money today we'll have to amputate his leg (Something we really don't want to do) If all you can do is share this or say a prayer I would greatly appreciate it and so would our family.
  5. Our Dog Jake has Chronic Kidney failure and needs his Kidneys flushed with IV to get rid of the toxins. They want $1200 which is totally out of our budget. Everyday matters and we worry that if he doesnt have treatment straight away he wont be around much longer. He is 6 or 7 years old. We got him as a rescue so it is an estimate but he still has much life left. We tried Carecredit, but we simply do not have good enough credit for it..
  6. My nearly 4 year old Chiweenie, Luigi, was just admitted into the ICU this morning and must stay for several days. He has been having cluster seizures affecting his vision and ability to walk or stand, eat or drink. He is in critical condition and is about to undergo an MRI and Spinal TAP if they can stabilize him. We are needing donations to keep him in the ICU for several more days. The reasoning for the MRI and Spinal TAP is due to his brain inflammation and seizures. The testing is crucial because we need to figure out how to treat him, in a timely manner due to his condition being possibly fatal. We truly love our dog, and he plays just as big a part of our family as a child would. We would be eternally grateful to have him back home.. Any help would mean the world to us. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this post. We were able to cover the costs for his consultation, medicine, and MRI/spinal tap for tomorrow, though the following days for treatment and boarding are completely beyond our financial capabilities. **We were unable to take any pictures of him in this stage so far because they took him into the ICU so quickly. Attached are some pictures of him before this happened. We will be sure to update photos as soon as are able to see him.
  7. Please help, I am in a urgent situation, my baby girl Maggie is very ill. Maggie has large masses all over her body. She is a beautiful dog, 14 yrs. old and so wonderful and dear to me. I have never had to ask for help. I have always been able to give my dogs great care. But I am unemployed. I worked 12 yrs. As a Corrections Officer in Monroe, WA. But I had to leave due to the murder of my coworker while at work. It was horrible and devastating. We were close, and it was emotionally scaring and I no longer felt I could work there. But Maggie is everything to me, she can barely at all walk because of the masses, I carry her outside to potty, but it hurts her..Her entire right front leg is suddenly swollen really bad, very hot and tight. She is hurting...suffering...and I cant do what needs to be done..Maggie hates the vet, she shakes, hides and I cant bring her in there...just cant. She needs to be here, in her home, in her bed, and just sleep...I cant transport her either..I just am asking, please kind animal lovers, I am praying for a caring vet to come to our home, and allow Maggie, my sweetest baby girl to sleep....I also have my 94 yr. old grandma living with me, I take care of her. I never dreamed I would have to ask for any help, but this is urgent, Maggie is suffering. I'm a wreck, sitting beside her constantly. I am so sad seeing her like this. Please help. Please.
  8. Please help my dog Attila!

    I have the BEST 9 year old St Wiler (mix of St Bernard and Rott). He is loyal, a sweet big bear. Well, 2 weeks ago there was a stray dog walking in our yard and Attila went to chase him and his right leg went into a dip in our yard. Ever since then he has been limping and has a lump on his right wrist/forearm area. May be a carpal hyperextension injury, soft tissue injury, tumor, arthritis.. who knows. He is at his prime and usually gets up like he is 3 years old but he's been lethargic and not eating and limping still. I am disabled with 3 kids and 1 grandchild. I barely make rent. I have been up all night researching grants and charities that can help and I have been crying for hours. Please help my baby!!!
  9. New to the Community

    Hi, I'm another new member (David Smith). I live in Des Moines, IA with my family: My wife Christina, our five year old daughter Evelyn and Titus, our wonderful Husky. I did a tour in Iraq as an Army Medic and my wife is a veteran as well. Yesterday morning (the 4th)Titus and I took my daughter and her friend with us to run around and explore the recreation area at Saylorville Lake near Des Moines. We played, ran, walked through the woods and generally had a great time before going back home. When we got home Titus and the kids went inside for a little R&R and I got out the lawn mower to mow the front yard. Titus is fast, intelligent and a real opportunist. When a kid left the front door open for a few seconds he took off running through the neighborhood. He stopped a few houses down to sniff around, then ran at me like he does when we play in the back yard. I reached out to grab his collar and he blew right by me, he made a second pass and I reached out so far that I fell to the ground with him. We were laying on the ground still when I went to pick him up and take him home and he bit me. I was shocked, I stepped back to understand the situation and saw that he had been inadvertently injured by my fall. My wife took him to the animal hospital just down the road and her brother took me to the VA hospital for stitches. The animal hospital says that he needs $3000 surgery on a broken foot or euthanasia. We have only been able to pay for the exam, splinting and pain treatment so far, I'm going back to work monday but I won't be able to earn much for a little while with only one good hand (I do exteriors; siding, soffit, roofing, etc). The hospital won't break with the no payment plan policy and I was denied by care credit. I'm looking for help/ideas or both. I will still be earning money at work, but payday for me is 2 weeks off and my wife won't get paid for a month, so something short term is the goal for right now. We're not considering euthanasia as an option and won't be changing my stance on that issue. Thanks for any help or ideas and just for reading about an event that feels so tragic in my house.
  10. a friend of ours found an abandoned and most likely abused German Shepherd who needed a home. After seeing her pictures, we immediately fell in love! Our 2 year old has named her Elsa and she is such a sweet girl. When we went to get Elsa from the empty house she was living in, we noticed she was limping. We took her to the vet to do X-rays and she has a broken bone and 2 fractures that need surgery ASAP. We love this dog and we want to do whatever we can to help heal her and make this her forever home. That's where we could use a little help from you. The opportunity to help her and take her in was very unexpected and while we want to get her the best care available, we were not financially prepared. If there is anything you can do to help care for Elsa we would greatly appreciate it as well as your prayers for our family. Every little bit helps! Chat conversation end
  11. Hello, my name is Danny. My Pekingnese Frank took a tumble out of a second story window and tore a ligament in his left paw. I am trying desperately to reach out and try to find as many resources that I can to help with his expensive surgery. Any tips would be helpful. Thank you!
  12. getting fincial aid for Harry

    hi there all I am marie france and i came here in search of some finacial aid only need 5$ from 289 people to get the needed surgery How do i get this posted to you community Thank You
  13. pls help out nyna

    hi my fiance and i were looking for help to save our nyna shes a dobmerman but actually shes our big baby she needs surgery to take out whats stoping her from eating so that she can live we love her so much and would be love with out her shes like our daughter ps we dont have kids we love her so much and dont want her to go
  14. My Basset Hound Has Cancer :(

    My beautiful basset hound has cancer! He's only 5 years old and we need help to get his tumor removed, so that he can live a long happy life! We origonally adopted him back in 2011. In 2012 he was treated for hearworms, after being on preventative sense we got him, and now, in 2013 he was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on the inside of his mouth. It is going to cost $3,000 to get it removed, and we have raised $480. We are far from our goal, but so greatful for all of the support we've gotten so far. Thank you so much!
  15. Claire & Noah

    Hi! I'm Claire Thomas, and I'm a Senior at Whittier College. I have a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Noah. I've trained him as a therapy dog, and I even got him certified with Therapy Dogs International about a year ago. He has a "job" at Whittier College's counseling center helping out with students every day of the school year. These students come in seeking counseling whenever they get stressed out about classes, or even with worse crises like family being critically ill across the country, bad break ups, or stress so terrible, they're contemplating self harm. Noah has become an important part of Campus Life at Whittier College, and I'm proud to say I've placed him there! Thanks for reading! Claire Here's Noah at work.
  16. Baby Ruth

    From the album Baby Ruth

    Baby Ruth today. She has a large bladder stone that cannot be broken down by medication or food.
  17. IMG 4760

    From the album Danny

  18. Hello from Georgia

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself and reach out to everyone. My name is Edith Mears and reside in Cumming, Georgia with my 4 year old Shi-tzu Ashanti. My dogs name is Ashanti, she is a 4-year-old Shi-Tzu who has been diagnosed with a slipped disc in her back due to an injury. This is extremely painful, very serious and can lead to paralysis if she doesn’t receive surgery soon. Ashanti is our family dog, love her more than anyone can possibly understand and means everything to my mom and me. I woke up one morning and noticed she was having trouble walking and yelping in pain. We rushed her to the vet where she was given Prednisone (a steroid to help reduce the inflammation) along with a muscle relaxer. I found a Chiropractor who agreed to do some adjustments and Acupuncture for a very reduced fee which seemed to help, but it was all too brief. On Sunday, we awoke to find her in immense pain again, dragging her hind legs, and crying out in pain. We rushed her back to the vet and were told she needs emergency surgery to repair a slipped disc, a cost of four to six thousand dollars! Knowing we didn’t have the funds for the surgery, due to a financial crisis as a result of my mother’s recent stroke, I applied for Care Credit but was denied. Due to my mother’s severe memory loss from the stroke, she is unable to care for herself or be left alone at home safely. Having to care for my mom, has prevented me from returning to work until her memory improves so she is able to stay home alone safely. Becuase I am not currently working, I am faced with a situation where I do not have the financial means to have Ashanti’s surgery, what our sweet girl so desperately needs. This is devastating for us. My mom receives a limited income from social security but that is all. I have started a Facebook page for our sweet girl and am reaching out to anyone that can possibly help. I am trying everything I can, including postings flyers at Kroger, Publix, the library and local business in the area. Sadly, the grocery store and PetsMart told me I had to take down the flyers indicating that I “wasn’t allowed” to post flyers requesting donations. I feel so helpless when Ashanti looks at me with her big pretty brown eyes and to know that I am limited in what the outcome will be when it comes to her quality of life and seeing the pain she is in hurts my soul, to the core. I won't ever give up on her and do whatever it takes to get her well again.