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  6. Hey! I am Jackie and My dog is Charlie :)

    I just joined the forum and would like to introduce myself and Sir Charles. Charlie is a 12 year old chihuahua with horrible teeth! I'm his mama, Jackie. We are raising funds for his dental surgery. Well, I'm raising funds for it because he is old and has no thumbs to do the typing We are in the process of applying for some IMOM financial aid, but I thought I'd post in here looking for supporters to his online fundraiser. I would like to avoid using IMOM's fund when I am able to promote his campaign myself. In just 4 days we have reach halfway of his $1000 fundraising goal. If you've ever had an abscess you know how awful it feels.
  7. Greetings! Rescue Ranger is a 12 week Chihuahua puppy that we were fortunate enough to bring home after he had been removed from a hoarder's home. He shared his previous home with about 70 other dogs. He lived in filth, was malnourished, and was housing multiple worms in his belly! We weren't looking for a new pup... in fact we were at horse camp focusing on teaching our son how to ride a horse, when Ranger was introduced to us and his story was told. Rescue Ranger became a member of our family within 10 minutes. Rescue Ranger (Ranger for short) now lives with his 3 human boys, 2 adults,1 mini doxie, 2 giant Golden's, and 12 chickens. He enjoys squaring off with the rooster and trying to tell him who's boss! I've been amazed at the gentleness of the golden's and the instant mothering by the doxie! In the few weeks Ranger has been in our home he has proven himself to be an invaluable asset! It was a horrible shock when at his first vet check they diagnosed him with a profound heart murmur and told us they suspect a congenital condition known as patent ductus arteriosis (PDA) a condition if left untreated will cause heart failure. His next vet appointment is August 8, 2013 at the cardiologist a $500 diagnostic appointment. They then suspect they will be sending him for heart surgery an additional $2,000 bill. With the surgery he is expected to live a normal happy, yappy life. Without surgery the vet fears he will not make it to his first birthday. We have attempted fundraising around town and have not had much luck. We are hoping and praying to have more luck here. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!
  8. Diagnosis: Extremely large bladder stone Low end of estimates: $863 Less owner contribution: $0 – she has spent all her funds on initial diagnosis Needed for low end of estimate: $863 4% for IMOM operating expenses: $35 Our fund raising goal is $898 Spayed: will be done during surgery Caseworker: Dawn FUND UPDATE: Abby is at All Funds Raised! Abby is a 2 ½ year old long-haired Chihuahua with a huge bladder stone. She has been dealing with this since the end of October and needs to get surgery to remove the stone that fills almost her entire bladder. Abby’s mom has worked so hard to get Abby the surgery she needs. She has applied to multiple organizations and continues to do so daily. She also searched and found a vet who could perform Abby’s surgery for $1400 less that the initial estimate she received. As soon as funds are raised, Abby can get in to surgery. Her initial vet appointment was on October 27th. This little girl has been dealing with this condition for quite some time. This is what Abby’s mom has to say about her special girl, She has an extremely large bladder stone and a severe bladder infection. She has no control over her urinating and bowels. Her Doctor said the only way to get rid of the stone is by surgery. She is so very Special to me, she does not leave my side. She is also extremely Special to my Granddaughter because she was the owner of Abby until she couldn't keep her in her apartment anymore. It would break her heart if we lost Abby. Her mom has been posting daily to her introduction thread here http://www.imom.org/...?showtopic=9035 We would appreciate donations of any size, remember they all add up, if you can help please visit http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and mark your gift "Abby Rodriguez" or our Paypal address is paypal@imom.org – be sure to note your donation is for “Abby Rodriguez” Please help Abby’s mom take care of this sweet Chihuahua. Such a young sweet little girl. Let's give her the opportunity to have a long, happy, and healthy life. Thank you so much Angels! Dawn
  9. Sadie Reyes our little princess

    Sadie was 6 months when we first brought her into our home. We rescued her from a couple who was going to send her to the pound because they were unable to have pets where they were moving. She has been a wonderful pet and is a little over three years of age now. She loves to cuddle in her doggy bed with her blankets and likes to sleep under the covers and is a loving dog. She recently was attacked by a much larger dog and barely survived the attack. She currently has a couple puncture wounds, some loose teeth and a broken jaw that is hanging from one side. We had to put her in a muzzle to help hold the jaw up but she is still in severe pain. We cant afford the cost of her opperation and are seeking the help of Imom and the community for assitance. We are greatful for any help and prayers , and are hoping to get her in as soon as possible to releive her suffering. She is part of the family and we don't have it in our hearts to put her down because we cant afford to give her the medical care she needs. We are working on getting donations from friends,family, social networks and other organizations to help with her surgery. We are forever greatful for your time to read this and in debt to to everyone for thier prayers and contributions in this matter. Thank you and god bless Sincerely Anthony Reyes and family