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Found 30 results

  1. I am on SSI disability and my cat Angel, who saved my life once, (and was feaurd on the Youngstaown News and Warren Trbune Chronicle), is in desparate need of an antibiotic shot and prednisone steroid shot for her Asthma and Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections and the antibiotics and Prednisone medication she needs at home in between her about every six month vet visit for this treatment. She saved my life, living up to her name of "Angel" and I have, just recenty, lost my home but am staying with a friend where all of my SSI check goes for living and my credit is not accepted anywhere, due to my last divorce, which was so abusive that that is when Angel saved my life. Her vet visit costs around $150, not including the money I need for her and my other cat's Revolution, due to the fact thisl ady here has a dog and they have both contracted fleas very badly. She is scraping up the money to buy Revolution from Canada. My cats have refillsleft at 1-800-Pet-Meds but I have no money, nor any family. I have tried starting a Facebook page but have yet to receive any donations what-so-ever.Angel is 16 years old and in great health besides when she gets sicklike thisabout evry six months.She has been tested and cleared from ALL feline diseases. Please help me to save the life of an Angel who once saved mine.
  2. My family adopted Tigger and her three siblings when they were a few days old. Her mother had the kittens in our backyard and sadly abandoned them soon after. So, we adopted the four kittens when they're eyes were still closed and since then we’ve bottle fed them hourly and seen them all grow up to healthy adult cats. My family loves all of our cats and for almost 16 years we've been doing our best to take care of them. Yesterday, we noticed our Tigger had a small wound that was not present the day before. Upon investigation, we noticed her wound was infected and needed immediate treatment. We used some medication designed for her particular injury, but today we realized it was beyond our help and she really needed the care of a veterinarian. The doctor was very kind and knew immediately how to treat Tigger. The doctor reported that Tigger would need to go under anesthesia to clean and sterilize her wound. Following that she will receive multiple injections for the antibiotics as well as pain medication to make her comfortable again. This sounded like a clear plan, however, when the doctor came in with the estimate to the procedure, we knew right away that we couldn't afford her treatment. The facility was kind enough to help reduce some of the bill, but it didn't change the fact that with such a fixed income, we don’t have the expenses to pay for her treatment. We are not ready to say goodbye to our Tigger.. The money will be help to cover her medical procedure and let us take her back home, safe and sound. I understand she’s older, but as I said earlier, we can’t say goodbye to her yet, not because of an infection. Tigger is our sweet, playful, calm little girl and we really truly appreciate any little bit anyone is able to donate. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you - from my family to yours.
  3. Hi I have a 2 year old tabby who needs surgery soon . He got out of the house a few days ago and came back looking really weird . I didn't think anything of it and tried to let him rest. A day l noticed nothing changed and he wasn't eating or drinking at all so I took him to the vet . For him just to be seen was 118 dollars since we arrived late trying to find a ride. When we got there he got examined and it turned out that he had an broken and infected jaw.
  4. My baby boy was hit by a car on Friday and needs to be kept on oxygen until we can afford to see a surgeon in either Boston or Manchester. PLEASE HELP US SAVE HIM. They will euthanize him if we can't get the money together
  5. My sweet yellow kitty, Booger, has a large mass hanging from his neck. I have taken him to the vet and the cost to remove it is going to be $1,700.00. I can not in any way afford that. Booger, has lost a great deal of weight but he is eating and drinking normally, he is running and jumping up on things, and he seems to feel good overall. However, it breaks my heart to think he is dwindling away to nothing if this mass is cancerous and there is nothing I can do about it. Does anyone know of a vet school or vet office that might take a look at him? I live in Peachtree City, GA.
  6. BALDRICHES’ HISTORY AND MEDICAL NEEDS HELP BALDRICHE LIVE A LONG LIFE TABLE OF CONTENTS BALDRICHE CONDITION 1 Treatment Plan Outlined by Veterinarian 1 Baldriches Life Story 2 Why We Need Your Help …...........................................................3 BALDRICHES’ CONDITION On April 26, 2016 Baldriche was take to a new veterinarian. We heard about a vet that specializes in cats, so we went to her. She said that he has an Immune Mediated Disease that is manifesting in Calcicivirus. In other words he has an autoimmune disorder that has manifested itself in his mouth, Stomatitis. It seems that any bacterial plaque in and around his molars and canines severely inflames his gums. For most of his life, we were told that the bump at the rear of his jaw was a “Benign tumor”. His previous “local vet” said the only way to treat him was to remove his teeth and part of his jaw. He stated that the best way was to keep any infection down, treating him with antibiotics. We certainly didn’t want that for him, so for over 8 years Baldriche was periodically treated with several antibiotics. Early this year, his mouth became so inflamed that he was on the antibiotics for over three months and was not getting better. He slowed eating, began to lose weight, then almost overnight quit being himself. TREATMENT PLAN Dr. Schenkle, at Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic, Ft.Wayne, Indiana has taken a look at Baldriches’ situation, came up with a treatment plan. She gave him an antibiotic shot, oral pain medication, and an anti-inflammatory daily pill. This week he goes in for blood work, a pre-anesthesia screening. Then she wants to watch and wait for the inflammation to subside if possible. Then comes the hard part, surgery to remove his molars, and do a cleaning of the rest of the teeth. I have been given a quote for the procedure, here is the breakdown of costs: Description Low Amount High Amount IV Administration Set 27.00 27.00 Fluid Therapy 25.00 25.00 Dental Prophy/Polish Feline 173.40 173.40 Anesthesia-Add.ISO>30 Min 52.60 52.60 Dental Extraction -Surgical 1566.00 1827.00 HOSPITAL-Pk/Prep W/other Svcs 45.70 45.70 Mataram Injection for pain 22.70 22.70 Buprenorphine 0.3mg/ml oral sol 24.93 24.93 Sub-Total $1937.33 $2297.63 A copy of the printout provided by Dr. Schenkle and Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic upon request. BALDRICHES’ LIFE STORY Baldriche (9) is the oldest cat of three cats. He has a brother, Bentley (4-DSH), and a sister Moira (2-DMH), both tabbies. All three are rescued family members. Baldriche was found on a really busy highway in California. He couldn’t have been a month old. His nickname is Baby, he fit in the palm of my hand, was all ears, feet, and tail. Love was and has remained immediate. The thought never crossed my mind to not give him a home. I took him to the vet there, weighed in at 4.7 ounces, tested for feline leukemia, negative, the rest is really history. The vet there believed him to be a Maine Coon, as he had some experience with breeding them. He is a large cat, tall, muscular, very long hair, averaging 20 plus pounds until recently, now 16 lbs. WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP FYI; A few days after the visit to Dr. Schenkle, my husband of 36 years and I separated. He had a stroke March 3, 2015, changing drastically since then. I have not heard from him since. Without the stress I am feeling better each day little by little. In 2004 I was officially deemed disabled, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Degenerative Disk Disease. I do my best to keep up with the requirements of life and living. While I am still not sure the direction my life will take, I know I love my Fur Babies with all my heart. I need them more than ever now! I have no income now, but am working on the issue. Unfortunately, the immediate future holds an uncertain security. I have great faith and believe all will work out for the best. I know what it is like to live in pain and it breaks my heart to know and see Baldriche in pain. I really want him to get better, living a long life, knowing just how much he is loved. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. P. McCandless ADDITIONAL INFORMATION http://animaldentalspecialist.com/feline-stomatitis/
  7. Help Charlie With Her Cancer!

    Hi! I'm brand new here and I'm holding my breath here since there are so many other people on here who need help but I'm going to give this a try! My name is Kelsey and my cat's name is Charlie. She has already had surgery to remove her left eye because there was so much pressure in it it was causing her discomfort and pain. Since the surgery she's been back to her normal self. Eating, drinking, relieving, playing and is as loving as every, if not more so. About a week and a half after her surgery I got a call that her biopsy results came back and it wasn't good. She has what is called diffuse melanoma in the eye, which is an aggressive form of cancer in the eye that attacks pigment in the eye. It is rare, and rarely spreads to other organs but since that, under the microscope, the cells appear to be the aggressive type it's almost 99% certain that her cancer is malignant. It's very confusing for me to know what this diagnosis is because she SEEMS totally FINE. Everything is fine and back to normal since her enucleation. The next steps we have to take are getting all of her diagnostics done, 3 films of chest x-rays, needle biopsy of a node and abdominal ultrasounds to check her liver and kidneys. These tests are going to run me up about $1.2k. We've spend SO much on her already, about $1,600 and I'm not working that much right now, my fiance had lung cancer 2 years ago and since it's a new year, we have to pay almost full price for his pain management doctor and scans, and we have to move soon, have car insurance and other bills to pay. When she is HEALTHY to me, I see no reason to put her down because it's the cheaper option. We can't have kids so this old lady is all I have. She's only 9 years old. She deserves to live a fuller life, to be loved and cared for. I'm trying to do that as best as I can. We are changing her diet slightly and looking into supplements per our vets concurrence with some research we've done already.
  8. On April 1st I took my cat Link to an emergency clinic in Rochester N.Y. he was vomiting, hunched over, in pain wasn't peeing. The doctor said he had a blockage and wanted to keep him 3 days hooked up to a catheter. I didn't have enough money for a three day vet visit so they took him for a couple hours and flushed fluids through him to remove what they could of the blockage. Link was doing better prior to late last night and early this morning. He urinated blood and hasn't been able to pee when he trys since. He is growling and moaning after he trys to go like he is in pain. I exhausted all of my financial resources taking him to the vet the first time. Im really worried for him and don't know what to do. I have no more money and I've called and talked to every local place in Rochester, my last resort will be surrendering him and I cant bring myself to that. I love him so much, I've spent five years with him and cant imagine our time together ending this soon. He is my best friend. Please help.
  9. 11224871 1185798704768240 4657299323709033493 N

    From the album Our Pets At The Shelter

    this is ariel, we thought she deserved a princess name, she is very lovable and sweet. One of the best kittens that I have ever been around.
  10. Rambo is a 12 year old beautiful boy who has always been a dear friend. He has been diagnosed with Lymphoma of the nasal passages. He needs diagnostic testing in order to find out if the cancer has progressed and to prepare for radiation therapy. He needs a complete blood count, chemistry profile, urinalysis, fine needle aspiration of the regional lymph node, three view thoracic xrays, an abdominal ultrasound and a CT planning scan. I would appreciate any assistance possible to save my cat. After this testing we will proceed with radiation therapy to clear the tumor from his nasal passage so that he can breathe freely again. He can't eat without being forced because he cannot smell his food. Rambo is my long time companion and I hope to be able to help him as he has helped me all of these years.rambo.pdf
  11. My cat Lily and Angela

    Hello everyone! My name is Angela and I have 2 cats, Lily is 2 years and Jane is 1 1/2 years old. I have joined IMOM to reach out to the community and this organization for help in paying for surgery for Lily. On Saturday Lily was hiding in the backyard and a dog came in our yard and attacked Lily. She was shaken for 10 seconds before my daughter and I could get the dog off of her. Lily is now in the hospital with a broken rib and a hole in her stomach. She is stable but her breathing is getting worse as her organs are compressed against each other. Each day we do not perform surgery it is a detriment to her health. I am praying that this works to reach out to this community. My daughters and I view Lily as our other child and we will never be the same if Lily does not return home to us. The surgery is $1626 and as a single mother of two children I am not able to come up with this money. I have reached out to family, friends, our church, and other organizations but we do not have enough to pay for the entire vet bill. Please help us. Thank you, Angela
  12. Prayers for Gato Montes

    My mom is retired, she has worked for the LA County for 30 years and raised three of us as a single parent. She even managed to put us all through private school. She's always done a lot for us. I'm currently a student, working part time. We don't have very much money, but we do get by. My mom has a cat named Gato Montes (Mountain Cat in Spanish) and, despite never having been much of a pet person, she absolutely adores this cat. In fact, everyone who has been to my house or met him, adores this cat. He's such a strange and funny cat (sometimes he acts more like a dog), and he's a sweetheart too. He's just one of those cats who loves everybody, and everybody loves him right back. The other day, Gato Montes came home with a broken leg. He can't jump into my lap to cuddle, he can't play with my dog. We've called all the vets, and we can't afford the $800 bill to fix his little leg. Now my mom is afraid she's going to have to put him down. I don't want her to have to do that, and I don't know what else to do. I'm trying this in a last desperate attempt to help Gato Montes. We don't have very much money. We just really need some help.
  13. Meeka, our household kitten, since we have had since September 2012, had a very bad morning today that resulted in a visit to the vet. They did some X-Rays and found a foreign object lodged in her intestines She is on life or death status (we have 1- 2 days), all relying on a crucial surgery to remove the object and relieve her of the pain that she is experiencing. She is not acting liker herself at all - her eyes are glossed over, and her movements are far and few between. She is lethargic and is barely drinking water. Sometimes people use words like "wild" to describe Meeka - and with good reason, because she was raised on a farm, and most certainly has some "wild" blood in her. But I would do anything to see that fire back in her eyes right now. Please keep Meeka on your mind and in your hearts as we try to get this surgery happening in the next 1-2 days in a visit to the vet. They did some X-Rays and found a foreign object lodged in her intestines She is on life or death status (we have 2 days), all relying on a crucial surgery to remove the object and relieve her of the pain that she is experiencing. If anyone else has been through this, I would love to hear from you. I have heard great things about this community and have already been exploring the ways that everyone reaches out to one another and it is touching. I'm grateful to be introducing myself and Meeka into a community of people who are understanding and grateful for the roles that pets play in our lives.
  14. Heading To Surgery!

    From the album Miss Meeka

    What a 24-hour cycle this has been! I got an email from IMOM this morning, letting me know that the financial committee reviewed my request. And because of the urgency of this case, Meeka is already at the vet! I dropped her off 45 minutes ago, and was told they would get started on surgery in the next hour. I was reassured that Meeka was in the BEST HANDS POSSIBLE! The OWNER of the clinic is operating on Meeka today to take care of her in this hard time. I am so so grateful for this. Meeka has been such a trooper. And we are both forever grateful to IMOM and this community of supporters. We will be brainstorming ways to give back ASAP! This photo really shows the hope she has in her eyes.
  15. This Morning

    From the album Miss Meeka

    This is Meeka, still resting and hardly moving. We are going on 24 hours of behavior like this and it just doesn't seem to be improving :( She hasn't taken ANY water since yesterday at noon. Any suggestions on how to get them to drink some water? She has a GI Foreign Body in her Intestines, so she can not eat anything or keep anything down. She is in so much pain. We have our paws crossed that we will make it into surgery today if the funding is available through IMOM.
  16. Chill-axin'

    From the album Miss Meeka

  17. My Buddy Tazzy

    Tazzy is my best friend. he looks like Sylvester in the cartoons. he is in need of surgery , for an abdominal blockage. I will soon upload his picture.
  18. Cat is sick

    Hi I'm Tina Swan, I'm from REno, NV. My cat is sick right now, I am trying this program to help. Thanks
  19. I recently met an elderly woman that came in to our clinic who had a cat she was very much in love with. Bibi had been bleeding from her bladder and she had no money for further diagnostics. Another Veterinarian had sent her away with only antibiotics. The other Vet suspected bladder stones, but because the owner had no money, they couldn't help her and wouldn't perform other diagnostics. Her neighbor called us and asked if we would see the cat. The elderly woman had no family and no transportation, but she would bring her in if we could see her. I made her an appointment, not knowing that the owner didn't have the money to pay us a dime. Our doctor examined the cat and also suspected bladder stones. Our doctor ordered xrays of Bibi and said that she wasn't going to let her leave without some further diagnostics. The xrays showed that there was a bladder stone and that Bibi was in need of surgery or she would not recover. Bibi's owner did not speak english. The neighbor that brought her said she was in a hurry and didn't have time to deal with this. Bibi's owner stood in my lobby, with tears streaming down her face and looked very defeated. Our bi-lingual technician explained to her what was needed. She was silent, knowing that she had no funds. I told her to take Bibi home and we would try to figure something out. I had no idea what to do, but I needed to think this through. I had heard of imom.org but had never contacted them. The next day, I decided to write a letter to imom.org to ask for help. Within 2 hours, I heard back from this wonderful organization. Knowing the limitations of my client and her inability to apply on line, they advised me to apply for their Luv Bug Grant. I asked the doctor if we could discount our price for the surgery, and the doctor agreed to volunteer her time for this discount! The Luv Bug Grant was approved and I proceeded to contact Bibi's owner. Then, I was unable to contact the owner because her telephone had been disconnected. I sent my bi-lingual technician in our transportation van to her home, the Neuter Scooter, and met with her to discuss Bibi's surgery and the wonderful grant opportunity from imom.org. Bibi's surgery went very well. When the owner came back to the clinic to pick Bibi up after the surgery, tears streamed down her face, but this time they were from joy and gratitude. She took my hand in both of her hands and squeezed. We were not able to communicate verbally, but this closeness we shared was more than enough. Thank you, imom, for making this possible. What a great organization! Terri Romano
  20. Angel Cyst August 25

    From the album Angel Grube

    Here is a photo I took today of Angel showing the large cyst on her thigh. You may notice a kind of yellow tinge on the cyst if you look closely. That is the styptic powder I use to try to stop it from oozing blood.
  21. Angel's Cyst

    From the album Angel Grube

    This is a photo taken of Angel's Cyst the other day (about August 20th). This morning, August 25th, the scab was gone and it was oozing blood again. I try to stop it with styptic powder, and that works for a while.
  22. My Beautiful Angel

    From the album Angel Grube

    Isn't Angel gorgeous! And trust me, she knows it. She is quite a little diva.
  23. My Little One

    Hello, everyone! My name is Janine and I recently found out about this organization when my Little One was recently injured and we found out he needs surgery to repair his leg. Some cruel person in our neighborhood shot him with a high-powered pellet gun and shattered his leg. Little One was a runt and never grew very big but was very active and made up for his size with a physique that reminds me of a tiny pit-bull. Little One loved to jump 7 ft. fences and fly through the trees like a monkey. That was, until last week, when some cruel person shot him in the right front leg and shattered his bone. Such a sweet, young, vibrant cat doesn’t deserve this. My roommate, Larry, and I are avid animal lovers and we care for many cats in the community. We do TNR (trap, neuter and release) for all the feral and stray cats that we find in the area to help keep the population down and to give the kitties a better chance at healthy and happy lives. We also have found good homes for some when possible. Larry and I currently care for about 12 cats besides our own 3 as well as one dog. While it is quite expensive to care for them, we usually have no problem getting by. However, I was recently out of work for 3 months because I had to have emergency brain surgery in May and now we are being evicted because our landlord refuses to bring our house up to code. So, things have been a bit difficult recently. I really hope that we can find some help for our Little One. He is only 2 1/2 years old and was a very active kitty. He's been a trooper through all of this, but I can see he has been a bit unhappy not being able to get around like he used to. We humbly pray for any help to save Little One’s leg and hopefully restore him to the happy, active kitty he once was. Thank you for hearing my story and blessings to all of you.
  24. Hello, My name is Jeremy and I joined in hopes to finding help for my cat friend - McJewes. McJewes is my mom's three and a half year old cat that was rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, NY as a kitten. My mother adopted him and brought him to her home in Melbourne, Florida. McJewes had been doing great until recently when returning from shopping for food he was laying on the ground in pain. They rushed the little guy to the vetenarian who first diagnosed the cat with a Protozoa infection. They gave him a strong anti-biotic and gave my mom a seringue for food replacement. It's been three days now and my mother has been giving the cat hourly water injections and food replacement as directed. They brought him back to the vet and were told that the original diagnosis had to be wrong and that they weren't sure what was happening but that without my mother's attentive care, he would no longer be with us. The vet recommended a special high resolution sonogram be done to find out what the problem is and then probably surgery as they now suspect a blockage in the intestins. Xrays show possible internal leaking of the intestine or an infection. The problem is my parents have suffered the brunt of the recent economic collapse, having lost their jobs, their home, and basically having to life over in their mid 50s. The cost of the sonogram is $400 and the subsequent operation is too much for my family to bear financially. McJewes is the small light of my mother's life and it would be tragic to have her lose it. This is why I am here. In hopes to get help for McJewes and to help my mother. I'm afraid that if we don't get it soon, it will be too late. I've posted pictures of McJewes in his better days. The last picture is his current state. Thanks for reading. Best, - Jeremy
  25. Sincola aka Zinco the no tailed cat...

    New Years Eve 2011 It was an end of a year filled with pin that I couldn't have imagined I would have survived. After dealing with my mothers passing in March I was a little lost in myself. My father had me tag along yo a family reunion in Mexico. I wasn't thrilled by seeing family whose language I can hardly understand but to this day I am glad I went. When we arrived after a 16 hour drive my favorite uncle came to greet us. In his hands was a small white kitten without a tail. This was how I met Zinco. Believed to be a Japanese/American bobtailed cat he was separated from his mom a few weeks early due to stray animals. My uncle had taken him home but was unable to keep him. He gave him to me as a late xmas gift. After a vet visit and some paperwork Zinco became an American citizen we didn't have a crate or a carrier for the drive home but for Zinco, this wasn't a problem. With a snap of a collar and clip of a leash he became the coolest cat ever. He didn't have a problem strutting his stuff on a small dog leash. He seemed to love the attention at rest stops and car rides were magical to him. He would sit on my shoulder and watch the world change before his young eyes.. Once he arrived at our KY home he became acquainted with the other felines of the house, a stray named Minow and an old house cat named Dinx. They accepted him like a silly little brother (without a tail) He loved his new home but he and I became inseparable. He spent the days following me about the house, and the nights in my arms under the blankets. In no time at all, he became a burly ball of fluff and love. His list of tricks grew from car rides and leash walking to jumping into my arms, fetching, wrestling with poodles and even wiggling his ears (like alfalfa from the list le rascals) Now, its 2013, he will be two in Oct and he has fallen ill...he has a severe blockage in his urinary tract and I am currently jobless. Being as I am young I have poor credit and couldn't qualify for assistance with vet Costa and I fear he will be taken from me far too soon...if anyone can help at all, whether it be donation, tips foe financial aid or helpful words, please feel free to comment. Thank you and please don't mind my errors, it's been a long night. Sincerely, Zinco's Scared Mom