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Found 4 results

  1. Shai Apple Star

    hello! i am new to the disabled pet community, i have an old cat named toby who is in perfect health but out recent rescue was not so lucky, as explained in tags she has a Congenital disorder, i know a lot of pet owners have been in my shoes and I'm hoping will sympathize with her birth defect. shai was born to a brother and sister. the owners of the brother and sister cats failed to get the cats fixed and they created babies, one of the kittens died but the rest were given out. there were i think 4 kittens. here are 2 videos of her thankyou for your time
  2. 12115724 1185796911435086 3453200967065686624 N

    From the album Our Pets At The Shelter

    this is willma and she is an older dog and likes her food soft. she is very rotten and is very laid back and easy going. She would be a great house dog once she gets adopted.
  3. 10996089 1132389350109176 6871794268704333487 N

    From the album Our Pets At The Shelter

    This is Gee dog, he and his sister sandy was surrendered over to us when we first opened and have been with us ever since. He is so funny to be around. He really has a big personality.
  4. 10672189 1075161422498636 5148324364000952734 N

    From the album Our Pets At The Shelter

    This here is Roxie she is a rottie blue heeler mix. very very smart and is an expert escape artist. It is really hard to keep her put up. She came to us while she was pregnant from the owners not getting her spayed. She is one we hope will go and get fixed soon.