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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! My name is Christina, and I am so happy I found this site! We have a 4 month old miniature schnauzer who desperately needs medical attention. Through hours of online searching, I stumbled across this site. I want to apply for financial aid, but it says that they are only doing emergencies right now. This is an emergency, a matter of life or death really. But my problem is that the rules say that I need a written letter from my vet with diagnoses and life expectancy. No vet in my area (even my own) will diagnose her without me paying for extensive tests. They all have told me what they think is wrong, but without tests they can't be sure. I started a gofundme page. It's my last option, before we choose to put her to sleep because it's the cheapest option. I don't want to do that. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did. I HAVE to find her help, and all other options have shut me down. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link to my gofundme page on this forum. And if I am not allowed, please let me know where I can post it. I don't want to break the rules right off the bat. All of our puppy's info and symptoms (more of her story) is on the gofundme page. I'm not asking anyone to donate, though I would be forever grateful. But I am asking that you share the link with anyone who you think might help. We are on a time crunch. She is getting worse by the day, and seriously needs medical attention. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much!
  2. My fiancé and I bought a pure bred American Staffordshire Terrier at 10 weeks old, only to find out he was chronically ill and had not received any of his immunizations. We took him to the veterinary emergency hospital, after he vomited food and water for a whole day and had horrible diarrhea. The vet gave him a physical and tested for Parvovirus, which was thankfully negative. Ziggy was given an anti-nausea shot and prescribed anti-diarrhea and anti-nausea meds and sent home with instructions to feed him a bland diet of chicken baby-food and rice. Last night he continued to vomit and refused food, but kept water down okay, and still had diarrhea. He is very lethargic, nearly hypoglycemic, and won't give any food a second look. We called several vets and they all said the same thing and gave the same estimate, it looks like anywhere from 300 on the low end to over 1000 if he needs hospitalized. We're running out of options and don't know what to do. We put ourselves in debt for his last visit and they over-charged us for a parvo test and a physical, which turned up nothing, he' very weak and he sleeps all day because he's nearly hypoglycemic. He needs help urgently or he might not make it :(
  3. Meeka, our household kitten, since we have had since September 2012, had a very bad morning today that resulted in a visit to the vet. They did some X-Rays and found a foreign object lodged in her intestines She is on life or death status (we have 1- 2 days), all relying on a crucial surgery to remove the object and relieve her of the pain that she is experiencing. She is not acting liker herself at all - her eyes are glossed over, and her movements are far and few between. She is lethargic and is barely drinking water. Sometimes people use words like "wild" to describe Meeka - and with good reason, because she was raised on a farm, and most certainly has some "wild" blood in her. But I would do anything to see that fire back in her eyes right now. Please keep Meeka on your mind and in your hearts as we try to get this surgery happening in the next 1-2 days in a visit to the vet. They did some X-Rays and found a foreign object lodged in her intestines She is on life or death status (we have 2 days), all relying on a crucial surgery to remove the object and relieve her of the pain that she is experiencing. If anyone else has been through this, I would love to hear from you. I have heard great things about this community and have already been exploring the ways that everyone reaches out to one another and it is touching. I'm grateful to be introducing myself and Meeka into a community of people who are understanding and grateful for the roles that pets play in our lives.
  4. Cat is sick

    Hi I'm Tina Swan, I'm from REno, NV. My cat is sick right now, I am trying this program to help. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and wanted to get to know some of you and hopefully find some advice as well. I am the proud father of Cheeseburger the mostest beautiful kitty ever. She is the most important thing in my life. When I am not at work or sleeping I am hanging out with Cheese-Cheese. She is always with me at the house and is always involved in whatever daddy is doing. She even has a pillow at the top corner of the bed where she sleeps every night. Cheeseburger has always been important to me, I have never had a kitty I have loved as much as her. But now more so in my life she is extra important. I recently had a lot of turmoil and change in mine and Burg's life. About 3 months ago my girlfriend of 7 years had a, what the doctors are calling, a "Mental Break". She started acting strange and getting really worked up over memories that she said she was just now remembering. the next day she was convinced that I was a man named Dameon, and I was trying to trick her. You can imagine how hard it is to watch someone you love lose there grasp on reality. I took her to the emergency room and they tried to help her. In the end she broke up with me, or Dameon, and had to be hospitalized against her will. She is now a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Well during our trip to the hospital I had started to feel strange and dizzy. I woke up later in a hospital bed tied down. I had apparently had a Gran Mal seizure. I am now a diagnosed Epileptic. All of this also came at the price of where we were living at the time. so in a few days I had to find a new place to live. well, after all that me and Cheeseburger landed ok I guess. I felt like things would be ok as long as I had Burgs. then about 2 months after everything happened and we were both getting used to the new place and new way of living, Burgs started to get very flemy when she would breath. I was not worries at first, she has a feline herpes virus that causes mucus build up when she or I is stressed and this time definitely was a stressful time. So I took her in to see the doctor. I love my vet, she is super caring and strait forward with me. She said it sounded like there was more than just the virus acting up and prescribed some antibiotics. I went home and started the regimen of pink liquid injections into poor Cinna-Burg's mouth. About a week later I got home from work and found Burgs up stairs breathing super heavy with her mouth wide open. I immediately grabbed her carry case from the closet and drove her to my vet. they took her in the back and started Burgs on oxygen. I then, after having a sever panic attack, got to talk to the doctor. She said that she thinks Burgs has asthma and that giving her some steroids would help. she also wanted to do some x-rays and other things. Well I had just gone through a lot and it also took it's financial toll. So I had to tell the doc. that I didn't have a lot of money at the moment. Luckily she did what she could to keep me on the low end of the scale. so, a few hours later and a big shot of steroids, and Cheeseburger was send home with me. She had a lot of meds to take, but she was breathing way better and that was all I cared about. She did great for the rest of the week. Giving out headbutts with reclus abandon, and scenting anything in her path. She was the most happy kitty in the world. I finally felt better and thought she was on the road to a happy breathing Burgs. Then about 6 days later, she started to breath kinda labored on the intake. I was reluctant to take her in again, one I had almost no money left, but also because I worries that I was just over reacting as a worried parent. so I waited a few hours. She started to breath more with her stomach than her chest. so I called the vet. She said to give her a puff from a inhaler She prescribed for Burg's asthma. I did and then waited. she was still struggling a little to much for me to just wait. So I did as my vet instructed and took Cheeseburger to the emergency vet who has an oxygen cage. They were already informed of the situation by my vet, so when I got there they whisked Burgs into the back. I was later joined by the vet who went over my options. It was looking as thought something else might also be obstructing Cheeseburgers air way. so he wanted to do all sorts of imaging tests. witch I would have loved to do, but I had no money for all that. He then came back with another lower estimate that was more affordable, but was less quality of care. I felt like such a bastard! how could I tell Cheeseburger that I could only do so much to help her because I was out of money. That I was determining her care by the dollar, not the best way to keep her alive and well. I felt like a monster. anyways we decided to keep her in the oxygen cage overnight and see if a lager does of steroids would help. I managed to get ahold of some more money from my father. and thought to myself " I am doing what I can" witch was of little comfort. I checked on her every few hours and watch her as she labored to breath in her little confinement chamber. I couldn't even hold her and tell her I was going to do my best. she could only look at me through the plastic door. I was finally told that they had weaned Burgs off of the oxygen and she was breathing ok. though the doctor came and told me that he was fearful to send her home. That he wasn't sure that we had found the underlying cause. But I was out of money and couldn't afford to do any more. She was been home for a little over 2 days now. she is still breathing fine, but has had a few moments where she seems to get labored again. and a few times where she has had coughing fits where flem was blocking her airway. So right now I am not sure what to do, if she has another attack, what am I going to do? I can't take her in to the emergency vet, one I don't have nay more money (the oxygen cage alone is $44 every 6hours) two they are going to tell me the same thing. That Cheeseburger needs a whole bunch of test to see what else is going on in her body to cause the breathing issues. what does one do at this point? I mean she is only 11 years old. It's not like she is at the end of her life and I should consider the inevitable. but, I can't just take her home and let her sit and struggle to breath. what do I do? I am scared all the time now. Just waiting for the next attack. Just waiting for everything I love to be taken away from me. I am afraid to sleep or go to work that she might need me and I will not be there. or worse I will be there, but will not be able to do anything. I don't want to loose her, not now. I just don't know what to do. I do know that I would do anything to help her.
  6. Hello, My name is Jeremy and I joined in hopes to finding help for my cat friend - McJewes. McJewes is my mom's three and a half year old cat that was rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, NY as a kitten. My mother adopted him and brought him to her home in Melbourne, Florida. McJewes had been doing great until recently when returning from shopping for food he was laying on the ground in pain. They rushed the little guy to the vetenarian who first diagnosed the cat with a Protozoa infection. They gave him a strong anti-biotic and gave my mom a seringue for food replacement. It's been three days now and my mother has been giving the cat hourly water injections and food replacement as directed. They brought him back to the vet and were told that the original diagnosis had to be wrong and that they weren't sure what was happening but that without my mother's attentive care, he would no longer be with us. The vet recommended a special high resolution sonogram be done to find out what the problem is and then probably surgery as they now suspect a blockage in the intestins. Xrays show possible internal leaking of the intestine or an infection. The problem is my parents have suffered the brunt of the recent economic collapse, having lost their jobs, their home, and basically having to life over in their mid 50s. The cost of the sonogram is $400 and the subsequent operation is too much for my family to bear financially. McJewes is the small light of my mother's life and it would be tragic to have her lose it. This is why I am here. In hopes to get help for McJewes and to help my mother. I'm afraid that if we don't get it soon, it will be too late. I've posted pictures of McJewes in his better days. The last picture is his current state. Thanks for reading. Best, - Jeremy
  7. Sincola aka Zinco the no tailed cat...

    New Years Eve 2011 It was an end of a year filled with pin that I couldn't have imagined I would have survived. After dealing with my mothers passing in March I was a little lost in myself. My father had me tag along yo a family reunion in Mexico. I wasn't thrilled by seeing family whose language I can hardly understand but to this day I am glad I went. When we arrived after a 16 hour drive my favorite uncle came to greet us. In his hands was a small white kitten without a tail. This was how I met Zinco. Believed to be a Japanese/American bobtailed cat he was separated from his mom a few weeks early due to stray animals. My uncle had taken him home but was unable to keep him. He gave him to me as a late xmas gift. After a vet visit and some paperwork Zinco became an American citizen we didn't have a crate or a carrier for the drive home but for Zinco, this wasn't a problem. With a snap of a collar and clip of a leash he became the coolest cat ever. He didn't have a problem strutting his stuff on a small dog leash. He seemed to love the attention at rest stops and car rides were magical to him. He would sit on my shoulder and watch the world change before his young eyes.. Once he arrived at our KY home he became acquainted with the other felines of the house, a stray named Minow and an old house cat named Dinx. They accepted him like a silly little brother (without a tail) He loved his new home but he and I became inseparable. He spent the days following me about the house, and the nights in my arms under the blankets. In no time at all, he became a burly ball of fluff and love. His list of tricks grew from car rides and leash walking to jumping into my arms, fetching, wrestling with poodles and even wiggling his ears (like alfalfa from the list le rascals) Now, its 2013, he will be two in Oct and he has fallen ill...he has a severe blockage in his urinary tract and I am currently jobless. Being as I am young I have poor credit and couldn't qualify for assistance with vet Costa and I fear he will be taken from me far too soon...if anyone can help at all, whether it be donation, tips foe financial aid or helpful words, please feel free to comment. Thank you and please don't mind my errors, it's been a long night. Sincerely, Zinco's Scared Mom