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Found 8 results

  1. My baby boy was hit by a car on Friday and needs to be kept on oxygen until we can afford to see a surgeon in either Boston or Manchester. PLEASE HELP US SAVE HIM. They will euthanize him if we can't get the money together
  2. Please help us. My dog was hit by a car and the guy ran off! I haven't been able to work because of my sons medical issues. He may have autism and other factors. My credit is to bad for the carecredit and my bf has none. We need 2500$ by Monday December 7th (My Birthday) to get my dog his surgery he needs.(Been Extended to asap) He has a broken pelvis, bruised organs, Fractured ribs, fractured spine, and can't walk. His head was banged up pretty bad and he's miserable. We were unable to keep him at the vet through the weekend due to funds. Already had to lay out 450$ to take him home with pain medications and my car is about to be reposed. We have 900$ down on him now if you call up at the vet office. If I don't come up with the rest of the money today we'll have to amputate his leg (Something we really don't want to do) If all you can do is share this or say a prayer I would greatly appreciate it and so would our family.
  3. Hi all! My name is Christina, and I am so happy I found this site! We have a 4 month old miniature schnauzer who desperately needs medical attention. Through hours of online searching, I stumbled across this site. I want to apply for financial aid, but it says that they are only doing emergencies right now. This is an emergency, a matter of life or death really. But my problem is that the rules say that I need a written letter from my vet with diagnoses and life expectancy. No vet in my area (even my own) will diagnose her without me paying for extensive tests. They all have told me what they think is wrong, but without tests they can't be sure. I started a gofundme page. It's my last option, before we choose to put her to sleep because it's the cheapest option. I don't want to do that. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did. I HAVE to find her help, and all other options have shut me down. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link to my gofundme page on this forum. And if I am not allowed, please let me know where I can post it. I don't want to break the rules right off the bat. All of our puppy's info and symptoms (more of her story) is on the gofundme page. I'm not asking anyone to donate, though I would be forever grateful. But I am asking that you share the link with anyone who you think might help. We are on a time crunch. She is getting worse by the day, and seriously needs medical attention. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much!
  4. Hello my name is Anthony, the owner of my beautiful, big baby boy named Charlie. Charlie is an English Mastiff and Burnese Mountain Dog mix. Charlie was just diagnosed with Lymphoma on May 15th, 2014. Today he goes to Dr. Fulton at MedVets in Columbus for his staging and some other blood work. I am a single man at the age of 23 and ann a full time student. My dog means the world to me. The only guy I have in my life is my big boy Charlie. I value his life as much as I value my own, if not more. He is my child, my best friend, my companion. He is the most genuinely sweet and happy dog you will ever meet. He literally almost always has a smile on his face. I've always said that as a pet owner it is our responsibility to do for them what they can't do for themselves and to always keep them safe and happy. It hurts me so much to say that right now I can't do that for my big boy--he needs help. I have started a fundraiser trying to get enough money to ensure that he gets the best possible chance of beating his lymphoma and staying here with his daddy for a few more years. He is only 5 years old, he will be 6 on July 25th. I beg and plead to whoever is reading this to please help me save this beautiful boys life. He is such a sweet soul--he's my kindred spirit. He loves to go on hikes with his daddy, running through waterfalls. Loves to play frisbee and run and gallop along. He's a big fan of swimming whether it be in a lake or a pool or his favorite, the Jupiter Inlet. Please, please help me give me more hikes, more swims, more reasons to wag his ridiculously large "will bruise you because it's so filled with happiness" tail. Help me keep this angel here with us, with me
  5. Hello My name is Jacqueline Shanklin i reside in Tampa, Fl. Over the course of the week my 2yr old male yorkie has gotten sick and I now have over $2500 vet bills. the charges were paid out of pocket, cash, credit card and care credit. His expenses are still ongoing. I do work full time but with my other expenses I will not be able to pay back what I have charged so far or continue with his care. He went thru an unncessary surgery that produced no answers or resolution to his illness (he is not drinking water) I signed up for a wellness plan under the impression that it would cover situations as this, but it did not. I love my baby and I can't bare the thought of surroundering him because I can't afford his care. I started a donation fund but i have hardly enough. Can you please help me share this story for donations. Everything helps even $1 Jacqueline Shanklin
  6. Heading To Surgery!

    From the album Miss Meeka

    What a 24-hour cycle this has been! I got an email from IMOM this morning, letting me know that the financial committee reviewed my request. And because of the urgency of this case, Meeka is already at the vet! I dropped her off 45 minutes ago, and was told they would get started on surgery in the next hour. I was reassured that Meeka was in the BEST HANDS POSSIBLE! The OWNER of the clinic is operating on Meeka today to take care of her in this hard time. I am so so grateful for this. Meeka has been such a trooper. And we are both forever grateful to IMOM and this community of supporters. We will be brainstorming ways to give back ASAP! This photo really shows the hope she has in her eyes.
  7. Backpack Babe

    From the album Miss Meeka