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  1. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    So happy I checked in to see how Tom is doing! Keep getting better, little guy!
  2. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    I'll take some of that remaining challenge!
  3. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    He looks fabulous! I'm so happy for him (and you!)
  4. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    So happy to hear good updates! Tom looks good for all he's been through! He'll have a weird expression on his face until he heals up, and his eyes certainly show that he's on meds! I'm really so very happy to see him doing as well as he is! We're rooting for his recovery, and will be checking back in for more updates :)
  5. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    My next payday's expenditures will include a donation to IMOM to help replenish that general fund! Thank you so much, IMOM staff, for going out on a limb to pledge the funds for this precious fur-kid. We contributors won't let you down, we'll build that fund right back up! I hope Tom's surgery has gone well... I'll definitely be checking back soon for updates!
  6. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Just try to remember that he's on pain medicines too, so while it's not an ideal situation, I'm sure Tom is getting enough rest right now. From what I remember after having had surgery, for the first few days I could sleep through many things - that pain medicine is important! Just be there as soon as they say you can start visiting him. Even if you can only see him for a few minutes, it really will help him to know you are there. But for now, try not to stress out too much - his body dealing with the injury, as well as pain medication, will make him sleep a whole lot - so just know that he is somewhere that people will be able to take care of him if he needs something, and where he can be still and mostly sleep. You'll have several weeks to baby him at home when he's stable enough to go home after surgery!
  7. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    The maintenance worker intentionally hit Tom with a golf cart?? You definitely should confront the management with this immediately, if that's the case!
  8. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I'll take $50 of Betsy's money for that challenge! calling all CCLs and LBK lovers.... this one is important and urgent!
  9. Oh wow, I'm SO glad to see this! I just now saw this on my FB newsfeed, and well... I have such a soft spot for tabbies!! I clicked on the donation link and sent a donation for RJ before coming here, so I didn't know she was at AFR! I'm SO happy to see that she is getting treatment right now! (So, IMOM folks, you can take my donation and put it toward the general fund, or toward the next pet in need )
  10. Just checking in to see how things went... so glad Isis came through it all okay. I'm sure she'll be back on her "tri-paws" in no time!
  11. Just got in and saw this... donated what I could, and wanted to wish Lovie all of the best! <3
  12. It breaks my heart that there was a chance to save it, but because of finances this gorgeous girl will have to lose a leg.... but I'm happy that IMOM is here to let us help make sure that is all that she will lose! Much love to Isis, and I hope we can help get you up and running on those three legs, soon!
  13. Louie Lyons - Kitty with Chylothorax

    I must have gotten the CCL signal to come check out the site! Sending what I can right now... and best of luck to Louie!!
  14. Blondie Faultry - a blocked kitty needing help now

    I didn't see this earlier today, and I'm so glad Blondie is back at the vet! I'll be making a donation to the general fund right now, so that these types of emergencies can be funded !! Best of luck, Blondie, keep us updated!
  15. So glad to see this update! He's gorgeous.