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CoCo's Michael

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  1. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    meh. miss coco cat. saw an advertisement for him on tv. lol lol Here is persian heart specalist cat, she wants to say hello. Free on craigslist.org ftw. ++ https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=824303200944478&set=vb.100000944169833&type=2&theater
  2. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    heh. yes... how is it that you were ever to know a cat to come back from the dead. I swear it. lol
  3. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    meh. To those of you who are privleged ... CoCo has used one of his nine lives on me. hehe. I never knew a cat to claw me and headbutt me until I settle in. This persumably is Ms. CoCo my (new) cat: heheheh love, love.
  4. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    I found a spot for him down by the Occoquan river. 38°40′58″N 77°15′39″W An Algonquian Doeg Indian word, meaning "at the end of the water". I will remember it for the rest of my life, I layed him back to the ground as I knelt and a breeze blew immedately as a bird sang. There were no breezes for the past 2 hours ... Even the deer wanted to make sure it was ok. lol I said no other prayers, but walked to the road. I wonder where I went. I love you CoCo.
  5. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    Yeah, the vet called; said she left a message. I told her to tell ppl about IMOM if she could help. :(
  6. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    Well, he was a friend to me. He used to say, "Love, Love" under his breath. Wake me up with violent head butting in bed to get me to stop sleeping in. I've prayed some rosary prayers, offered up his last breaths. I guess I have to ask the maintenace man if he has a shovel. He'll be six feet under the perma-frost down by the occuiquan river. This is going to be hard to do, someone as intelligent as he was. meh.
  7. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    I'm sorry, thank you to everyone who wanted to help. CoCo has died, just a few minutes ago. I held his paw tightly, but that's about all I could do. Thank you again for all your help. I am here: http://www.youtube.com/sssquirrel/ and here: http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/mikearney2/ and here: http://www.facebook.com/michael.kearney.794
  8. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    P.S. Strange news. He made a poop. After some discomfort. ...He hasn't pooped in a week. He struggled to get to the littler box but didn't make it there.
  9. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    Well, It a very large protrusion from the right side. You can't miss it and they don't want to go over it without the proper procedure. It would be difficult to negotiate just the cytology of the mandibular mass, with out the nessary blood work because they are not entirely convienced of the cause for him electing not to eat themselves. If I had a bad abcess I think I would try to eat with my other teeth. But CoCo Cat thinks differently about it. It is undoubtly painful. That whole right side there isn't fat !@
  10. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    Thank you for all your support! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. CoCo needs your help, he is resting now but still has a long way to go. I thought he could see in the dark better than I, using one of his nine lives. But hes here by the computer waiting for help. I will call the vetnarian to see if they had made contact with IMOM to discuss the payment process but I told her that CoCo may need some time for fund rasing. Keep looking out for CoCo and IMOM!
  11. Please help coco cat

    CoCo cat was approved! Look for him here: http://www.imom.org/community/index.php?showtopic=8678
  12. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    Apllied with Feline Emergency Assistance at http://fveap.org. The one with the kitty pictur. I don't know if they will be able to help CoCo. I qualify. :(
  13. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    Thank you all for your support! CoCo is making my eyes cry again, hes laying here smiling even though he hasn't eaten a thing. He wont even drink water now. Beathing funny. If he is just love sick I'm going to squirt him or something. He didn't stop purring on the vet's examiner table and they had to make him smell some rubbing alchol; and when they got him with the thermometer. His temperature was a little high, 103.5 where I learned a normal temperature is about 102. He is obviously fighting infection of some kind. I don't know that he will recover without help. Please donate if you can to IMOM. IMOM is the only organization I was able to find beside the AHAA which discontinued their funding programs for pets in need. The Banfeild HOPE fund got him in the door. I don't have a red cent. Maybe enough gas money to make it to springfield, which is about 15 miles from here. Please help.
  14. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    I let him keep his name they gave him at the shelter because I work closely with Prince William County Communtiy Services Board. I thought that it would be more than a novelty the day I went for a ride to see him from petfinder.com. Orginally they had another cat posted, and a family was interested in adopting the cat I had come to see, but CoCo was there on the top shelf sleeping. lol I would be banging on the glass or something. Good News! I applied at redrover! Thank you for submitting an application for a RedRover Relief grant. Your application was received and you should hear back from us via email or phone soon. Please be sure to add relief@redrover.org to your “safe senders” or “friends” list to ensure our response is not inadvertently diverted to your spam folder. If you do not hear from us within two business days, please contact us to check your application's status.
  15. CoCo - cat too sick to eat has gone to the Bridge

    I have failed, I even applied for financial aid at the college to continue my intrest in computers so long ago and they told me I was on academic probation from 15 years ago. lol And even yet, the ugly person at the counter said that my appeal "is not good enough". It required mathmatics courses that had been taught at different colleges and universities. I thought that if I had applied at another college, I would try to make up the difference. But I was wrong because of the locality. lol You can follow a mathmatics course, calculus; and then try to understand why things are the way they are and they are different depending on the university! I could just ditch the rest of my resume and stop saying that I am a contractor alltogether. hhehe http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/mikearney2/resume.htm Anyway CoCo is my friend. I really don't want to see him go so soon. He's still here on the desk, presumably waiting for me to tell him to jump up on the examiners table. Maybe he has a good seat. I hope that ppl can help him and IMOM with their pets in need.