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  1. Rest In Peace sweet Justice. You are cherished.
  2. Cindy - We are here for you. Sending you and Justice hugs and love. Thank you for being such a great mom to your boy.
  3. Cindy - you and Justice are in my thoughts and prayers. Justice is a very lucky boy to have a mom who loves him with all her heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your loving relationship with this sweet pup with all of us.
  4. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Rest in peace, dear Mister.
  5. Swirlie And Max Ortiz - Special Needs Cats -

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I know Max was so loved. Rest in Peace sweet one.
  6. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace little Reece - you are so loved.
  7. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Thinking of little Reecey. I hope he will be feeling better soon.
  8. Hang in there, Cindy. They would not have sent Justice home unless they thought it was what was best for him. My little girl Sami had neurosurgery last November that did not go so well. She had a bleed in her brain stem and had to spend a bit of time in ICU. But, she did pull through and I remember how difficult it was when she first came home. I was so glad she was home, but so worried because she had such a hard time with everything. Looking back on it now, I know that being home helped her heal and get better faster. So, Sami sends healing love to Justice and lots of puppy kisses to you.
  9. What wonderful news. I bet you feel so happy to have him home with you. Good job Justice - you've made great progress!
  10. Way to go, Justice! Keep up the healing!
  11. Good boy Justice. Now you and your mom need to get some rest so recovery can begin. HUGS!
  12. Thanks for the update. Now time for Justice to get all fixed up and start healing and feeling better.
  13. Sending you and Tucker positive thoughts and some extra hugs today.
  14. Poor sweet Justice. I know Wednesday seems so far away - and at time too close. Hang in there and make sure to take care of yourself as well. All of us here are sending lots of love.
  15. Thinking of you and Justice today. Sending positive thoughts.