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Sue W.

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  1. Tick tock, tick tock, how slowly goes the clock!! Macy wants me to buy her a ticket so she can come and meet Poppy!
  2. "We need to go first because we cannot live without your love and care. If we lived longer than you, we would not and could not survive. It’s supposed to be this way. We also need to cross the Rainbow Bridge before you do so that we can be on the other side to greet you when you get there. We wait at home for you here and we wait at Home for you there. It’s just the way it is." I kind of liked this.
  3. That is so great! I'm sure when all schnauzers got wind you might be looking for a new pup, they were all filling out their own applications for you! Olivia will be a mighty lucky young lady! Macy ate Woody's glasses the other day, and he said if he could have found a box he was going to mail her down to you. Can't wait to hear more and see pictures!
  4. Oh, Cindy, that is just so touching. What a wonderful thing to do.
  5. I'm so, so sorry, Cindy ...
  6. My heart is aching for you, my friend. I've been sitting here tonight crying, trying to think of some words that will help, but there are none. Justie couldn't have had a better mom, and you couldn't have a a better Justie. Sending hugs and prayers...
  7. So happy Justice is doing better today. Trying to keep everyone warm here. Wind chill is -26. I take all the small dogs out and then have to carry them all back inside because their feel are so cold.
  8. Merry Christmas from our house to yours ... love you guys!!
  9. What great news! We also got great news. Ollie had his anal exam for his cancer yesterday, and his vet said everything appears to be fantastic! Why he had to go to the vet ... another whole story I'll save for later. You and Justie have a great weekend!
  10. We'll be keeping you and Justie close tonight.
  11. Oh no, Cindy, did something more happen? Big hugs to you and Justice...
  12. Cindy, I just had to show you this. It popped up one one of the schnauzer facebook pages I follow. His name is Arthur, and tomorrow he'll be 4 weeks old. Can you imagine how small he was when he was born?
  13. That is so sweet! Feel better, Justice.
  14. Let's see. Belle is the cocker spaniel in the middle of the room. She doesn't cause the mischief, but she likes to eat the paper or cardboard after the mischief has been done. There's Ollie, our cat Colby, and Walter's tail. I wasn't sure if I should post that picture because the room is so messy, even before the schnauzers hit! Macy does have the best eyes, and so does Walter. Tthey give you that sideways, upward look, and it just melts my heart. Macy has started a new thing. She just loves belly rubs. No matter how wild she's being, as soon as you rub her belly she gets quiet. When I'm working, she comes up and whines and whines, and then she stands up with her arms on my leg so I can rub her belly. When I stop to rub it, she puts her feet on my arm, and when I try to stop, she wraps her arms around my arm so I can't get away! We've got a blizzard warning here for tomorrow. Quite a switch from the 46 degrees we've had this week!
  15. Guess I'll never finish that book!!
  16. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!
  17. Were you guys close to the tornado that hit in Ohio? I hope not!! How's Justice doing today? I think Ollie has become more spoiled than ever. This morning, I was eating a piece of pizza on the couch and, of course, he got a piece. When it came time for his lunch, he wouldn't eat and kept running over to the couch. He jumped up and kept looking at Woody. Woody finally put up a tray table and put Ollie's bowl of food on it, and he ate sitting on the couch as content as could be. Such a silly boy!
  18. A little more weight and a little better blood ... good job, Justice!! And mom, too, of course!!
  19. Sending prayers and positive thoughts...