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Sue W.

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  1. Were you guys close to the tornado that hit in Ohio? I hope not!! How's Justice doing today? I think Ollie has become more spoiled than ever. This morning, I was eating a piece of pizza on the couch and, of course, he got a piece. When it came time for his lunch, he wouldn't eat and kept running over to the couch. He jumped up and kept looking at Woody. Woody finally put up a tray table and put Ollie's bowl of food on it, and he ate sitting on the couch as content as could be. Such a silly boy!
  2. A little more weight and a little better blood ... good job, Justice!! And mom, too, of course!!
  3. Sending prayers and positive thoughts...
  4. I don't even know what to say. Sending love and hugs to all of you, especially Nancy.
  5. Is David handy? They make chairs for dogs with megaesophagus.
  6. I just wanted to thank everyone again for your support, prayers and donations for Oliver. Hopefully, the biopsy will show clear margins. We are typical pet parents. Ollie is sitting in "his" chair eating steak, and Woody and I are eating noodles until payday on Friday! I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks again.
  7. Cindy, I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to thank those who donated to Ollie's cancer surgery. We still have a way to go with his surgery schedule 8/21. If anyone could help, we sure would appreciate it. I love him with all my heart. https://www.youcaring.com/oliverwittsackwoodourminiatureschnauzer-892286
  8. https://www.youcaring.com/oliverwittsackwoodourminiatureschnauzer-892286 Here is the correct link. Thank you so much, Cindy, for letting me do this!
  9. core.fundraiser.min.css Link doesn't work-please use link 2 posts down.
  10. That is such a cute photo!! Justie, I hope you make it out there again today!
  12. Oh, Cindy, this breaks my heart. I know you will do the very best for Justice (as you always have). Love you guys...
  13. We're thinking about you, praying for Justice and sending our love.
  14. Ollie did have it twice. I can't exactly remember what he was on when he came home, but he did have to spend 2-3 days in the hospital. I think he maybe came home on an antibiotic and some med for his stomach. I'd have to ask Woody. He does all the medical stuff because I get too frantic about everything (imagine that!). I sure hope Justie feels better soon. He sure deserves a breather from everything. We're sending prayers.
  15. Praying no more HGE. I hate that disease! Stay strong, Justie.
  16. Oh, that is so sweet! Can't wait to hear that Justie is home getting loved up!
  17. Oh, Cindy, I am so, so sorry. I know how bad that HGE can be. Sending big hugs and prayers to you and Justie.
  18. So glad to hear Justice is doing well! Macy is now old enough, so Walter is teaching her the art of guarding the house and keeping up with what's going on in the neighborhood!! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
  19. We had a winter weather advisory here this morning! That's Minnesota ... pollen count is very high and snow is in the forecast. Ollie's keeping his fingers crossed so he can do snowballs this week! Macy has been in such a mischievous mood. We have a cat door in the bathroom door, and she's always loved it since day 1. She blows through it at 100 mph. She's started going in the bathroom when Woody takes a shower. She sits and waits for him, and then as soon as she hears the water turn off, she grabs his underwear off the counter and dashes out the cat door. And she's always so proud of herself! I hope Justice gets a good report tomorrow.
  20. I've had problems signing in too for a while.
  21. This is a horrible picture, but the best we could get of Easter Bunny Macy. She's not too cooperative! Happy Easter to you, Justice and Angel Tucker!
  22. Yaay for good poop!! Woody had to go to St. Cloud yesterday and I asked him if he'd stop at Petsmart and see if they had any cute t-shirts for Macy. He came home with a whole bunny suit ... front legs, back legs, ears and tail. If I ever figure out how I'm going to actually get it on Macy, I'll take a picture.