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  1. I just can't thank you enough! Pudgy is HOME!! I carried her in the house and put her on the floor. She perked up IMMEDIATELY! She was greeted by her sister pup Ella and they were both so happy to see each other. Not even 5 minutes after we got home Pudgy took her first volunteer drink from her bowl on her own since she got sick. She is SOOOO very happy to be home. Right now she is relaxing on the floor. I am crying right now because without your help this day wouldnt be possible. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! I will definately be keeping in contact with IMOM. You all are an AMAZING community. This is one TRUE HAPPY ENDING! <BR class=yiv898274167yui-cursor>
  2. Good morning, I just spoke with the vet well the secretary .Great news for Pudgy! They are wanting to send her home this evening! I guess she is not going to need the surgery today after all.I am so sorry to have this such a confusing case. I guess that means we can put her at AFR and close out her case. Our family is so greatful for all you have done for our sweet Pudgy. Without your help she would definately have had to be euthanized, but because of your help she is going to get a chance at a hopefully long happy healthy life. We are going to wait a few weeks until she is much stronger and get her spayed at a low cost spay place here in town. I don't ever want her to be faced with pyometra again. THANKS AGAIN for all your help. You ALL are an AMAZING group of people. I am HONORED to have had the chance to be a part of your organization.
  3. Thank You, I am going to call in about 10 minutes and see whats up. I will let everyone know as soon as I hear something.
  4. I had to leave earlier after I posted that comment and I just returned home to all these wonderful people and all their wonderful comments. THANK YOU!! I am amazed at everyones generosity. Yes to answer CatPaws question Ella needs spayed as well. So far she is doing very well. We are gonna wait til she is in the clear from the exposure to parvo before we get her spayed but if she continues to be her happy perky self then as soon as her incubation period is up she will be spayed . To FemGeek as far as i understand the Dr.Torres said that he wants her GI track to have more time to continue to heal before surgery at least thats what he said this evening I think he was talking in circles though. Cause right after that he said he would like to do an ultra sound but they don't have the equipment there and she would have to be transferred which would be additional $400 I said um NO!! I cant do that. I think after that my brain stopped listening. I'm hoping the vet in the morning will make better sense. Oh yea I forgot to mention PUDGY HAS NOT VOMITED ALL DAY!!! They took her off fluids and she has held food down too. I am so proud of that little girl. She has some serious fight in her.
  5. I am so frusterated but not at IMOM or any of the other organizations I am indeed frusterated with her vet. They called me a while ago and asked if I could come and visit her. Of course I said yes. When I got there he said he wanted to see how Pudgy would interact with me and see if I saw big improvements. I DID!!! YAY!!! She is tail waggin, walking and I even got kisses. The frusterating part is now he is saying he does not want to put her through the surgery just yet or even if she needs it. OMG!!!! I have spent the whole day contacting other organizations and asked you guys to reopen her case because this morning he was very adoment about her NEEDING the surgery tomorrow. GRRRR Red Rover said that if she does indeed need the surgery they would be willing to donate $200 I don't know what to do. There is a different vet on duty tomorrow. I would hate to close her case and the vet tomorrow say she definately needs surgery but at the same time I don't want everyone to stress and dig into their pockets if it is not needed. I am trying to be as up front and honest as I can but this Dr.Torres is really making this difficult. The vet on duty tomorrow is the original vet that first noticed that she may have pyometra so I am very interested to hear her opinion. Is it possible to keep her case open until we hear from the vet tomorrow that way if she decides she does need the surgery the funding will hopefully be there and if not can those fundings either be returned or given to another pet in need. I just don't know what to do. If you need to put her at AFR I understand. I'm just trying to be honest. Thank you to all you WONDERFUL IMOMers you guys are fantastic. I apologize that this has been such a confusing situation. You guys are just amazing.
  6. I wish I could say CA but unfortunately no we live in South Carolina i just applied for Red Rover keep your fingers crossed. Gonna check out the other links you posted
  7. I am going to apply for red rover I called and they told me i have to apply online. I am also checking out other organizations as well. This poor girl really needs this surgery. She is fighting so hard every day. Her blood counts are up so that gives us great hope that she is going to beat this parvo. It would be so sad for her to beat parvo only to succumb to Pyometra. I really wish this little baby would have had a better start to her life. If only I had found her sooner all this could have been prevented. She deserves to have a long, healthy, and happy life especially after all that she has been through. I would like to share a little story. I told you how Pudgy came to us but this is why we need her. I have a daughter that has an attachment disorder. This means that for her it is EXTREMLY difficult to form relationships with people or pets. Kids with this disorder usually grow up to failed marriages, some turn to drugs, some end up in prisons. We have been in therapy with her for this for years. She is almost 10. We have lots of great days and lots of not so great days. She does not trust many people and is very vulnerable. By some strange chance in the short 3 months that we have had Pudgy she has formed a bond with her. Pudgy takes to me mostly but my daughter is her second favorite person. This bond is amazing. Every day when she gets home from school she runs to Pudgy and hugs her and pets her and might I add that every day when she gets home Pudgy waits by the door, tail waggin, and whimppering to see her bright shiny face come greet her. My daughter would be devastated to lose Pudgy. Like I said before it is not easy for her to form attachments at all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell every one you know spread the word on social network sights maybe we can get this to go viral and reach our goal so pudgy can have her surgery.
  8. This is confusing I know so sorry the money raised so far was $556.80 that money is to treat the parvo. There is an additional cost of $1264.48 for the surgery to treat the pyometra. The vet wants to do the surgery tomorrow. He said he feels she needs one more day to continue to heal from parvo before putting her under for surgery. So in addition to what has already been raised she still needs $1264,48 to have surgery. Sorry this is so confusing. IMOM sent me an email saying they could continue the fundraising but can't promise to raise the funds needed. I am desperate. I would hate for her to beat this life threatning parvo only to die from pyometra. We can do this I know we can. <BR>
  9. Please please please spread the word. The vet is wanting to get her in surgery tomorrow can we raise $1264.48 by tomorrow. so pudgy can have her surgery
  10. Just got an email from IMOM saying they got the new estimate.The new estimate for surgery for the pyometra is $1264.48. With everyones help so far we have raised $556.80 fo help save Pudgy's life. The $556.80 is for the parvo. The $1264.48 is for the surgery. Can you guys please continue to spread the word about Pudgy's condition. She is still in need of donations to be able to have this surgery. I'm sure as soom as IMOM can they will change the AFR to reflect the new estimate. To those that have already donated THANK YOU!
  11. Good morning everyone. I just talked to the vet they are getting an estimate ready for Pudgy to have surgery. They did an x-ray and it was inconclusive and suspicious. They said they did another blood test and her white blood cell count is significantly higher so that is GREAT! She is still holding down food so that is even better. They want to give her another day to heal from parvo before they put her under for surgery. They said they put her on the floor for a bit and she slowly walked a little but still perfers to lay around. She is fighting this soooo hard. I really can't wait til she can come home. I miss her soo very much.
  12. Aww so sweet to ask Ella was vaccinated the same day Pudgy was. We are hoping and praying that we were able to vaccinate before she became infected. So far she is doing well. She is on a 14 day incubation period, She seems ok so far very vibrant, no loss of appetite, and drinking well she is still running around and licking everyone in sight. She does seem to really miss Pudgy though. I honestly don't think they have ever been seperated. We were never told if they were litter mates. They sure do not look like it though. Ella is bigger and all black she has a shih tzu face but looks like she could be part brittney spaniel as well. Pudgy looks more like a pure shih tzu at least to me.
  13. She is still in need of donations any and all help is very much apprieciated. The AFR will change as soon as IMOM gets an up to date estmate from the vet.
  14. Hoping to get the new estimate up soon that will include the x-ray and the possible surgery for pyometra. The vet is closed for the night so it may not be up til tomorrow. I know the IMOM staff is working real hard to keep things current and they are doing a wonderful job.