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  1. Lucy Card

    Lucy has not played in the water again since the other day so no pictures of that but I do have a new one of her watching TV with me and her siblings. She amazed me by jumping up on my bed on Monday. Before she would walk over to the side of the bed and whine for me to pick her up but not that day she got a running start and jumped right up there. Her weight is very steady at 10.5 lbs which is where her Doctor wanted it to be. She even jumps up on me when I come home now.she is getting more steady with that one leg in the front. She is so amazing with the ease she has adjusted since her surgery.Her siblings still go up to her and sniff her incision site every now and then but she just continues with whatever she was doing. I love her so much and can't thank everyone that helped her get her surgery enough. You are all wonderful.
  2. Lucy Card

    Lucy did it again played in her water bowl and I tried to get a picture I just was not fast enough. I will keep trying to get a picture of her playing in the water and post it.
  3. Lucy Card

    Lucy has made it to yet another milestone since her surgery. She played in her water bowl. I was studying and heard a familiar sound of water splashing behind me and looked around to see water all over the floor and Lucy there if front of the water bowl. I must admit this was one thing I was not expecting so soon or if at all. She surprised my by playing in the water I really thought those days were gone forever since she would use both front paws to play in the water and now having only 1 I didn't see her doing that, but she fooled me. I gladly mopped up her mess and will set up her pool out in the backyard so she can play in the water.
  4. Lucy Card

    Lucy continues to do great. Today when I came home from a training class at Texas Workforce I came in the door and she jumped up on my leg something she had not done since her surgery. She continues to make great strides everyday.
  5. Lucy Card

    Lucy is continuing to do well. Her incision is doing great I think she still has 1 stitch that didn't get removed that I'm keeping an eye on. The hair that was shaved for her surgery is starting to grow back. Lucy is interacting with her siblings and when they bump into her she is able to adjust and not fall over but remain standing. She has amazed me thru this entire ordeal she has recovered so quickly and other than not having her front leg it is as if nothing happened except she is not able to play in her waterpool the way she used to she would use her front paws and splash the water on herself when she was hot in the back yard or even in the house using the water bowl. But she is able to rearange her blanket using her 1 paw so I expect she will still be able to play in the water too at some point.The picture I have attached is of Lucy in her crate with her brother Harley.
  6. Lucy Card

    Lucy is truelly back to her old self this afternoon while her siblings were barking in response to another neighborhood dog barking Lucy chimed in and barked along with them. She also began to eat out of the food feeder in addition to her breakfast of wet food I have been giving her since surgery. I took Lucy for a car ride to the post office today she loves to go with me in the car.
  7. Lucy Card

    Lucy took a car ride yesterday for a Memorial Ride for a church member we lost to brain Cancer. She did very well. Lucy has always liked to ride in the car. She coninues to do well except the incision opend up and she has a draining 1/4 open area so we are back to changing bandages everyday. But this is easier that bandaging her foot was. She watches my every move and if I head for the door she is right there trying to go with me. I have not lost my internet yet so will continue to update as I can.
  8. Lucy Card

    Lucy continues to do well. Her bandage is off completely now. Yes our fur friends do recover faster than we do if this were me I would still be in the hospital at this point. The one thing I have noticed with Lucy is when she wants to shake her body she has to do so gently as to not loose her balance while shaking. She tries to lick her wound but can't reach it which is good I guess. I might not be able to post any further updates as i will be loosing my internet I will try to figure out how to post from my phone but I'm not real good at figuring it out.
  9. Lucy Card

    Lucy is doing so great. She got her stitches out today has 1 spot that is bleeding slightly so she still has a bandage for another 2 days. Dr. Hodgson is very pleased with her recovery. He started her on a multi-vitamin liquid twice a day since her blood counts were on the low side prior to the surgery. The vet gave us a sample of food and when Lucy got in the car she was excited and was trying to get into the package so I opened it for her and she ate the entire package. Dr. Hodgson has given Lucy a 30% discount on a teeth cleaning since we already have the blood work done for her surgery. So that will get done by the end of July. That is what he stated was necessary to keep Lucy healthy since bad teeth can cause heart disease and other problems especially since lucy is 10 years old. Lucy has recovered so fast she really amazes me everyday. I stopped one of the pain meds today since she doesn't seem to need both. I am continuing the Rimadyl since it is an anti-inflamatory and she is much more alert today with only the one medication. I can give her the tramadol if she appears to need it but so far that is not the case. I really can't thank everyone enough for all your support thru this. When I got back home from the vet's office Lucy decided to go venturing in the front yard and was so fast she was across the street before I could catch up with her she was so fast. Having only 3 legs has not stopped her at all. I'm including a picture here of Lucy's incision that is very clean.The other picture is of her going in the doggie door with her brother Trace looking on.
  10. Lucy Card

    Lucy continues to make great progress. She is eating well I'm feeding her twice a day a mixture of wet food with calves liver and her tongue and gums are looking much better the vet is going to do a blodd test tomorrow and check her blood count and take her stiches out. I'm sure that will make her much happier to have the bandage removed.She played outside with her siblings a little this afternoon.
  11. Lucy Card

    I just noticed my entry for yesterday didn't post. Lucy continues to heal and yesterday she just rested mostly but she was going outside on her own. She is back to napping in her favorite bed by the fireplace. It was 1 week ago yesterday that she had her surgery she has come a long way in the past week. tomorrow she will return to the vet for a follow up visit and have her stiches removed.
  12. Lucy Card

    Lucy and I just hung out today it was a lazy day. Lucy continues to progress each day. She is recovering so quickly it amazes me. She will see the vet again on thursday to get her stitches out.This is a picture of Lucy and her brothers Harley and Trace sleeping with me on the chaise lounger her favorite place.
  13. Lucy Card

    I didn't want to leave Lucy alone at home so I took her to church with me she layed in her bed on my lap the entire time. After service was over I took her outside and she surprised me by walking around the building sniffing and exploring and stopped to go potty twice. This was the first time she pooped since her surgery and I think the Liver meals helped. Her tongue and gums are looking better. She has been napping since we got back from church I think her long walk tired her out but it was so good to see her sniffing out the grass at the church. She was standing in the living room and her brother Trace bumped into her but she was able to remain standing and didn't fall over. I see her strength returning each day. Thanks for the heads up about the soft stools from the liver.
  14. Lucy Card

    Lucy loved her dinner of calves liver she ate every bite. I was kind of worried she might not eat it but then I remembered back into my childhood when I was 5 or 6 years old my Mom would make Liver and onions for my Dad and I would give mine the my standard poodle named Sissy. She loved eating what I didn't like. I only gave her the meat not the onions. I am so thankful Lucy is doing so well. I thought it might take her alot longer to get back up on her feet. But she surprised me today. I actually was dreaming about how she was going to get herself thru the doggie door but she just pushed her head thru then balanced on her back legs while getting her front leg thru and on the ground outside and then just hopped thru.She is tottally amazing she dosen't seem to me in much pain today either. she is sleeping next to me right now on the chaise while I'm on the computer just as if nothing has changed.
  15. Lucy Card

    Last night Lucy was moving around on my bed and I was afraid she would fall off the edge so I put her down on my floor. My door was left open and some time in the lmiddle of the night she walked herself out to the living room and hopped up on my chaise lounger she loves to sleep on it. I got up in the middle of the night and found her sleeping there. When I got up this morning she was not where I last saw her last sleeping and I went looking for her and she had managed to get herself out the doggie door and was laying out underneath the tree. She is eating well and making good progress everyday. I talked to the vet today and I was advised to feed her beef or chicken liver to boost her iron since her gums and tongue are pale. Lucy just went back outside again. That was her favorite place before her surgery she would spend hours laying out in the back yard.