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  1. Cindy, I rarely post on this forum, but I have been following all the PINs here at IMOM over the years including both of your boys. While people may not post, they are always reading your updates on your boy and I have been very appreciative that you regularly updated us on how your boys were doing. Your love and devotion to Justice and his needs has been so heartwarming. I am so sad to hear your news tonight, my heart is breaking for you. I am saying a prayer for you both tonight and tomorrow. Gentle hugs to you both. -Teri
  2. Sophy Quintana - ALL FUNDS RAISED

    I'll take some of that challenge! Just donated $50 to help Sophy.
  3. Bella Driehorst

    Do you have any connections with the Boxer breed community that might want to help if they knew a Boxer was in need? Most breed groups are really good about helping one of their own.
  4. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    That's wonderful news!!!!! Yay Lily!!!! Thank you for posting pics, she's so pretty! Looking forward to hearing about the happy homecoming!
  5. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Fantastic news!! So happy for Lily and her family!!!
  6. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    YAY!!!! Well done, everyone!!!! Thank you for letting us know, Vicky! Lily's Mommy, please keep us posted on Lily!
  7. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Okay everyone, they can get her into surgery right away, but its up to us to get her there! C'mon Angels, this sweet baby needs us - we can do this!!!
  8. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Lily's Mommy, once the funds are raised, how quickly will they be able to get her into surgery?
  9. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    As someone who is blessed to share her life with two sweet Cavaliers, Joey and Sadie, your story has really touched me. I have shared on Facebook and Twitter and also added another $50 donation. Sending prayers that Lily gets the surgery she needs quickly. ((( hugs )))