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  1. Ceasar Dunn Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    I am so sorry to hear this sad news, you both are in my thoughts!
  2. Ceasar Dunn Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    Oh my goodness, I am SO happy for you both!!!! I keep thinking about your little family, I am so relieved that it is happening for you! You are such a dedicated mommy, things are going to start getting better everyday! Good luck little Caesar! Brooke & Saki
  3. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Oh goodness, this is the first day I have signed in on my home computer. I have been faithfully making updates with my phone but they don't seem to be posting. This has been a very busy week with school and trying to catch up and take care of Saki. We have all been VERY tired. Today was a very good day though. Saki has began to have more control over his bladder and he was finally able to defecate. I think he is starting to feel better. His physical therapy is going much better today, he is able to stand a few seconds longer when placed. The sun came out for a little this evening so I took him outside for some fresh air. After positioning a towel under his belly and lifting- Saki took off running! I could barely keep up while we followed my other dog, Suki around the yard. Every time we stopped I positioned Saki so he could stand on his own. He had a lot of fun, starting to see that excited look in his eyes again! One day at a time... hope everyone in the IMOM community is doing well today!
  4. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Thank you Judy! Saki is a tough little guy and he is trying to urinate on his own. He has been VERY thirsty since he came home, he has downed about three whole bowls of water! The reality is that Saki is still paralyzed so he does not have full control. We are working on getting a system in place while he heals. I have covered his memory foam bed with plastic under a layer of blankets and he has a little washable diaper for cuddling. At this point he is about 50/50. The good news is Saki is outwardly expressing signs that he is aware that he needs to urinate (albeit that second). When I take him outside and pick his hind end up he knows it is time. His little tail pops up and he is able to urinate more. My instructions are to monitor his activity and express the bladder as needed. I should note that this is a very serious improvement! I was told healing would be slow... a week to months... but when I stand him up, he is supporting his own weight! I have been cheering him on and he looks so excited! We have that "Saki" look of excitement back in his eyes! This has been an emotional roller coaster, I am just so happy to have my baby home. I think I really understand for the first time how a mother feels about her young-- I feel like a mother bear that would go to any length to protect her baby. I am starting to feel a little bit less out of sorts now that he is home and I can take care of him. Thank you so much for checking up on us!!
  5. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    SAKI IS HOME!!!! I am very pleased to announce that Saki is home and doing well! Dr. Benitez and Elizabeth at KSU took very good care of my little guy but he got pretty excited to see our car and get in! Suki was spinning circles and jumping for joy when we arrived but he was very careful not to jump on Saki. We sat outside in the grass while the sun was setting. I gave Saki one of his favorite bones and he quickly settled in and went to town on it. He ate a good dinner and drank lots of water now he is napping in his bed at my feet. Since Saki's cyst was so abnormal, the doctors don't have much information to predict his success. Although he is still technically a paraplegic, when his hind end is lifted, he will stand for a short time!! Physical therapy 4 times a day for the next eight weeks will hopefully aid in his recovery. The doctors are very positive with their outlook since every time they take Saki outside and pick up his back legs- he is off like a wheelbarrow race! A very good sign indeed that my little sled dog (him and his brother like to try to pull me when they have their halter/leashes on at the trailhead when we are cross country skiing) is back!! I will keep posting about his progress, I love to hear about everyone else's journey to recovery as well!
  6. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Sounds like you have an entire family of achievers, congrats to Zoe and Maddy! Thank you for checking up on us, Saki made it home tonight, he is pretty darn excited to be here!! He ate a good dinner, chewed on his bone for awhile and now he is snoozing in his bed at my feet. We have a long road ahead but it is really good to hear the good news from those of you who are a few steps ahead!
  7. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Just checking in, met with the surgeon and our senior vet student this afternoon. The CT/Mylogram combo was the ideal way to see the cystic fluid. For approximately 3 vertebrae the spinal cord was not visible whatsoever. That being said, they are very happy with Saki's progress: he is hungry and has a good attitude. I was not able to see him, but I get to pick him up tonight!! They are doing everything they can to keep the bill from spilling over. Very lucky to have so many people looking out for us! Brooke
  8. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Thank you! I agree, I'm really excited to get him home! His eyes got so big when they were carrying him away from me last night. I am meeting with the surgeon this afternoon and he is cleared to pick up at 6:30 tonight. How are you, Maddy and Zoe holding up?
  9. Ceasar Dunn Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    How are you and Ceasar holding up today? A new week full of new hope!! Brooke
  10. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Thank you Kyle, I will be very happy to have him home with me tomorrow night! He usually sleeps in his bed by my feet when I am studying, it has been really strange without the little guy.
  11. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Chowing down at the vet. I hope this picture isn't to graphic, I think you guys can handle it though. Suki was pretty excited to go on an adventure and see his brother! Brooke
  12. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    We just returned from visiting Saki. It was sad to leave him there, but I know he is in good hands. Overall, they are very happy with his progress-- he was moved out of the ICU this afternoon. Saki is showing some cognitive attempt at urination and when his hind end is elevated and legs put in place he is standing on his own volition for a short time! I was very surprised when they told me that Saki can come home tomorrow night as long as he remains stable and I am comfortable expressing his bladder at home. Very exciting news! We are looking for some nice open kennels, a pack and play and a stroller to retrofit so he can remain part of the action! It was very difficult to see my baby with his entire back and leg shaved and twenty staples joining the skin along his spine. His breathing was affected by the tube down his throat so he is a little wheezy today, but all of that will pass with time. Our student (Saki is at Kansas State University teaching hospital) brought in his pain pill and fed them to him disguised in some baby food. Saki was pretty stoked and gobbled it down! Thank you so much everyone who has been checking on us and helping out, it really means the world to know that there are people out there who understand and have so much love in their hearts! Brooke
  13. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Suki is also REALLY excited to see Saki! Brooke
  14. Saki - Dogs Needs Neurosurgery ASAP

    Thank you so much for your donation and words of encouragement. The kindness of strangers has completely overwhelmed me. I am in shock and so thankful! Thank you for all you do!! Brooke & Saki & Suki