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  1. Yoda Giles

    Thank You, Brittany. We are doing pretty darn well! Yoda is on a urinary-diet food (Royal Canin "S/O"?). He is eating well, and spends a lot of time on my lap; he is even playing more each day. He is my baby, and even though Gypsy Girl (his sister) is learning how to take care of this old Disabled Veteran, she will never replace Yoda. He seems to know what we went through - he spends a lot of time giving me kisses and grooming (kissing) my arms. Thanks for your support & concern. Danny
  2. Saddle and Roxanne

    Roxanne I read the wrong posting; just read that Saddle has gone to a better place. I'm apologize for my other e-mail. I hope you will forgive me. I am so sorry that Saddle is gone, but would encourage you to get another pet - NOT a replacement; Saddle could never be replaced in your heart, but you need to have another friend. They contribute so much to our lives, and you sound like you would be a good "mom" to just about any friend in need of a good home. God Bless Danny
  3. Saddle and Roxanne

    Hey Roxanne I want to check on Saddle, and you too. Please know that you are now affiliated with some of the most awesone pet lovers in the world. You stay strong, and don't give up on him. If you need someone to "talk" with, I/we are here. Imom helped save my baby, Yoda's life. Please let us know how he is doing. (Oh yeah, you too!) ha ha Danny_G
  4. YODA Update

    Thank You, Judy. I want to tell the world what a blessing imom has been to us. I am 1/2 Cherokee, and through my research, have found out that the Cherokee people treated thier pets just like family; they even mourned thier death. I guess that's why all my babies are so important to me. I make friends with (most) animals quite easily. It is said that animals know who loves them & who they can trust, I believe that because of my own experiences with animals. I pray for animals just as much as I do humans. God Bless! Danny
  5. Hello, Everyone I finally got my e-mail working in our new home. I want to thank everyone that has been praying for, and thinking about, my baby boy - YODA. He is doing fantastic! His surgery went very well, and he is acting like he is fully recovered. I am still limiting his jumping & running - just in case. I want everyone at imom to know that they have saved my baby's life, and made my life brighter by their generosity. I am going to try to attach a picture to this e-mail; just so everyone can see who's life they saved. Yoda has been teaching his sister, "Gypsy Girl" how to take care of me. When I am having nightmares, they both come to my side, and cuddle & kiss me to let me know that everything is okay. He has even taught Gypsy to raise her feet when we put her harness on. I guess he figures since he is 13 yrs. old, he needs to pass the responsibility of caring for me on to her. Without the help of imom & Red Rover, Yoda would have died, and taken a very big bite out of my happiness; even my life. Thank You All, & thank God for your compassion. Magic would be proud of you all!
  6. Yoda Giles

    I (LaNett), my husband (Danny), Yoda, and on behalf of all animal lovers every where, want to thank all the Donors, and all the team members at IMoM again for all you have done. We cannot express our appreciation enough for what you all have done for Yoda. We thank God for all of you and may he Bless You All for what you have done. If without everyone working together Yoda "Our Baby Boy" would not have this chance to live. We will never forget what all of you have done to help Yoda; in the future, if possible we will do for you, as you have done for us. Yoda goes in for surgery tomorrow morning, he has to be there at 10:30 am, we will keep you all informed on his surgery, and recovery, please keep him in your prayers tonight & tomorrow. Thank You So Much!!!!! God Bless!!! LaNett, Danny & Yoda
  7. New to imom

    Hey sheri62 Don't give up hope; my ShihTzu, and best friend for 12 years is also seeking help. One thing I have learned is that the volunteers at imom are very passionate about helping our best friends. Your friends are in my prayers! DannyG
  8. New to imom

  9. Yoda Giles

    Hi, I am Danny Giles, and am happy to be a new member of the imom community. I want to assure everyone that the volunteers at imom are passionate about saving our best friends. For the las week, I have been frantically trying to get help for my "baby boy", YODA. Let me interrupt myself right here to explain something: When you e-mail imom, please don't do like I did, and send frantic e-mails. The volunteers have been wonderful! I am a Disabled American Veteran; I served my country for 9 years, and my baby, Yoda has served me for 12! He now needs surgery to remove stones from his bladder, and I have accomplished more in the last day or two, than I did in a whole week of frantic e-mials. Everyone, pleae know that I pray for our best friends everyday; even before Yoda got sick. I look forward to visiting with my fellow pet lovers. I am moving to Roseville, CA next weekend. Until then, I am using my daughter's e-mail address. May God bless America, her sons & daughters serving, and lets all pray that he will bless our nimals.