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althea and snoop

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  1. What I learned from an old shelter cat

    Thanks Kay!! good to see you!! I fixed the link in my post, for some reason it wasn't working. I really think I was the lucky one, to have found Snoopy and to have had the honor to care for him. I need to work on his site, but everytime I go thru the photos and stories I have, I get too emotional and need to take a break. Hard to believe he's been gone four years. I did adopt another older shelter cat, hadn't really planned to, but she insisted!! Her name is Raven. She's all black and like most black cats, has a unique purrsonality! They called her a "chubby grumpy ol girl" at the shelter, many of the volunteers were afraid of her. (I did NOT know this when I adopted her LOL) Not sure of her age, somewhere in the early teens, is my guess. One of the volunteers was very fond of her, and even wanted to adopt her, but her husband said they had too many pets already. This volunteer has come to visit her twice! which is really super- I'm so glad she had someone special at the shelter looking out for her, she was there for four months before I adopted her. And she's not really *that* grumpy, she just knows what she wants- and doesn't want. Unfortunately, she doesn't warn you when you've pushed her too far, so I have to let the vet and vet techs know that. Fortunately, however, she'll put up with a LOT *and* she has learned that there is a treat after medication or ear cleaning or nail clipping, and she is a girl who LOVES to eat, so that helps She's got a crumpled up ear from untreated ear mites that needs special care, and she has food allergies and asthma; nothing we can't handle. I'm blessed to have her in my life, as well. I have a nice feline family of three now, and they will probably be "it" for the rest of my life, as I'm getting older and want to be sure I'm around for all my "kids". My youngest is soon to be 7. Who is in your family now?
  2. This is Snoopy's legacy and his gift to me: What I learned from an old shelter cat Keep your heart open for when love comes your way. Live in the moment. Cherish every day. Time only moves forward, and flies by so fast, so don't carry the burdens and wounds of the past. If you receive comfort in big things or small, Accept it, enjoy it, be grateful, that's all! Be bold and be brave and you'll have no regrets but most of all, take all the naps you can get! (to read more of Snoopy's story visit: http://www.freewebs.com/catnap_creations/ )
  3. The adventures of Cody

    oh i have been away far too long!! Cody looks so adorable with his paw on that plate, i agree with Laurie, looks like he's telling you just exactly where to put more turkey!! I'm so happy to see that he's doing pretty darn good for an old boy- gee, how old is he now? a testament to the wonderful care he's gotten, for sure, that he's still going strong after all he's been thru. truthfully i was afraid he'd left for the Bridge already. i've come back here to the forum a few times briefly, but when i saw how many cats whose stories i'd been following, had passed on, it was just too sad to read any more. so it's wonderful to see that Cody is ok. and how are you doing Tracy? i had out a stack of photos of Snoopy (aka BJ) yesterday to show my daughter's boyfriend, and thought of you. I'll have to get those photos scanned, they are ones no one's been able to see because they're not digital. Snoop sure crammed a lot of good living in a short period of time! and he wouldn't have had any time at all if it wasn't for IMOM and you and the donors who got him the medical care he needed. i am still so very grateful for that. that boy really changed my life well, enough about me and my boy! this is Cody's thread, but i did want to stop in and say hi. i got a notice that the thread was still active and had to check it out right away!! blessings to you and Cody and your family, hugs althea and the "kids" (nell, sheldon and raven) (sara snoopy and mickie in spirit)
  4. The adventures of Cody

    hi tracy and cody just checking in to see how you and your fighter of a boy are doing, glad to hear he's eating so well. i remember several years ago, you telling me about how cody gets into the blinds to soak up the sun ok i just have to ask, what does grody mean???? hugs althea and snoopy
  5. The adventures of Cody

    Hi Tracy and Cody!! i know i've been away a long time, but my goodness!! you and your dear and now somewhat sweeter? boy have been thru a lot! i only read a bit of the first page of this thread and my head is spinnning! i am so sorry that Cody has added so many new problems to those he had before! i wont ask a lot of questions that you probably have already answered in this thread but will try to read up when i get a chance. for those who may be wondering just who the heck *i* am, Tracy was the caseworker for my beloved boy Snoopy (aka BJ) who went to the bridge in 2004. she got us thru some really tough times. will try to stop in again from time to time. i lost my old girl Mickie last month- she was just 3 mos shy of 20 yrs old! so she had a good long life. miss her, of course, but then i still miss my boy Snoop. you sure have your hands full there with your boy! he could not have a better catmom!! hugs althea with cats nell and sheldon, sara, snoopy and mickie in spirit)
  6. this is about the sickest most twisted thing i have ever read i was checking this forum to get more information to pass on to the ppl i run into that do not understand the value of spay/neuter i never expected to come across this like Kim i could go thru point by point to respond to the idiotic comments but why waste the time... this really really upsets me: "And I am WELL aware of the population problem with dogs and cats. I NEVER SAID I was going to breed her irresponsibly. She was a PUREBRED dog, one I paid good money for, and had people interested in pups from her in the future after she was done doing some competition." yup that pretty much sums it up- "i paid for this dog, dammit, and she better earn her keep and give me some pups to sell" damn backyard breeders.... SHE HAD THE MONEY TO BUY THIS DOG and planned to breed her, but she couldn't provide the care she so desperately needed??? incredible. oh yeh, but don't accuse HER of breeding irresponsibly!! oh no, wait, don't accuse her of 'saying' that she'd breed irresponsibly - ie: ADMITTING that was exactly what she planned to do. no she lied about that...else how would she have gotten any money from people who really CARE about animals??? i can't imagine what she thinks RESPONSIBLE breeding is.... she doesn't know a thing about the heat cycle of the dog?? she wants to breed but doesn't know the serious danger to the pups and esp the mom if any pups are retained? OMG what a horror for that poor girl- it just makes me sick. physically sick. Dear Ashley, you deserved so much better!!! you gave everything you had to give, including your life our hearts break for you and all that you went thru so needlessly. we know that an angel will come for you at the bridge , not the person who failed you so miserably, but one of the many who know just how precious a girl you are. perhaps that angel is with you already enjoy your new life fully, you have more than earned your wings sweet girl
  7. Casey Tudisco

    (((Patricia))) i am so very sorry to learn about Casey!! last time i checked in she was doing well, had even gained wt. what a terrible shock that she went downhill so fast she was so very lucky to have you for her mom!! i know that terrible ache to hold her one more time, but remember she is always with you. i hope it is not too long before your sorrow fades and you are able to think of her and smile some thru your tears, thinking of all that you did together and all her special ways. my heart goes out to you althea and snoopy