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Tito Potens

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  • Interests playing with neighbor friends, jumping, pasta, & watching tv :)
  1. taking Tito for a run tomorrow...

  2. WOW! Tito is playing like a puppy today! :)

  3. Added a cute pic of Tito playing with a bone! So nice to see him up & about :)

  4. Tito

  5. Tito is doing great, but vomited today :( seems fine, probably gobbled his food too fast. Ill keep an eye on him & if anymore problems Ill call the vet.

  6. still slow to eat, but lil guy had 3 teeth pulled so understandable

  7. eating much better today, still a bit slow, but much better :)

  8. Tito is doing great today!

  9. Tito is doing great! Hes up & about more now, eating slowly but more & more. The eye discharge has stopped & swelling has gone down. Another appointment tomorrow at the vets, which I am sure they will be surprised on his recovery. Thank you IMOM for all your help!

  10. Tito Potens

    Tito is doing great after surgery, better than expected! He is swollen from the teeth extraction, but the eye is already looking much better & the discharge has stopped. He is very comfortable with his teddy & favorite blanket, sleeping quite a bit but getting up more & more. He has another appointment tomorrow at the doctors which Im sure even the vet will be surprised on how well he is doing. I want to thank the great people at IMOM for all their help. Tito was there for me when I had to fight cancer this past year & without IMOMs help I would have never been able to help Tito. I will donate money back as I can when I get back on my feet to help others in my position. What a great organization to help animals in need. Renee Potens
  11. Tito is doing very well after surgery, but is slow to eat, but is expected. He had 3 teeth extracted, one which was invading the optical cavity. Usually he will gobble down medicine in food, so it will be challenge to give him the pills :)

  12. Tito is home, poor lil guy, but he will be fine :)

  13. New Member

    glad you are getting the help. my Tito has the same but caught in time to not lose the eye. just dropped him off for surgery, waiting for the pick up call. hope you get the help soon.
  14. Cali

    hope you get the help you need!
  15. Well dropped off Tito for surgery... now just waiting for the pick up call