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  • Interests taking care of animals. Mine and others who need help.This is my calling. I get very angry when i see an animal not being taken care of.
  1. Too Late

    yall PLEASE READ. AND SEND HER CONDOLENCES. I FEEL HER LOSS AS I AM SURE MOST OF YALL ANIMAL LOVERS DO. This IMOM Org. Helps alot but i do not know the details of her case. This is Gods will for her and her baby. Once again PLEASE READ. Thanx Pamees kitties Mom and SAMMIEs mom http://acttax492.blogspot.com
  2. This is FLOP after the accident. More pics on the way.She is VERY lucky to be alive.

  3. Oz Hill

    I have been thinking alot about Oz Thank God for IMOM helping him.
  4. what exacrly does prednisone do ?

  5. FLOP is doing well. She has slept all day. Time will tell.

  6. Flop has Asthma. She was put on Prednisone 1 per day for 2 weeks then 1/2 pill every other day. If she gets worse do not give any more pills and call Vet.ASAP.. So hopefully this medication will help her.

  7. FLOP goes to Vet. FINALLY this morning. PRAY FOR HER. Thank you

    1. Judy


      What is going on??? Been anxiously awaiting for you to post an update.

    2. bottlefedbabe


      she is still not breathing right. Vet said asthma. But then mentioned cardiomyopathy ---spelling?---he supposedly sent the paperwork to you. I have no idea what he wrote on it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW about the paperwork. She really needs to be seen again. But i have no money.

  8. so sorry about your baby. She will suffer no more. God knows what is best.

  9. i have 4 cats. Flip.FLOP.Shoe...the sisters and Gizzy a beautiful stray calico i brought home.