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  • Location saint petersburg florida
  • Interests I am disabled so there is not much i can do. i do like my garden when i can get to it.....and i love to read about peoples cats and pets.....
  1. tj hopper

    what excellent furbabies you have lol i love cats so much and knowing all these people love their cats makes me cry everytime.......
  2. tj hopper

    i wish i could get me on treadmill tee hee. my cats will not tolerate any commands so mine would not either ha ha cute.....
  3. tj hopper

    [attachmentid=2785]lol i envy that precious must of been precious. my cats will not tolerate meds or confinement......tj especially he is so claustophobic and so dramatic.my friends cat could care less about anything. you can do or put whatever on and he just goes along with a yawn.lol cats can be amazing creatures. dogs too i have a dog and they are amazing too.i just love cats a lot more than anything...... have a great day all.
  4. Sheba Amrose -

    [attachmentid=2745]well that is super. we are so thrilled for you. tj did not wear his ecollar when he had a tumor removed..... wow he would always find a way to get out. houdini. so i got a paper plate and slit it from side to middle. than i cut alittle around the middle a hole in center. put it on tj folded up the sides and stapled it together. voila a tj ecollar. he did not mind it so much. it wasnt as heavy either....... e collar is very important but you can make own lol........ congrads to you for being a wonderful fur mommy..i have a big box of kleenex next to my computer for this site..... what a wonderful place. i wish my camera wasnt broke when i had tjs e collar on........i never did get photos bummer
  5. Tigger Cope had a vaccine sarcoma

    tj and i are in tears what a wonderful happy ending. i am so proud of this group.
  6. tj hopper

    [attachmentid=2725][attachmentid=2723][attachmentid=2724]yeah i fixed my camera AGAIN lol .Now i can share more pics of tj after his surgery..... sorry it took so long but boy ,my camera is junk .The first pic is tj before any surgery, The next is right after stitches came out..... the next pic is tj today..... it is so amazing the happiness i see in tjs eyes....... Before and after pics yeah. more to come while my camera is working i better get busy lol....tjs thanks all of you for everything.
  7. tj hopper

    i broke my camera AGAIN! so i have no after photos yet. i will have. tj went to get his nose checked. dr duncan says he is doing beautifully. he has sneezes as well as other cats in house. dr duncan told me to give all my cats lysine 500 mg 2 times a day. yeah right. tj will not tolerate pills or confinement so this has been an adventure. but i did as told with scratches to prove it.... the hissing that went on. but 4 days later no cat is sneezing anymore. who knew a human supplement lysine..... something about amino acids. i will be back with after photos he is so beautiful now........thank you all so much for the love and support here.....
  8. Cowboy Black

    wow yeah for your new bckyard. we have a big yard but tj does not go out. good for cowboy paws and furrs to you
  9. tj hopper

    tj is really improving and he looks wonderful. a scab on his little nose. but he is really swell thank you all once again.
  10. tj hopper

    no tj did not get it off. it really was not as heavy as the dreaded "E COLLAR". so it did not bother him as much. he has another appointment monday. dr duncan wants me to watch his nose closely to make sure no more bumps appear...he is a bully now. tj is really doing great..... he sends his furs purrs and paws.
  11. tj hopper

    tj is a trooper i had more of a stressful time than him. he is up to shinanigans he hasnt done in years. he opens my entertainment center than goes in and closes it behind him..... how clever of him lol.... i really love him thank you all so much. i just can not say it enough.
  12. tj hopper

    tj had stitches out today. the vet says his nose is still alittle raw. i have to keep an eye on it and go back in tues hopefully for final check........ thank you so much angels for all the support and help you gave tj and i. i will be posting agin soon.
  13. tj hopper

    back from vet with tj hopper. he had a hemongiasarcoma but they are preety sure 95% that they got it all at surgery. they were bewildered of where the tumor was on nose. he will have stitches out on sat. she wants to give it a few more days.... he does have an ear infection though which is from tumor removal. she will put him on antibiotics sat if it does not clear up on its own. she feels it will. thank you all so so so so much.
  14. tj hopper

    my appointment is for 1020 am. it is fibrosarcoma. i found another lump on tjs spine the vet will check it all tomorrow. still worry cancer is a scary and heartwrencing word.I never heard of it but from what i am reading in my merck manual is that it seems to vaccine related.....???????? i will know lots more tomorrow when dr duncan tj and i have our consultation..... i will take advice as best i can. tj means so much to me and i do not know if i can handle this quite yet,.but lord shall do what is best.
  15. tj hopper

    lol so true. well, i do not know how bad or good the news i just got is. dr duncan tjs vet called to tell me that tjs tumor was a sarcoma and we will discuss it more when we meet tomorrow. i never heard of it. she said it was her first case but all seems okay. more tests . will know more tomorrow. now i am scared.....but am told to wait til tomorrow before i fret.poor t......