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  1. Samantha Custard

    She was having a tough road to recovery trying to heal from surgery and get her diabetes under control. She is doing well. We are so grateful to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Over the last week or so, I have seen the last few pets that you all have helped. It is truly amazing what you all do!!!!
  2. Samantha Custard

    Thank you again everyone. Thank you so much for keeping Samantha in your thoughts. You don't know how much it is appreciated. The IMOM organization will stay a part of our hearts and we will continue to give you all updates.
  3. Samantha Custard

    Thank you so much for all those who helped us with Samantha. I tried posting on Friday, but I guess the post got lost when she was moved to the "All Funds Raised" forum. I wanted to tell everyone that she is resting comfortably. It is truly amazing how many people can come together to help a pet in need. All of the assistance that we received is much appreciated. We know that it was a combination of monetary donations, prayers, online outreach, great veterinary care, and Tammy coordinating all the IMOM efforts that made each step more possible. All the IMOM Angels, are truly angels! I spent a lot of time in this, and other forums, and have seen the wonderful work that you do. Thank you again! The Custards
  4. Samantha Custard

    Just wanted to let you know that Samantha is out of surgery and resting. Thank you so much to all the angels that were involved in the fundraising. Whether you provided monetary support, prayers, or outreach to other sources, we want you to know that we appreciate all that you do. IMOM is such a great organization that is filled with volunteers and members that truly care about pets and their owners. Thank you again. The Custards
  5. Samantha Custard

    Thank you to you all! Samantha is in surgery! We are keeping her in our prayers. Thank you to this wonderful community of people that have opened their hearts and wallets to our little girl....and so many others. I have been on this forum a lot in the last 24 hours and have read so many stories of pets that were provided important medical care because of the kind donations of others. It is so great to see how many wonderful people are out there. Dorothy and Frank Custard
  6. Samantha Custard

    Lisa_O.... wow! thank you so much. Dorothy
  7. Samantha Custard

    Thank you Judy! Based on what time they left, she should be to the clinic soon to see her doctor today. I soon as I know something I will let you all know. We are sending ALL of you lots of thanks, love, and appreciation! Dorothy
  8. Samantha Custard

    Judy, Thank you. Yes she will be staying at the clinic this morning. They actually just got to my house to get her and are on the way back with her to have the doctor assess her current condition. We live a little ways from the clinic so she should be back there in a little bit. They gotta drive careful because they are transporting precious cargo. Thank you ALL for all of the prayers and concern. We will continue to keep you updated. Thank you thank you thank you to Judy G. We truly appreciate it!! Dorothy and Frank
  9. Samantha Custard

    Thank you Judy and Jackie and all of the IMOM Angels. Samantha has really started to go down hill this morning. We are very worried about her since her decline has been rapid. The pet nurses are on their way to pick her up from us to be evaluted by the doctor this morning. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. As soon as she has been looked at by her doctor I will update you on on her present condition. She is trying so hard to hang in there and so are we. Thank you for all of the contributions towards her care. I know that not all contributions to Samantha's cause could be monetary, but all the prayers and good thoughts are being sent her way as well. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more news. Dorothy Custard
  10. Samantha Custard

    Thank you IMOM Angels for helping raise funds for Samantha's surgery and treatment. Please continue to put your feelers out for anything contribution that can be spared. We have put all of our savings into the treatment that she will need! She is also needing lots of after care that our savings is going towards with the help of the clinic that is going to be taking care of her. She misses us terribly while she is at the doctor's office...and we miss her. My husband and I have been unable to drive for a few years now, so one of Samantha's vet nurses picked her up from our house yesterday morning. She did not want to go. She wanted to stay with us, but I told her that she was going to get better. My husband has been worried about her as well. We don't want to lose her. Thank you Dorothy
  11. Samantha Custard

    thank you so much mikken and 4lucy. We really appreciate it!!! We are getting closer to having our baby back to her normal self. You guys are amazing!!! Give Daisy a big hug from us!!
  12. Samantha Custard

  13. Samantha Custard

    Please keep putting out the word for our Samantha! She desperately needs the surgery tomorrow! Since we are approaching the weekend, the procedure needs to be done tomorrow because can't do surgery over the weekend. She cannot wait until Monday for fund raising. Anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated. We missed having her with us today while she was at her doctor's office. She is next to us morning till night. Even though it was a little chilly today, I know that she would have enjoyed a romp around the yard while Frank and I drank our coffee. She missed her date with us in the living room watching the Today Show this morning as well. Matt Lauer is her favorite...and mine too! Where in the world is he?! I thought of her when Matt was visiting with the yodelling dog. I thought that he was so smart, but I know that Samantha would just think that he was showing off! She is pretty smart herself...she has trained US very well. I am keeping my spirits up and praying that the funds can be raised for our baby!!!!!!
  14. Samantha Custard

    Hello fellow animal lovers! My husband and I are kindly requesting your assistance with our little Samantha. She is in desperate need of surgery for a pyometra and to get things started to regulate her uncontrolled diabetes. We were unaware of her ailments until she became pretty ill a couple of days ago. She was just not acting herself and drinking lots and lots of water. Although her tail has never stopped wagging for us, her eyes tell us that she is just..."sick as a dog". Her doctor tells us that she is in desperate need of emergency surgery or we could lose her. They have helped us out with some of the initial things that need to be done, but the surgery is imperative. We are a retired couple living on a very low fixed income. She is our world and provides us with much joy. We provide for her, but this is something that is well beyond our financial means. Samantha is such a loving dog that is much more than a pet for us, but part of our family. We do not have any relatives that live near by, so she is all the extra company that we have. She loves to run and play outside...but is not doing much of this right now.... Please help us raise the funds so she can get the surgery she so desperately needs. My husband and I thank you in advance for any support that can be given. Samantha thanks you as well, and is sending a wet nose kiss all your way. Thank you Dorothy Custard