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Tracy IMOM

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  1. Oh, I am so relieved! That's such great news that Ginger had her surgery finally and pulled through OK. I am sending good thoughts for her continued recovery. Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  2. Hi everyone, Unfortunately, we were recently informed that the cost of Justice's Felbatol has increased $111 a month. It has been $430. It is now $541. Although he has enough in his account to carry him for a few months, we need to start seeking additional sponsorship so we can be sure that we'll have sufficient going forward. If you can contribute, please go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd If you prefer to donate directly from your PayPal account, please use paypal@imom.org as the address. Please specify GF - Justice Van Allen. One-time contributions as well as monthly sponsorships are always welcome. Thank you so much. Hi Cindy, It's so great to hear that Justice seems to be having a good day. How cute that must have been to see him play with his rubber hedgehog toy. I hope he has many more good days like this. Hugs, Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  3. OMG, what a beautiful, heartfelt post by Ginger's mom. And what fantastic pictures. This poor kitty is in dire condition. Time is not on her side at all. This baby is only 2 years old. She's got a full life ahead of her with her loving family if she can get this surgery in time. Thank you so much to the generous angels who have already contributed, and thank you in advance to those who will or are considering a donation to help Ginger get her life-saving surgery. Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  4. The Bowers Six

    Wow, Lisa, that is awesome!!! Thank you!!! I'm so glad we're back and raising funds for spay/neuter. I've lost track of the number of cases of pyometra and other serious conditions we fundraised for in the past, that would not have occurred if the pets had been spayed/neutered. I used to work at a nonprofit cat shelter. Many people look forward to spring/early summer, but I dreaded that time of year. That was kitten season. And as much as I adore kittens, I knew there were always way more kittens than available homes for them, and never enough room in our crowded kitten center. But we did the best we could, and tried to spread the word about getting pets spayed and neutered. Thank you so much to everyone considering donating towards getting these pups fixed. Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  5. Big ((((HUGS)))) to you, Cindy, and Justice too. The kitties and I are sending birthday thoughts to sweet Tucker at the Bridge, and holding you in our hearts. Tracy, Dallas, and Phoenix
  6. Hi Cindy, I sure hope the change in diet helps Justice's tummy to feel better. I've got him in my thoughts. Hugs to you and your boy from me, Dallas, and Phoenix. Tracy
  7. Hi Cindy, Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts that Justice won't have any IBD flares. Hopefully getting off the styeroid will make all the difference. The boys and I are thinking of you and sending our love and warm thoughts. Hugs, Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  8. Hi Cindy, ((((BIG HUGS))) are continually on their way from me and the boys to you and sweet Justice. Like all the other IMOM friends, I too wish I could take away your pain and sadness, but I know that is not possible. You are being held very close to my heart. You, Justice, and angel Tucker have been in my thoughts constantly. Dallas and Phoenix send warm snuggles and purrs and lots of kitty kisses. Lots of love and hugs, Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  9. Cindy, I am so very sorry that Tucker has gone to the Bridge. My heart is broken for you. You always gave Tuckie the ultimate in love and care. He is whole and free again at the Bridge, with a huge contingent of our Bridge kids there to give him a warm welcome. Tuckie thoroughly wrapped himself around the hearts of so many, and he will always live on in our hearts and memories. Please take care of your self, and know we are here for you. Big, big hugs to you and Justice, Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  10. Cindy, (((Big HUGS))) to you, Tucker, and Justice. I'm sorry you didn't get the answers you had hoped to get. All paws are crossed here for the EPI test results to be what you want them to be. I am holding you close to my heart. Hugs, Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  11. Hi Cindy, You and Tuckie are in my thoughts today. The boys and I are sending warm positive thoughts and keeping all paws crossed that whatever is going on with Tuck is not too serious and is easily fixed. I'm glad he is at 6 days seizure-free. That''s great! Hope Justice joins him too. Lots of love and hugs, Tracy, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cody in spirit
  12. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Aww, that sounds so sweet! Reece sounds like such a nice snuggler. That's one thing I like about the winter - the fur baby snuggles. My boys like to burrow under the covers during the cool weather. I hope you all stay safe, and warm! Hugs, Tracy and the boys
  13. Hi Cindy, I'm really sorry that Justice had an intense grand mal. Poor kiddo :( Hopefully his hormone levels will level off, and he'll be back on the train very soon. Hopefully Tuckie can join him as well. Hugs from me and the kitty boys, Tracy
  14. Hi Cindy, I'm sorry that Justice is dealing with a double whammy, poor guy. I hope the melatonin works. Hopefully both boys will be feeling better for the weekend. I'm so glad that the boys are fully sponsored again. That will be one less worry for you. THANKS AGAIN angels!! You're right, we don't get snow out here, except up in the mountains, ~30-40 miles east of here. It probably sounds strange that our temp. hit 92 degrees yesterday. But it cools off in the evening - and this weekend, we're supposed to get rain. Our weather can be interesting Big hugs to you and the boys from me and mine. Tracy
  15. Update 11/14/13: Wow, IMOM angels work fast! The boys are once again Fully Sponsored!!! THANK YOU to our generous supporters! You are the reason we continue to be able to help these precious kids get the medication and care they need. We appreciate you all so very much. Sincerely, Tracy/IMOM