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  1. HGE

    Thank you Judy, i'm going to boil some chicken and mix with a little rice and see if he will eat.
  2. HGE

    He's on Hills ID and i've had to add Panacur Granules to the food for the last 5 days. He had appeared to be doing better, but yesterday he began to start withdrawing again, lethargic but he did eat and had a normal bowel movement, not much but it was firm not runny. Today he just wants to sleep, won't eat. His vet is not available today, I left a message with the answering service.
  3. HGE

    Munchie contracted HGE from the doggie park in my community. He became lethargic followed by coughing up blood, and bloody diarreha. The onset of this infection was rapid, he was upbeat and playful before our visit to the doggie area and within 2 hours he became very ill. I rushed him to the animal hospital closest to my home, where he was diagnosed with HGE. Munchie had to be aggressively treated with IV and antibiotics at the hospital for 3 days before he was allowed to come home. I am still following his treatments with antibiotics at home. He appeared to be getting better but is showing signs of a set back. Today he's not eating and does not want to move about much and is showing withdrawal. I'm so afraid my little boy won't recover. Please pray for Munchie.
  4. Hi, I'm Munchie's Mom

    Hello to all IMOM's i'm Ramona, and introducing my little boy Munchie. Munchie is an 11 year old shih tzu and the love of my life. I rescued him when he was only 11 months old so he's not my pet, but my son. The smartest little dude ever! He even saved my life when he was only 3 years old. After reading the story of magic, I had to take a few minutes to regain my composure before I could get it together to do an intro. I truly understand the feeling of loss and the love. I am so thankful to have found this site as a lot of people just don't understand the love we share for our pets. And I plan to be an active member.