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  1. Trixi Moeckel Labrador - Laryngeal Tieback Surgery

    ****UPDATE**** Trixie has received $260 in donations. But she still needs $1300 more. We are off to a great start, but Trixi really needs our help. According to her Mom, it takes her over an hour to catch her breath and breathe normally after coming in from outside. Image not being able to breathe for an hour after you do normal, essential tasks. It must be agony. But the good news is that we can make this stop. We can help Trixi get her breathing back to normal. She has learned how to live without being able to hear, but she can not learn how to live without being able to breathe. Let's help this little girl be able to get back to her life. To donate to Trixi, you can email paypal@IMOM.org or donate here http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd. Please be sure to mark your generous gift for Trixi Moeckel. Thank you for your support. Every dollar you donate will help save a life.
  2. Trixi Moeckel Labrador - Laryngeal Tieback Surgery

    Trixi sounds like such a sweet girl! Do you have any pictures you can post of her?
  3. Trixi Moeckel Labrador - Laryngeal Tieback Surgery

    ****UPDATE**** Trixi has received $60 in donations and still needs $1500 to reach her fundraising goal. Trixi's mom should be here shortly to post about Trixi. Hopefully we can get a picture or two as well. Please go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and make a donation for Trixi. You may also donate directly to paypal@IMOM.org. No donation is too small; every penny counts. Please, also be sure to share Trixi's story on your Facebook, Twitter, email, and any other social media that you use. You may have a friend who has been looking for just the right opportunity to make a charitable contribution, and Trixi may be just what they have been waiting for. As always, IMOM would like to thank each and every one of you who support IMOM and our Pets in Need (PIN) with both donations and moral support to our PIN parents. IMOM could not help these pets if not for you!
  4. Diesel Goodman

    Ron, Words can not express how sorry I am. I know you must be devastated but please know that you did everything you could to help your baby when he needed you the most. There is no way he could not have known how much you love him. Please know and take some comfort in that. You fought incredibly hard for him and did so with no selfishness and no holding back. I admire you greatly for that. Diesel will always be in our hearts and on our minds. And you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please take some comfort and peace in knowing that you really did everything you could for Diesel and you made all the right decisions and truly did what was best for him every step of the way. I'm sure Diesel is breathing easy now and watching over you hoping you know you did everything possible for him. Diesel has now been moved to "In Loving Memory" where he will always stay. Hugs and peace to you and your family, Jamie B.
  5. Hilary Jennings

    ****Fund Update: Hilary has $720 in donations and needs $272 as of 9:00 am CST 3/29/13.**** Thank you to those who have donated and wished Hilary well. Let's try to get to all funds raised today Angels, so Hilary doesn't have to wait another weekend to have her surgery. I know we can do it, because you are amazing. To donate to Hilary, please go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd or paypal@IMOM.org. Be sure to mark your donation for Hilary Jennings. IMOM's angels really are the most caring, generous, amazing people on the planet!
  6. Gizmo Wise

    Gizmo is a 4 year old Pomeranian that was bitten by another dog which caused proptosis, or eye dislocation. The only treatment for Gizmo is eye removal. Thanks to those of you who donate to our general fund, IMOM was able to pledge $500 to get Gizmo in for surgery right away. See what Gizmo's mom had to say about him: We don't have any pictures of Gizmo because his mom's computer crashed recently and she lost her pictures. Thank you so much for donating to our general fund. If it were not for these donations, Gizmo would have had to wait several days in severe pain to have his eye removed. To help other pets in immediate need, please go to http://www.imom.org/...tion/index.htm. You will see several different donation options there to help our pets in need. Thank you again for your support.
  7. Hilary Jennings

    Diagnosis: Sacroiliac Luxation Treatment required: Surgery Low end of estimate: $1153 Less applicant contribution: $200 Needed for low end of estimate: $953 4% for IMOM operating expenses: $39 Fundraising goal: $992 Spayed/Neutered: No. Will be done now Caseworker: Jamie B. ****Fund Update: ALL FUNDS RAISED!!!! 8:50 pm EST 3/29/13.**** Hilary is a 7 year old Bichon Frise who has a sacroiliac luxation. This is a very painful injury to the pelvis in which the joint that normally holds the pelvis onto the spine is torn loose and shifts out of place. Hilary has been injured for about three weeks now. She really needs our help to get the surgery she needs so she can lead a normal, pain-free life. According to Hilary’s mom: It was 11pm and Hilary was accompanying to take out the trash (a regular routine). That night a white cat dash from behind the trash can and Hilary went in pursuit into the street. The truck ran her over and the driver stopped look our way at us seeing what occurred he sped away. She has two fractures that severed her right hip bone. She desperately needs surgery. We don't have insurance. Hilary is our family. Please give what you can. Here’s Hilary To make a donation to Hilary, click here. Please include Hilary Jennings's name. If you prefer to donate directly from your PayPal account, please use paypal@imom.org
  8. Oreo Danczura

    I just received another email from Oreo's mom. She seems to be doing well today. I have asked her if their vet plans any further treatment. I will try to let you all know as soon as I know. That's if Oreo's mom doesn't beat me to it. I want to say a huge Thank you! to everyone who supported Oreo's family through this rough and uncertain time. And also, Thank you! to those of you who were able to donate to help Oreo. IMOM is able to do such fantastic work because of the caring, generous people who support our pets in need. I don't think we can ever say it enough, so thank you again!
  9. Diesel Goodman

    It is so obvious how much Diesel's family loves him. I think most of us can completely understand Diesel's dad's feeling of desperation and willingness to do anything for his baby. Let's try to keep him off that corner, because I have no doubt he will actually do it. I know it's still a little cool in some places, but go ahead and pull out your spring jackets and check those pockets for money that you didn't even know you had. Pull out your old purses and wallets and check to see if you have any "lost" money in there. Or do you have some older clothes in good condition you were going to donate to a charity? Take them to a thrift store that buys clothes back for a few dollars. Diesel is having a really hard time breathing and he desperately needs our help. If you don't have any extra money to donate, do you have any fundraising tips that Diesel's family could use to help him? Please go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and make a donation of any size to help Diesel Goodman.
  10. Diesel Goodman

    Poor Diesel! Angels, how about we skip that cup of coffee or lunch out today and give that $5 or $10 to help Diesel instead? I know we can do this. Please go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and be sure to note that your generous, much needed gift is for Diesel Goodman. If you prefer, you can donate directly to paypal@IMOM.org. Thank you so much Angels for your kind, generous support. It means the world to Diesel and his family.
  11. Diesel Goodman

    Diagnosis: Laryngeal collapse Treatment required: Surgery Low end of estimate: $2028 Less applicant contribution: $28 Needed for low end of estimate: $2000 4% for IMOM operating expenses: $80 Fundraising goal: $2080 Spayed/Neutered: Yes Caseworker: Jamie B. ****Diesel is at All Funds Raised!!!!!**** Diesel is a 7 year old neutered pug that has been diagnosed with laryngeal collapse. Diesel has already undergone nasal opening and soft palate surgery. Diesel’s owner has already paid $1700, but needs help getting Diesel the surgery he needs to save his life. Diesel means so much to his dad: Diesel has been my rock for the last 2 1/2 years as I am disabled and had no insurance. He never left my side even sleeping he has to be right up against me. In April of this year.i will be getting 5 vertebraes fused in my back & 2 knee replacements after the back surgery is completed as my right leg & foot are numb. I can’t imagine getting well without diesel at my side. The love we have is unbelievable.Please help. Meet Diesel To make a donation to Diesel, click here. Please include Diesel Goodman's name. If you prefer to donate directly from your PayPal account, please use paypal@imom.org
  12. FUND UPDATE: SAVANNA HAS $360 IN FUNDS AND NEEDS $471 MORE AS OF 11:150 am CST 3/15/13 There is still a matching challenge underway. That means every dollar donated up to $100 is doubled. Your $5 donation automatically becomes $10 or your $20 donations becomes $40 to get little Savanna into surgery as soon as possible. Donations can be made here http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd or directly to paypal@IMOM.org. Please be sure to note Savanna's name when you donate. Thank you so much for your support and donations.
  13. Oreo Danczura

    Fund update 03/13 1:15 pm CST- Oreo has $150 in donations and still needs $838 Thank you so much to every one who has donated to help Oreo. Every dollar can make a difference. Please go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and make sure to mark your donation for Oreo Danczura.
  14. Oreo Danczura

    Diagnosis: Intestinal foreign body Treatment required: Surgery Low end of estimate: $1000 Less applicant contribution: $50 Needed for low end of estimate: $950 4% for IMOM operating expenses: $38 Fundraising goal: $988 Spayed/Neutered: Yes Caseworker: Jamie B. Oreo is at ALLFUNDS RAISED! Oreo is a one and a half year old rat terrier with a foreign object stuck in her intestines. She needs to have surgery as soon as possible to remove the object. Oreo is not able to eat or drink right now. Here is what Oreo’s mom has to say about her: Oreo is a rescued dog. When we met her for the first time we fell in love with her right away. We noticed that her tail is broken and she is afraid of people. Every time we wanted to pet her she was scared of us. We had to gain her trust and we did after awhile. She is a very happy dog. She loves to play with us and be around our newborn son. She is very protective of all of us. We love her so much. Now, her illness breaks our hearts. Oreo is a big part of our family. We don't want her to die. Meet Oreo To make a donation to Oreo, click here. Please include Oreo Danczura's name. If you prefer to donate directly from your PayPal account, please use paypal@imom.org
  15. Remi Edwards

    ****Fund Update: Remi has $158 in donations and needs $1,626 **** as of 9:45 AM CST 3/9/13 Remi's vet was kind enough to offer another discount and the Montgomery County Humane Society donated $50 to the vet for Remi's care. So that brings us to only needing $1626. Thank you so much for supporting Remi and IMOM. Every dollar makes a difference. You can donate directly to paypal@IMOM.org or go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd Please make sure you designate your gift to Remi Edwards.