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  1. So very, VERY sorry. RIP, sweet one.
  2. I'll take some of that matching challenge!
  3. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Judy is right, that time limit is nothing more than an educated guess. My boy-pup has Wilson's disease (simply put, heavy metal poisoning, he cannot metabolize copper) and was given a 2-month death sentence. That was three years ago and he's still going strong. Every time my vet sees him, she says she can't believe he's still alive. I tell her, "I guess I'm just not done with him yet."
  4. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Now we all need to start praying!
  5. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Hugs to Capone!
  6. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Such a handsome boy!!
  7. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Bring on the dancing bananas!! The balance will be showing up in the PayPal account right...about...now!
  8. Princess Garcia - Shepherd with Abdominal Mass

    That thing is ENORMOUS and I'm praying it's benign!!
  9. Holding my breath and waiting for good news. I imagine this was a rather complicated operation!
  10. I'm not very good at arithmetic any more, but I think I see some dancing bananas on the horizon ;0
  11. Tabby: A Cat with Cancer in Her Ear

    Go take a peek in your PayPal account and let's get this little cat into surgery
  12. Tabby: A Cat with Cancer in Her Ear

    Bring out the dancing bananas
  13. My beloved Dylan

    (((Judy))) So very sorry :(
  14. Boi Boi Etheridge needs his leg amputated.

    My fur-kids just shook their piggy bank to get us a bit closer to getting Boi Boi taken care of.
  15. I have a sudden craving for bananas. i think you will find Yuki at all funds raised