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  1. Rose: dog needs surgery

    All, Today Rose passed at 2:00pm. I have lost my best friend!!! I Rose has been a blessing in my life and brought so much joy and happiness. I will miss her everyday! Thank you all for your support and love. RIP my Little Rose
  2. Rose: dog needs surgery

    Today, Rose has had a set back, 1 liter of fluid was removed from her today, and she was not looking as well as she did earlier this morning when I was there to visit and feed her. Judy, I took a bandana to Rose yesterday that I wear when I work or ride my motorcycle with my scent and she is wearing it The doctors are discussing an option of inserting a shunt into her, and that is another surgery. Rose did not have much of an appetite this afternoon when I went back to see her. Let's see how she does this evening and with prayers hopefully tomorrow she will be doing well and have some positive updates from the doctors. Thank you all for your continued support, and prayers Pete and Rose
  3. Rose: dog needs surgery

    All, Rose had her surgery yesterday, and after 3 1/2 long hours Rose was out of surgery and in recovery. The Vet told us her sodium level was low and would have to monitor and replenish with proper medication. This morning around 4:00 AM I received a phone call that Rose's blood pressure had dropped, when i heard those words my heart dropped. I was told that she was stablized but it was difficult to absorb all that and to think Rose was alone without me. I was informed that they stablized her . I went in this afternoon to see Rose and was told that she was going to need a transfusion , her Albumin was low ( Albumin is used to treat or prevent shock following serious injury, bleeding, surgery, or burns by increasing the volume of blood plasma. This medicine can also replace low blood protein.) and it would be costly! Our local newspaper San Diego Union Tribune did a story on Rose and I; the story was on how I did not give up and how I scrambled to get the money to save my dog. With the generous donations on IMOM.org Fundraiser at my friends bar and the help from family, friends and the community, Rose was able to get the transufsion. I was able to see her and feed her from my hand twice today Rose is fighting to beat this as I am fighting to get the money to save my dog. Rose will be in the hospital for the remainder of the week, and is still not out of the woods yet, but VAC doctors and their staff are doing a tremendous job on Rose as they are still giving love and attention to their other patients. Thank you all for your love and support Hugs and Paws Pete and Rose
  4. Rose: dog needs surgery

    Duncans Mom Thank you for your generours donation. Rose and I thank you!!
  5. Rose: dog needs surgery

    All, Rose had her surgery today at 12:30pm PST 3 1/2 hours she was in surgery. I took Rose in this morning and when doctor examined her had 2 liters of fluid in her lung cavity. Rose is resting and beign closely monitored
  6. Today Rose had her surgery, 3 1/2 hours. Rose will be in hospital until Thursday. Doctor has concerns with her sodium being low and will be carefully monitored.

  7. Rose: dog needs surgery

    All, Rose is at the VET she had another 2 liters of fluid in her. Her blood work looks good, with one exception her sodium is low. Rose is on IV and her surgery will be at 12:00 pm PST. Vet estimates 11/2 and then I will get a call from VET with update on how surgery went. I received a call from FACE4PETS and they have contributed $500.00. I can't thank everyone enough for your support! I will update as soon as I hear from the hospital. Pete and Rose
  8. Rose: dog needs surgery

    Judy, It is 7:40 am here in California, I will be taking Rose in this morning, the Vet has her scheduled tentitvely for this morning they open at 8:00 am California time. I will update you on what is going on as soon as I return home, or have someone log on for me and give updates Thank you for your support Pete and Rose
  9. Rose: dog needs surgery

    All, Last nights fundraiser was unbelievable, with everyones support we were able to raise $562.00. Today Rose will be going to her Vet and her surgery is scheduled for today. This weekend Rose's appetitie improved. FACE4Pets called after denying assistance saying they want to know how much money has been raised. Rose and I are hoping they will help with the balance. Thank you IMOM and your members, for your support I will update you when I return from taken Rose.
  10. Rose: dog needs surgery

    Pam, Rose and I thank you for your geneours donation from you and in memory of your Colby, Tillington, Madison, Wisham and Blythe. I know you understand how the bond we have with our beautiful children. Rose is a fighter and with everyones well wishes and support she will beat this. I will keep you updated on her post op and her recovery. Again we thank you for your love Love Pete and Rose
  11. Rose: dog needs surgery

    Great turn out at the fundraiser thank you to all who have supported on IMOM and in San Diego Thank you Pete and Rose
  12. Rose: dog needs surgery

    I will be signing off for a few hours. Leaving for Rose's fundraiser. I will update when I return this evening. Pete and Rose
  13. Rose: dog needs surgery

    Rose has just had a 2nd feeding today. Yeah! she finished her food... Rose knows she needs her strength for tomorrow !!
  14. Rose: dog needs surgery

    THE ROSE KIERNAN BENEFIT 710 Beach Club will be hosting a benefit for my dog Rose TODAY, 7/10, between 4-8pm "Drink Specials" $3 Domestic Drafts and $3 Wells From 4-7PM "Silent Auction" for a 5-day trip to Lake Tahoe!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!ALL DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to raise $4,500.00 for her surgery….PLEASE HELP If you cannot make the benefit, but want to donate, please call me: Pete 619-701-8872 710 Beach Club is located at 710 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach, 92109 next to Crystal Pier
  15. Rose: dog needs surgery

    Judy, Thank you and IMOM for your support and positive thoughts. I will keep you updated on the fundraiser, and for all you San Diego friends, we will see you at 710 beach club in a few hours. Thank you to all!! Pete and Rose