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  1. Hi everbody. I'm Summit's Mom, Meaghan

    First I had gotten a B12 complex liquid. Came home and read that it was the wrong form (cyanocobalamin) and that I needed the methylcobalamin. Only place I could find it and get it right away was a local health food store. They are lozenges so I crush them and mix them into the wet food. I guess we'll see if it works, if not hopefully the vet has something to treat it. Really looks like he's in pain when he moves around. Poor lil guy.
  2. Hi everbody. I'm Summit's Mom, Meaghan

    Kim, I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I read that Methyl B12 helps some cats, so he's been taking that for a few days now. Haven't seen any improvement as of yet, and not sure the Methyl B12 is going to do it just mixed in his food and I'm sure it takes time. He may need injections or maybe there is some kind of medication for it. And you're absolutely right about that...the people who don't understand, that is exactly what I tell them "Would you want someone to give up on you and let you die if there was something they could do to treat your illness?" SHUTS EM RIGHT UP! lol
  3. Hi everbody. I'm Summit's Mom, Meaghan

    YAY! Finally got a picture of Summit, but he just so happen to yawn for you guys as I took it...lol Didn't want to pester him too much with the flash, but I'll get another one and change it once Summit is feeling a little better.
  4. Hi everbody. I'm Summit's Mom, Meaghan

    Well I've gotten some GREAT NEWS! I literally wrote a letter explaining mine and Summit's situation to about 10 different vets in the area trying to find someone who'd be willing to treat Summit and work with me to give him an exam, fill out the forms, and give me a written estimate to get Summit on back on his feet until we can get back on our feet financially. I received a response today telling me the visit is $55 and they are willing to work with me and I don't need all of the money to bring him in!!! And, along with good news, usually comes bad, our car broke down this morning. When it rains it pours, right! geesh! Anyway, my husband seems to think it is something he can fix by himself today and hopefully we can get Summit in to see the vet as soon as possible. I'm hoping I can bring him in tomorrow morning or maybe even tonight depending on the car and the vet's hours. Also, wanted to keep everyone posted on how he is doing. He seems to be hanging in there. In my first post I explained that I was able to get him some Lantus and a meter to start "trying" to get his glucose levels down. I however am not a vet nor have I gotten any advise from one yet, so I really don't want to give him too much and put him into hypoglycemic shock which could put him in a coma and possibly kill him. So I've just been giving him very small doses to try to lower it without getting him too low. He's been in the 220-320 or so range which is still high, but not nearly as bad as he was. He also seems to be having a lot of pain in his back legs which (I think) is a nerve problem related to sky high glucose levels. It causes him to walk on his hocks instead of his paws and his legs slide out from underneath him. It is treatable. It just breaks my heart seeing him have such a hard time making it just to his food and the litter box. When I test him I have to pick him up and put him on the bed and it's like the good ol' days when he would ALWAYS be on our bed. Just trying to take one day at a time and hoping for the best right now...I'll keep posting if there are any changes with Summit. Also, I just wanted to say once again what a great organization this is. People look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them about the testing, the shots, how I've been contacting as many places as I can for help. Some people just don't "get it" I guess...what it's like to love an animal like it's your child. Great to be able to get support here from people who truly understand and who care so much. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hi everbody. I'm Summit's Mom, Meaghan

    Thanks so much for your support and good wishes. You say he's lucky to have a mom who cares so much, but I feel I'm the lucky one to have him as a member of my family. He means the world to us. Oh and I'm wondering why some posts are colorful rainbows, some are reddish, and mine is faded out?? Did I do something wrong when I originally posted?
  6. Hi everbody. I'm Summit's Mom, Meaghan

    I have found that site...as well as http://www.diabeticcatcare.com/forum/index.php I am a member there as well. Lots of good info out there, but only so much I can do for now. Taking one day at a time. I just have an uneasy feeling about him not being under a vet's care in case something goes wrong. Also when I run out of the Lantus and syringes.... Thanks so much for your post and sorry for the loss of your cat. Meaghan
  7. I am a newly diagnosed diabetic myself, so I have been learning a lot about the disease. We noticed Summit (our oldest baby boy) cat was dropping weight VERY fast, was wanting to eat and drink water (I'd never seen an animal eat and drink like this in my life), his coat looked horrible, and he was urinating probably at least once an hour. Unfortunately, my husband lost his job and I have been a stay home mom, neither of us have been able to find employment. We are on food stamps and recently came close to eviction. Due to this, we struggle just to get our 3 cats the food and cat litter they need, but we've been able to get by and get them what they need. Due to our financial situation and the fact we thought Summit had kidney failure, I called our local APSCA to find out about euthanizing Summit and spoke to a wonderful woman there who sat on the phone with me for probably about 30 minutes. After hearing Summit's story and symptoms, she told me she isn't a vet, but she'd be anything it wasn't kidney failure and that she thought it was diabetes. She gave me names and numbers of several organizations to reach out to and try to get some help to care for him being this is a highly treatable disease. My problem is, I don't have the money to even take him for the initial vet visit that all organizations require. So, I reached out to family and friends and had someone donate a bottle of Lantus (insulin) and about 12 syringes as well as a meter. I spent about 2 days and sleepless nights reading all the info I could find about treating Feline Diabetes. I know it's not the ideal situation, but I tested him and his glucose was THROUGH THE ROOF so I have been administering small doses of the Lantus and testing every few hours (which by the way. I've gotten his glucose stable for the time being). I couldn't sit back and not do anything. He is like our child and I just had to at least TRY to give him a fighting chance. This is how I ended up here. I am going to take the forms given in the Financial Aid section to every vet I can find and see if I can find one who will see him and get these forms filled out without having to pay the initial visit. Hopefully I'll get lucky. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce Summit and myself to IMOM and let you all know what a wonderful thing it is you are doing here. Also, I'm curious to know what kind of fundraising it is you do here. If I am able, I would do anything to help a cause that might be willing to help Summit and helps so many animals. Meaghan