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  • Interests we are a family of 5. our children are 7,5 & 2. baby is also one of the children. we have never seen her as a "pet",she has always been a member of our family. she came from texas and she was given to my daughter, danija,who was a little over a year old at the time. danija will be 8 this summer. baby was unfortunately a victim of horrible events. she was attacked by a pitbull. she was trying to fight back,i thought she was gone that moment. i brought her to the hospital where they said she would probably not make it through the night. i did not have the money for her to stay so i brought her home. i stayed up all night watching breathe, to make sure she hadnt stopped. danija literally could not sleep. around 2am i let danija stay up and look after baby with me. danija was just so happy to help her best friend in any way. when baby was attacked,her back leg was ripped nearly all the way off. i talked with danija at 4am and told her i was taking baby to the dr in the morning and she would probably lose her leg altogether. danija teared up but she was happy i didnt say baby wouldnt make it,even thought i wasnt sure,i didnt want to jump the gun though, baby is a fighter. i brought baby to her vet 30minutes before opening time and waited anxiously, heartbroken and fearful. the hospital had given her a 50/50 chance of making it thru the night before. we went into the vet and i was told there was very slim chances. there was alot of talk of letting go.but i would not hear it, not until i had exhausted every option. there was no one i was going to go home to my daughter without being able to tell her i tried beyond my best. baby had to have oxygen,she was not breathing well on her own because she had suffered 3 broken ribs which were pressing on her lung. she had holes in several places, lost a tooth,fractured her leg in multiple places and there was a good posibility of internal bleeding. she had a very long day but she stayed stable and half way through the day, she no longer needed the oxygen. she had been battling her injuries for 4days now and she just gets better and better. we are even having trouble keeping her calm to prevent any further complications. today she is home and doing very well,even trying to jump and run,even though she is not allowed to yet! she is eating, pooping and barking which is just amazing for someone in her position. the dr's are calling her an inspiration. it was just a plain miracle to see her still fighting on wednesday morning, the day after it happened. she needs to have her leg amputated,she is scheduled for monday morning. i was back and forth with another vet this morning about repairing the leg, the other dr thought he could repair but the damage is so extensive,there is a good chance that she will not recover well and will need to have it amputated after. even thought it is a hard decision,i believe it is safe to say that i like to believe i am making the right choice. i think it would be better to go he safer route,instead of gambling and possibly going through 2 surgeries,and just having the one. not to mention,baby only weighs 8 lbs and any surgery will be a little harder to handle for her size and she is also facing her ribs troubles. her dr is confident with her rate of recovery that she will be ready for surgery monday. we do not have all the money for the surgery. we have gotten lucky enough to afford quite a bit for the care she has gotten so far,but we are human and we have to pay rent and buy groceries,no matter what happens. without the surgery,baby will die. the bone has come right out of the skin quite a bit and she is at high risk of bone infection,if it is not taking care of, it will run through her entire body and take herlife. baby is a fighter, she has proved to us it is not her time. i am hoping we can pull together, i know i am exhausting every resource i have to pull together as much as i can. for anyone who is reading this and cannot make a donation,can you please just say a prayer for us today, for all the strentgh she needs and all she has overcome. she truky is a fighter. we know she can overcome this. i wish i was in a better position, i know when i am, i will pay it forward. i thank everyone involved and i cannot say thank you enough for all the wonderful volunteers and all the good you are doing. i will be posting many times, i want to share alot about babys family and what a wonderful companion sheis.i am doing all of this from my cell phone right now and i am having trouble posting in the forum. i will be getting to a computer first thing in the morning,as i will be trying some more tonight to try and figure it out. i thank everyone for reading this and please just take a moment to send a wish to baby. thank you.

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  1. Baby Daggett

    Baby is doing well, she has a small infection bubble on her back but the doc says its ok as long as it doesn't get bigger plus she's on antiBiotics alread so that helps. She gets her sutures out on march 4
  2. Baby Daggett

    Thank you cinnamon, that wld be great, I'm not sure what were in for for babys future, I am opretty confident she will lead a fairly normal life.. I'm also not a dr lol b aby is doing well, too well if u ask me lol she is hopping around, almost impossible to get her to relax at all! She's refusing to take it easy almst. She had her check up today, she will be gettinbg her sutures out next friday, hopefully the cone can go too, she's really annoyed with it. She's doing great with her back leg, even going potty fine.she had her pain patch removed today and doc said she is overall amazing!!
  3. Baby Daggett

    Yes she is in the healing process... Just lots of check ups and hopefully all goes well frm here on out. Right now she is in her glory,she has the cone off to sit with me,she's been cuddled for almost 2hrs now lol she will have to get it on soon for bed so she's probably goibg to be a little upset but she will get into a rountine soon enough.. She is walking well,her balanve is great already!
  4. Baby Daggett

    baby is home... poor girl, the vet has found that she also has a break in her jaw =( the good news is that its very small and will heal pretty quickly, its in the front, the medication has helped a ton which is why she has been eating just fine. she has to wear a cone so she cant pull on her sutures. the cone is driving her insane! she is doing good without her leg, she is a little frustrated but i am helping her more then she needs, probably annoying her... she likes to be independent lol shes sleeping soundly. she will go back for a check up on thursday...
  5. Baby Daggett

    baby stayed with the vet office last night so i dnt have a detailed update just yet. what ive been told is she was standing and walking around 10 minutes after she woke up!!she seems very happy her cast is not weighing her dwn anymore and her balance is pretty good for a start. we agreed to have her stay so she could stay calm and rest..the doc offered and i was relieved because as much as we loved having her home all weekend, it was hard to get her to relax and rest lol
  6. Baby Daggett

    baby is in recovery and doing very well! shes standing,alert and happy. they said there is a good possibility that she might come home tonight...
  7. Baby Daggett

    we are all awaiting for the phnecall... i will update as soon as i know.. i will probably give them a call shortly.
  8. Baby Daggett

    mfskar- just being a part of this community makes you a great person. you dont need to feel guilty and i really wish you wldnt, there are alot of times in our lives when we feel helpless but support emotionally is more help then u can imagine. baby is at the docs,ey say surgery will start around eleven, she is a little fireball today!
  9. Baby Daggett

    on our way to the vet....... baby is excited and happy to be out of the crate and going for a ride
  10. Baby Daggett

    baby pooped!! she was a little confused that i congradulated her for it lol
  11. Baby Daggett

    cindy THANK YOU For mentioning the eating. with everything going on it had slipped my mind, thank you thank you! i planned on reading over her paperwork again tonight but after chores and the kids are settled so it may not have been until around 10 or so. i believe it is midnight but i will be double checking right after i finish this post. your friendly reminder was very much needed! tammy thank you for getting the picture up, i really hate to pester and keep asking you and judy to get things up here,i tried for hours! i really really wanted to get that picture up of her and danija, that was taken only a few hrs ago. danija was soooooo happy,it was the first time she got to get so close so wednesday..baby was in the crate right befoe,and danija besides her, and they were trying to cuddle ,danija was pressed up againest it and baby was laying up against it. they have had an extremely special bond since danija was very young. issac will get his turn to sit with her before bed,dont want to do too much at once and evaya is too young lol she is relaxing right now. she had so much energy this afternoon, it was actually really difficult to keep her content, so i am feeling a little more at ease with her going into the surgery. she has been bresathing fine the whole weekend and she hasnt needed oxygen since wednesday morning. im not sure if i said so before but the drs concern with surgery last week was she has 3broken ribs and she was barely getting enough oxygen on her own and she will be using her hurt side to breathe more when she goes in tmrw. but friday the dr said her ribs were already starting to fuse a tad so her dr is feeling confident.
  12. Baby Daggett

    baby is finally relaxing and sound asleep. she has not pooped this weekend so i am a little nervous about that but she also has alot of brusing on her under belly and tibia. the attack happend tuesday and she didnt poop til thursday so i am hoping it is just going in a cycle again and kind of easing itself out? if anyone has been through this,please share. i left a message with the on call vet, im sure she is fine because she went the first 3days this way so if anything, it will happen tonight or early tmrw. im off to do some household chores while she is napping.. ill be updating again soon =)
  13. Baby Daggett

    this is cute....... baby has to be in a crate so shes confined for the most part and prevents her from further injuring herself. i took her out to go potty in her litterbox because she was acting very antsy like she had to pee. well i put her in the box and she hobbly leaped out and tried to make a run for it. she wants to be out and about so bad lol i let her walk around for just a minute, she was in alot of pain in doing so, i could tell,but she was so determined. i had to stop her though so she doesnt hurt herself. thats a true fighter!
  14. Baby Daggett

    yay!!!!!!! i have my fast reply button back. i have been trying to leave a reply for almost 2hrs now!! i do not want anyone to think i am slacking... i had to have a direct link emailed to me,thank you sooo much tammy. i am beyond thrilled to hear she can go ahead with her surgery tomorw, i am very very nervous for her little body going into smething so major. but i have faith and she is stronger then anyone could ever hope. please keep her in your minds tonight,say a small prayer for her to come out well and a big thank you to everyone here. even if you have not donated or maybe you have not replied but you have been here, you are a part of this community and it is too much,i cant even explain. you are stuck with my family for life. i will be a memebr and i know danija will be probably her own memebr when she is old enough. please except my millions of thank yous and always believe you are good people and i so appreciate everything you have done and are doing. i am going to continue updating with baby and exspecially her surgery updates. i am so relieved. i am sure there are many of you who have been in the position before,it is hard with vets, they cannot take payments and treat like human hospitals do. $500 is a much more realistic goal for us and i dont know if baby would have a chance at all without your help. i just cxannot say thank you enough, i really cant. my heart was torn thinking about the what ifs and the money problems we are facing. i dont know how many times i offered the vet and hospital to pay them whatever they needed,thousands or millions if they would just take payments! i do understand thier side also and they wouldnt be here to help either if they didnt have the funds. i am filled with gratitude,appreciation,happiness,hopefulness and just pamazement. i really hope that every single person in this community realizes how wonderful they really are.
  15. while im trying to get into the forum, i just wanted to take a moment to say thank you thank you thank!!!! this is outstanding, oi cant wait to share the great news with my family!