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  1. Thank goodness that is out of her body. Princess has been so strong. Give her a hug and kiss from us.
  2. I didn't even get to read this thread before all funds were raised! Good job everyone! IMOM donors are the absolute best. Good luck Princess.
  3. Soze Comeau - Cat with mass in jaw

    Hoping Soze did okay with her food today. What a strong kitty.
  4. Soze Comeau - Cat with mass in jaw

    Lots of prayers being sent!! Magic and friends are watching over Soze.
  5. Hi, IMOM will only help to pay before a surgery but you have other options you can try. A woman here was able to raise money on her own. Try Fund Razr as Diane suggested. Post the link to social media sites. Try Craig's List to sell any items. You'd be surprised what you can sell. Also try this organization below. http://www.fortheloveofalex.org/
  6. I think it will probably take her some time. The fact that she isn't screaming is so good to hear. Adorable pic of her and the kitty!!
  7. Creamation

    Thank you IMOM for doing that in order to bring Ebony home to Ms. Clara. I'm so sorry that volunteer had to hear that Ebony had passed. We were all pulling for Ebony. We all grieve with you Ms. Clara. You are in our prayers.
  8. Soze Comeau - Cat with mass in jaw

    This is what her mom posted in the introduction thread- Hi, My name is Jeannine. I'm here because my cat Soze has a mass in her jaw. It needs to be removed so that she can eat and drink water again. A fine needle biopsy didn't indicate cancer. Right now, I am hand feeding her a/d by Hills, which is very soft food and syringing her water, but she needs this surgery as soon as possible. I am very glad that I have found this site, as I hope to pay it forward and help others when I can. Every penny adds up. Thank you so much and I look forward to getting to know you!
  9. Creamation

    I don't believe that IMOM will but you can try fundraising. I believe many will as well as myself contribute. You can maybe start a Facebook page with a Paypal account or go to https://fundrazr.com/. How much is needed to bring Ebony home?
  10. I am sorry for your loss.
  11. Meet Midi

    Please go to the financial aid section. Read very carefully and get the necessary things together. I hope you get approved.
  12. Evelyn and Pepper..looking for help.

    Try to fund raise for it. Here is a site you can try. Good luck. https://fundrazr.com/
  13. Penelope's Predicament

    I'm so sorry to hear this Holly. You are now out of pain little one. I know you will stay close to your mommy as she will always in her heart for you. :heart:
  14. Hello From Mandy and Kitty-kun

    Great news about the eating! I'm a little worried about how she is doing now. I haven't seen kitty-kun be approved yet so I am hoping you are still getting things together.
  15. Penelope's Predicament

    I hope they were able to find something out with the ultrasound.