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  1. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Thank you Evbari, thank you so much for caring. Fendi is doing good. There is steriods in the eyedrops shes on and they have put some extra weight on her but we are going to walk it right back off. It just warms my heart when I walk up to the house and Fendi is in the window barking at everything that moves. I didn't realize how much I missed our walks together either. I love our daily walks. Fendi can make a 15 minute walk take an hour if I let her. She's so curious, she wants to sniff every piece of paper or leave she passes. She also has to stop and chat with every dog or cat we see. The job front, well now that's not going quite as well. I just try to not get discouraged. There is a job out there for me, I just have to find it.
  2. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Hi there IMOM family. Hope all is well with each and every one of you. Fendi is continuing to heal well. The eyedrops she's on have a steriod in them and she was also on an oral steriod which has made her gain 4 pounds over her normal weight. I am really monitoring her food intake and have cut treats to a bare minimum. I am hoping to get the extra weight off of her before her next followup appointment. I find she needs to rest during our walks and overweight dogs just are not healthy. Any way family it is nice to touch bases with you and may God bless each and every one of you with peace and happiness. Good night. Deidre & Fendi
  3. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Hey there Judy G. how are you. Fendi is continuing to heal with no further complications. I am so grateful that she is getting back to her playful, mischevious self. She likes to untye my shoes when she realizes that I am going out the door and she is not going with me.
  4. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Hi IMOM family. Wow its been awhile since I've checked in with you all. How are you! I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your prayers and well wishes for my toddler, Fendi. I actually went back up to UC Davis on July 18th for her, I believe third followup appointment. Quoting from her doctor's notes "On ophthalmic examination, Fendi appears to be continuing to recover excellently from her procedure. There are some mild posterior capsular opacifications (scarring of the lens) noted on her eye exam as are expected. This scarring should not affect Fendi much at this point. Fortunately the inflammation in her eyes has resolved, but in light of how inflammed she was on the weaning dose of prednisone last visit, we are going to slowly wean her down on the topical prednisone drops." Fendi is down to just one eyedrop 3 times a day. She was on 8 different medications at first. I apologize for just now giving you an update, afterall this is as much your victory and happy ending as me and Fendi's but I have had one of my sisters and one of my brothers hospitalized in the last week. So it has been a very hectic week for me and my family. Well IMOM family I am going to close for now but know that I am forever grateful for your kindness and your help. p.s. Fendi sends puppy kisses to you all.
  5. My 4 month old puppy needs help

    Jenna M. So happy to hear your baby does not have HD. Give her extra tummy rubs and keep her quite for a few days. Glad everything is going to be alright.
  6. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Hi there IMOM family. Its been a few days since I have checked in with you. I have had a very bad headache for the last week. I think it is my sinus. Anyway Fendi and I went back up to UC Davis this past Sunday. Her second followup appointment was on Monday, June 27. Her eye pressure was great and within the range that they want. However, she has more inflammation behind the eyes than they want so they put her back on oral medication along with the 3 eyedrops that shes on. I am a bit concerned but I have to believe that her eyes are going to continue to heal as they should without any complications. Keeping Fendi quiet isn't easy, shes just an energetic puppy who wants to chase and wrestle cats. I can't put a leash on her yet and I do not have a harness so I have just been letting her in the back yard rather than walk her without a harness. The last walk we took, she took off running after a cat (she would never try and hurt a cat, she likes to wrestle with them). Overall, I would say Fendi is doing pretty good. Please continue to lift her up in prayer and send her positive energy. Thank you all so much for giving Fendi eyes that see...
  7. Eyes 4 Fendi

    IMOM (In Memory of Magic). Magic must have been an incredible furbaby to have inspired such a wonderful organization. My experience with IMOM has been nothing less than amazing. IMOM made what seemed like an impossibility, a reality...Eyes4Fendi. My 5 year old Pomeranian Fendi was diagnosed with Cataracts in both eyes in mid-February. By April, Fendi was completely blind. Some animals learn to adapt to loss of vision, but Fendi seemed to struggle from the very beginning. Fendi had not only loss her eyesight, she had loss her playful, curious and energetic personality. Cataract surgery is very expensive and I had no idea how I was going to pay for it. I got on the internet and on the phone. One of the places I called was Actors & Others for Animals who referred me to IMOM. After careful screening, IMOM agreed to hold a fundraiser in Fendi's behalf to help me with the cost of surgery. Not only did I receive financial assistance, I received moral support, empathy and encouragement. But most importantly, I had HOPE. Hope that my girl would be able to see again. Because of IMOM, Fendi has had her Cataract Surgery and is healing well. Oh yeah, and SHE CAN SEE!!! God bless each and every one of you. This miracle could NOT have happened without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Deidre aka Dede4Fendi
  8. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Talk about Happy Endings, my furbaby CAN SEE!!! Getting to this point has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Lots of ups and downs. When I first was informed that Fendi had cataracts in both eyes and would be totally blind without surgery, I cried for 3 days straight. Being unemployed at the time and finding out how much the surgery would cost really worried me. I couldn't think of anything else. I knew as much as I loved Fendi, I had to try to get the surgery for her. After the tears dried up, I got on the internet and started researching and reading everything I could about Canine cataracts. I knew I was going to need some financial help also. I started out by calling PETA, who referred me to Actors and Others for Animals. Actors and Others told me about IMOM and helped me to get Fendi spayed. Once I made contact with IMOM and submitted my documentation to be considered for financial help, Fendi's story made a complete U-turn. At IMOM it really is ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS. Not only was Fendi approved for a fundraiser, the IMOM family rallied around Fendi and me and provided encouragement and suggestions. And just all around support. I can't praise this organization enough. You guys are truly wonderful and full of love. I will be an IMOMer for Life! I can not wait until I am able to give back. May God bless each and every one of you. I also learned how important it is to spay and/or neuter your pet. I will never have another pet that isn't spayed or neutered. Love Fendi & Dede.
  9. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Good evening everyone. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, hope you fellas had a wonderful day. I enjoyed a rather quiet day. Fendi and I were lazy all day. We did walk to the corner and back (slowly), I am being careful not to over exert her. Her eyes look pretty good to me. even though I am not a doctor, I think its safe to say they are healing well. She does not appear to be in any pain, she does not have any excessive discharge or watering of the eyes. They appear to be clear and there isn't any real redness or anything. She is still a little sensitive to sunlight so I do not take her outside for very long. Thank you Angels for all that you do and have done. Not only for Fendi but for all of the furbabies that you have helped. Have a blessed night. Deidre aka Dede4Fendi
  10. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Good evening IMOMers. Just checking in to let you know that Fendi is doing fine. Today we walked all the way around the block. I made sure we kept a really slow pace. It was great to see her stop and sniff every leave or piece of paper she saw. Wow my girl could see as we walked along. It's funny you don't realize how precious and special little things are like taking a walk with your best friend. Enjoying the sun against your face while your best friend curiously observes your surroundings. Today was a wonderful day...
  11. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    OMG Fendi and I walked all the way around the corner today. My Fendi is back!!! I let her talk/bark to every dog in every fence or yard we passed. She really enjoyed our short walk. As much as I wanted to keep going, I came back home. I still have to limit her activity and keep it to a minimum. IT WAS GREAT TO WALK MY GIRL TODAY. GOD BLESS EVERYONE THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE FOR FENDI. She comes up and down the steps by herself without having to put her paw out to feel where the step is. I had to even stop her from running. It was our custom to run home at the end of our route and Fendi hadn't forgot that because when we got back to our street she immediately took off running. God it was good to see that but I had to stop her. THANK YOU IMOM!!! You guys are wonderful. Good Night.
  12. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Thank you to everyone for checking in on Fendi. I didn't realize how many of you are actually rooting for her. She is doing very well. I let her go to the fence today and visit with Misty. They barked at each other in turn as if they were holding a conversation, I guess they were. I imagine Fendi must have been telling Misty how great it is to see again. I don't know why I keep testing to make sure she can see but I do. Bless you IMOM for making this miracle happen. Please continue to lift up Mr. Precious and Melissa. God bless you all. Deidre
  13. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    I almost forgot. I had the pleasure of meeting another member of my IMOM family. Melissa, Mr. Precious' mommy met me at UC Davis yesterday. She was there for an appointment also. Please keep her and Mr. Precious in your prayers. The Chemo therapy Mr. Precious has been on is no longer helping. Melissa Fendi sends puppy kisses to you and Mr. Precious. I send one BIG FAT HUG to both of you. Thank you for spending a little time with me and Fendi. God bless you.
  14. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Good evening IMOM family. Fendi's appointment went well. Her eyes are healing as they should. Her eye pressure was within a good range. There was still inflammation behind the eyes but not excessive and it was also within an acceptable range. Fendi CAN SEE!!! And is feeling good enough that she started to chase a cat which I immediately made her stop doing. She still needs to keep quite and limit activity for a few more weeks. I was so grateful and pleased at her appointment that everything was fine. Fendi and I are home, we drove in last night. Unfortunately my internet, no make that my computer is not working. I will be coming to the local Kinkos to post everyday. Thank you all for lifting Fendi up with your prayers. God does answer prayer. And thank you God for placing Pam and Rachel in me and Fendi's life. My girl can SEE. Good night, talk with you tomorrow.
  15. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Being at Pam's was like a mini-vacation. Fendi and I surely enjoyed the peacefulness. THANK YOU PAM & RACHEL. It's not often you run into people willing and wanting to help you for your sake only. What a blessing Pam and her daughter have been.