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  1. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Rory got her stitches out yesterday! Shes still doing great :]
  2. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    rory is doing wonderful. Recovery is going great!
  3. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Hi everyone, Rory is doing great.. back to her happy little self. I cant even begin to explain how thankful I am to everyone at IMOM, the donors, everyone at the clinic, everyone who supported me through this whole thing and for making the surgery possible. You guys are awesome. I am very happy and so is Rory!!
  4. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Just got back from the vet, they said I could bring her in if I thought it was necessary so i did and they said she looks great! Everyone was surprised at how good she looked and how well shes doing. The incision is just irritated, no infection! From the looks of things as of now, shes going to be just fine. She goes back in 10 days to get the stitches removed and they also said if I ever have any concerns to bring her in whenever I want. Thank you to everyone at The Pet Hospital of LaMesa and to all the IMOM poeple. Were happy girls :]
  5. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Hi everyone, Rory are resting in bed (picture below). There are 3 things that had me very concerned yesterday but the office was closed so I just had to wait it out til today. Dr. Rodriguez called this morning, I was able to talk to her about it and from what she says everything is ok. The first thing was that Rory hasn't used the restroom since that one time after the surgery. Dr. says that is because the food she is on is very easily digested and since Rory hadn't eaten in so long that her body is storing it. The next thing that was worrying me was that her stitches looked to me like they were infected (red and very swollen). She explained to me that unless puss is coming out I shouldn't worry, sometimes fluid builds up around the incision and irritates the area. The third thing was that when I lifted her legs up to check out her belly she let out a cry but not when I press on her tummy, I thought that was strange but she said Rory has been through a lot and that as long as she doesn't show that she is in pain when i press down on her belly that everything should be ok. She told me that as long as shes not throwing up, showing that she is in pain when I press on her belly, having black stool, or acting depressed then I shouldn't worry or bring her in. I am still worried and think i should bring her in lol... guess that's me just being overly mom-ish! I don't have any children, Rory is my baby! But Dr. Rodriguez is an excellent Dr. so I will trust her. Thank you to everyone for caring and checking up on Rory, you guys are awesome. And thanks for Melissa for sharing her picture. God bless and once again,
  6. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Rory is happy this morning, she finally got to eat!! I fed her twice this morning and she used the restroom, this hasn't happened in a week. She hasnt tried licking or scratching her stitches which I am so relieved about, I dont have to put the cone on her. Shes a good girl. Both of the vets that have been taking care of Rory called to check up on her this morning, they were happy to hear that she is doing good. Thank you to everyone for all the love and positivity, Rory and I are so happy to have support from all of you. And thank you to Sue for taking care of my baby while she was at the hospital, you are awesome & I know you love Rory. I took a picture of her this morning, you can see her stitches on her tummy. Hope this pic of my baby puts a smile on everyones face this morning:heart:
  7. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Thanks for all the love and prayers everyone. Rory did well today, everyone at the clinic loves her so much. She was given her last antibiotic shot before i picked her up today around 5 and tomorrow we start on the antibiotic pills and small amounts of a special dog food that is easy to swallow and digest and is made for dogs with intestinal problems. I am still on edge thinking about the possibility of infection but I am trying to stay positive. She will be home with me and not at the clinic anymore which is scary but I just keep telling myself everything will be okay. Its a tough situation to be in with a puppy because even though she is sick she is still a puppy, she still tries to jump up and give me kisses and she stretches a lot which worries me because of the stitches. I am going to do everything I possibly can to take care of my baby but when all is said and done whatever happens is in Gods plans so I am just going to have faith and be with her showing her all the love I can. Were cuddled up on the mattress(on the floor) right now and shes sleeping, cute as ever. Ill update tomorrow morning, thank you everyone below is a picture of Rory the day I got her
  8. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Rory woke up wagging her tail and she even gave me some kisses. No crying this morning at all. She hasn't thrown up once since the surgery which is awesome. She got off the bed for water twice last night and peed twice which means things are going ok... shes trying!! They wanted her back at the hospital today so they can monitor her and keep her on an antibiotic IV to make sure we can stop any infections that may be forming. Everyone there was thrilled to see how well she is doing. We aren't in the safe zone yet, the first 2-3 days are crucial, if infections form she doesn't have much of a chance, but they wont! I know it. Everyone loves her and wants her to get well. Its hard not being with her today but its best for her to be at the hospital. I'm picking her up tonight to stay with me.. Ill be putting my mattress on the floor.. my bed is only about knee-high off the ground but id rather be safe about things. I dont know if they will ask me to bring her back in tomorrow but I hope so, I know the IV and antibiotics are very important and although I wish i could be with her every minute it is very comforting when she is with the vet while she is recovering. Thank you to everyone who is concerned and sending their love towards my baby, you guys are awesome! Below is a picture of me and Rory on a car ride a while back
  9. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Thank you to everyone who is pulling for Rory, she is so loved. I really appreciate all the love Rory and I have received from IMOM.. not just the donations but the support we recieve through this website. Rory and I are in my bed at home. When I first laid her down she seemed ok but as the pain meds wore off she started to cry on and off for about an hour... the more I petted and talked to her the less she cried, now she is asleep. Before she fell asleep I went downstairs to get a thermomoter to check her temp. and when i came upstairs she was off the bed and drinking out of the water bowl, i was a little bit shocked and scared, I didnt know if she should be up so soon. Right then the vet who did her surgery(Dr.Espinosa - The Pet Hospital of La Mesa) called to see how she was doing, he called at the prefect time, hes a great doctor. He told me it was a good sign that Rory was up and drinking water. I also spoke with the other vet at that clinic, Dr. Rodriguez, she has been so nice to me through everything and has really put my mind at ease quite a few times throughout this whole thing. I thank God for good people like these doctors and IMOM, poeple who go above and beyond. To those of you who are interested in what Rory has to over come here it goes... during the surgery the vet found a long piece of a rope toy that Rory had swallowed in her intestines.. it had been in there for quite a while before she got sick. The toy had rubbed against her intestines until it rubbed all the way through her intestines and made a few small holes. He had to remove a foot of her intestines. It also did some damage to her pancreas and he had to do some stitching there too, he couldnt do much else with the pancreas as it is very dangerous. The part of the intestines that he had to remove was right next to the stomach which is very dangerous because any bile in the stomach that comes in contact with the healing area could cause an infection, the stitches could come undone, the pancreas could get worse... all of these things could happen but i have faith that they wont, the antibiotics will be enough to keep her safe while she heals. Im praying for her. I think Rory is a fighter and I think she is going to live<3 below is a picture of her sleeping and HEALING, i know it!!
  10. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    just saw rory, she's still sleeping from the anestesia. The vet says it's not looking too good. 50/50 chance of her living. He suggested I take her to the 24 hour vet up the street so they can monitor her over night and give her an IV but it's 600-800 dollars a night. He then said the only other option is to take her home, so that's what I'm going to do. Everyone pray for my babygirl.
  11. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Rory is in surgery now, I know she is in good hands. Praying for the best<3
  12. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    I'd like to thank you IMOM and donors from the bottom of my heart, my baby now has a chance to live because of the kindness you have all shown. She woke up this morning wagging her tail with a surprising amount of energy. It's almost time for her surgery and I am hoping for the best. I'll keep everyone updated on what's going on. Once again, thank you, you alla re angels!
  13. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Rory is peacefully sleeping right now, she is cuddled up next to my legs like always... shes so cute I had to take a picture(the one below). I am having trouble resting, it kills me to know my babys life is in danger. I hope tomorrow morning will bring even more hope and that the donations are enough to cover the surgery and that the surgery goes well. I am very glad rory will be in the hands of people who care about her at The Pet Hospital of La Mesa. I am so grateful to IMOM for giving us the opportunity to give our best shot at raising this money for Rory, anything will help.. my angel needs this. -Brooke Kohl
  14. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Even just having you here to talk to when I am scared and she is scared has helped so much, you guys are awesome. Rory is grateful as am I.
  15. Rory Kohl - EMERGENCY

    Thank you melissa and laurie!!! I am showing her as much love as possible even when she is sleeping. IMOM is giving us so much hope.