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  1. thank you so very much! Hope you are well .. take care and God bless!

  2. Tyson Bragg

    Thank you so much Debbie for thinking of me! Have had trials ups and downs like everyone else . ... can be better, but always can be much worse. Hard to believe he's gone a couple years now already .. He really was a one in a million guy! So happy to hear nursing school is doing well for you! You'll be on eof the good ones, I'm sure! I do have a bit of news however ... through months of daily prayer, something came to me and was formulated and submitted to my local Bishop last January. It has since received the Nihil Obstat and is now formally a Roman Catholic Church approved devotion for faithful all over the world. It's for the USA ... I called it the USA Chaplet .. you can read about it here: http://battlebeads.com/usachap.html That's about the best thing going on in my life at the moment ... everything else is the same or worse! LOL Take care and thanks so much for thinking of me! Hoping you and yours are just splendid! *HUGS*
  3. Tyson Bragg

    yes .. thank you very much ... he was a sweetie .. . and i keep all you here staff as well as clients and furbabies in my daily prayers at 3pm ... i can never thank you folks enough for the financial and emotional support you gave me for over 2 years non stop ... it like made us family! God love you all! *HUGS*
  4. Tyson Bragg

    thanks so very much .. same to you and your crew and everyone here ... I still hold you all in my daily prayers and all yer critters too!! *HUGS*
  5. Tyson Bragg

    Thank you so very much!! Merry Christmas to you too!! What a nice Christmas Greeting!! thanks for that! Hoping all is well with you and yours too!! Hard to believe a year ago I could barely walk after my double surgery ... well yanno what they say .. time flies when yer havin fun! LOL .. yeah right! anyway .. God has been good to keep me in His Care after all these years .. I know He'll do the same for you and yours and all here ... I always keep IMOM and all connected with it in my daily 3pm prayers *HUGS*
  6. Tyson Bragg

    awwwwwwww... how sweet!!! looks like a lil tysie puppy!!! Thanks so much ... and may you and your house and all those you care for be blessed this Christmastime ... May the New Year be especially kind to us all! Pray that we keep our freedoms! *HUGS*
  7. Gabby Townsend

    So very sorry to hear of your dear Gabby passing! :-( What a SWEET SWEET face and expressive eyes she had! We know all too well the pain of losing our loved ones be they human or furbaby ... may you find comfort in the fact that Gabby has no more problems and is playing happily with all our other loveables that have gone before us and that one day we too will be reunited with them all! Anything that has the capacity to love HAS to be in the kingdom of heaven *HUGS*
  8. Tyson Bragg

    Thank you so much Donna ... yes ... I need all the help I can get with selling the rosary beads! I spent WAAAAY too much on supplies! But everything just looked so beautiful and I kept seeing the finished product! LOL ... Not sure if you looked all around, but there's bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key chains and more now too! Still going in spite of my left thumb that has decided to lock up on me ... (ex rays on the 7th) ... not sure if it's bad gout or the arthritis got worse .. but both pinkies are clicking now too and that's what the thumb did before it got worse ... but with the grace of God, I keep going May you, yours and all here have a most blessed Thanksgiving filled with peace, much love and lotsa, lotsa joy!! *HUGS*
  9. Tyson Bragg

    Thank you ... appreciate your kind comments on the site and your thoughts of me at Thanksgiving ... may you and yours also have a wonderful and most blessed Thanksgiving celebration May the USA survive for many more! *HUGS*
  10. Tyson Bragg

    Hi .. thank you and SORRY .. just saw this now .. my email messed up again but I've changed servers now so hopefully it won't happen again ... thanks for thinking of me .. hope all is well with you and yours! *HUGS*
  11. Tyson Bragg

    thanks much .. . take care and stay well .. hugs to all
  12. Tyson Bragg

    Thanks very much Deb! Sent off an email just before ... I been doin' ok for an old gal with problems LOL Hope all is well with you and yours ... thanks for thinking of me Not online as much as I used to be by any means .. a lot changed after this last surgery .. perhaps not a bad thing, huh? *HUGS*
  13. Tyson Bragg

    aw .. sorry to hear that you ARE the designated pinchushion ... i'm such a hard stick! LOL .. you're lucky! well just that you have good veins, not that they're making you the pincushion lol ... thank you so much for the prayers ... you remain in mine as well as all do here well the ultrasound and ct scan all said no major problems .. in fact all my organs look good and all blood work came back great ... only thing the ct scan found is a NEW hernia on the outter edge of where the just repaired one was lol .. so it's possible that that is what's hurting .. just that the other one was so HUGE and DIDN'T hurt and this one is so much smaller and hurts like the dickens lol ... but it's nothing that isn't manageable ... if it's not that, then my guess would be that the repaired one is coming a bit undone cuz they couldn't put in a mesh at the time of the hysterectomy cuz they said it would increase the chance of infection, so he just sewed up the hole good lol ... soooooooo .... that's the story .. i really don't want to be opened up again just to have a look see, so unless something drastic occurs, i guess i'll just live with the pain also .. if you know of anyone that might be able to use a nice VERY AFFORDABE rosary, chaplet, necklace, bracelet or keychain .. please pass my link around ... i've waaay overspent on supplies and need to sell more lol ... my newest endeavor .. it makes me happy .. have sold several so far and folks are raving about them you and yours take care and stay well ... thanks so very much for remembering me! *HUGS* http://battlebeads.com
  14. Tyson Bragg

    Hi Deb ... I'm not too pleased that I'm still having some pain either, but whatcha gonna do? .. them's the breaks Yep .. Tysie was a sweetie ... I doubt I'll ever see another like him ... I'm sure you feel the same way about Jack! Not trying to rush the summer -tho it seems like it's already half gone with mostly rain- but sure hope things go well for ya in the fall when you resume your nursing studies ... perhaps you won't be the pincushion ... don't borrow trouble ahead of time Take care and thanks for thinking of me! *HUGS*