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  • Birthday 11/26/2002

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  • Interests loved playing and running but she can't anymore due to her situation.
  1. sasha has pass away today at 2pm thank you for your concern.

    Daisy and sasha

  2. Sasha

    babysasha has pass away today at 2pm. Daisy and sasha
  3. sorry to hear about Lokis bladder here is and organization that might be able to help a little. go to Actors & Others phone number is 1-818-755-6045 and also Animal Welfare ask for Gloria 1888-616-9663 they can help a little too. take care Daisy and BabySasha

  4. her mass is starting to drip blood she lost her desire to eat.

  5. Thank you so much for your prayers. Sweet Halo needs all she can get. I hope that Sasha's case is accepted and that funds are available to help her in time.

  6. i hope and pray for your Halo get well so you could spend those happy moments with her. you and Halo are in my prayer.

  7. my poor babysasha update

    Thankyou for the information. I have completed the paperwork and I am waiting for a replay from IMOM to fill out the last application. Sasha is still not doing well. She can hardly walk an has lost her desire to eat; losing weight and the mass is getting bigger. Do you know how long it will take for IMOM to reply? Thanks again for your concern Daisy
  8. my prayer are with you.

  9. just want to say hello.

  10. hello everyone my babysasha has a Mammary Carinoma(Ulcerated)

    is started to drip blood she is in need of surgery.we need help we can afford it.loss of job and on unemployment benefits can make ends meet. If anyone has any suggestions please email me at demorpr@gmail.com

  11. my poor babysasha update

    hello everyone and prayers for everyone my poor babysasha is in need of surgery her mass is starting to drip bleed and she can't move to much. she never complaints she just looks up and gives you a sad look with her blue eyes. her surgery is so expensive and i just can't afford it. sasha is a husky. she has a Mammary Carcinoma(ulcerated). her surgery cause 3,396.79. if anyone has any suggestions please email me at demorpr@gmail.com. i love my babysasha and i don't want to lose her. i still remember when i adopted her from a shelter she was sick and i could afford to take her to the doctor and then came the job loss. i don't like seeing her in pain. sasha was always playing and now she just stays in a corner and don't move.
  12. just want to say hello

  13. new member

    hello to all the members of IMOM. Im new to IMOM and just want to tell you a little about my baby sasha. Sasha loved to run and jump and play but do to her situation she can't do all those fun things anymore. Sasha is not just a dog she is the baby of the family and we all love her. Sasha has been with us for about seven years. We need help for her to continue to stay with us. Sasha is suffering from a mass which is present on the left mammary chain and it just started to spot blood she needs help. please help save my baby sasha. i pray for all those that need help.
  14. Hello to everyone.Im new to IMOM and just want to say hi to all members

  15. babysasha

    this is babysasha