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  1. In Memory Of JB Dogg and Dan Hodes

    Well apparently Dan and JB are doing their thing....there's not a single PIN that hasn't been fully raised! LOL
  2. In Memory Of JB Dogg and Dan Hodes

    Yet another year goes by.... 10/09/2012 would have been Dan's 44th Birthday. I guess the cliche that time heals all wounds isn't really true. Not a day goes by when I don't think of Dan and JB Dogg. And here we are - yet again - back to IMOM. LOL I can't help to laugh each time I come here. I think it's Dan's way of saying "Hey - Get to IMOM and make something happen!" Well, this was the first forum I came to...next is pets in need. Let's do some Angel Talk! Happy Birthday Dan....each and every day - you are missed!
  3. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    I'm so happy that Lacey's going to get the care that is needed. =)
  4. Lucy - dog needs amputation of leg

    Thanks so much Melissa! I guess I didn't read enough! LOL I appreciate the update
  5. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    I'm pretty sure it was added! LOL =)~ It's sure good to be back!
  6. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    Tammy - can you check again? I think we're there!
  7. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    Well I don't think $160.00 is enough.... So I tripled it instead.... $500.00 more just went in!
  8. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    I adore you Jacki!
  9. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    Thanks Judy! I'm on it! =)
  10. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    Anyone know how we can get Sarah to post an update at 9PM? I need to know how much to send in....
  11. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    Thanks so much Judy, I sure hope I have to dig deep too! But I guess that's up to the Angels tonight to decide.... It's already 852PM - I sure hope it's a biggy!
  12. Lucy - dog needs amputation of leg

    Ok this dog looks like she just wants to Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnugguw! LOL I'll be on the road tomorrow while she's having her surgery - but I'll be able to read my e-mails enroute, just won't be able to post - but she'll be on my mind all day!
  13. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    BRING IT Cat Paws!!!! I love it!!
  14. Lacey Glucksman Mammory Cancer

    Go ahead Judy - make me sweat a little tonight at 9PM! I dare ya! LOL
  15. Lucy - dog needs amputation of leg

    Judy - I like the way you think! :D