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  1. Greetings! Hi I am a new member to IMOM and need some help and support. I rescued Ebunny on last Mother's Day from a neglectful home. He is a four month old black Rabbit and before I rescued him, he had never been in a cage, stayed in a small cat carrier the majority of his life, was never out to play or loved on, was seldom fed. He was purchased along with another rabbit from a pet store by the previous owner and the other rabbit died within weeks due to starvation. I agreed to take Ebunny once I found out about the situation and hearing about the other rabbit. I bought a starter cage, food, water bottle, treats and bedding the same day and held him for quite some time when I brought him home. He was scared at first but after some TLC he warmed up to our family. I am a mother of three boys, one of them is diagnosed with ADHD and has been hospitalized within the past year for Depression. He has not had an episode since we took Ebunny in and is quite nurturing and responcible around our rabbit. We built Ebunny a two story bunny cage with a ramp that is 4 feet tall, 4 feet long by 3 feet wide. Ebunny loves his new cage! While I was at work last Sunday, my babysitter took Ebunny out for the kids to play with him. My 3 year old and 5 year old are not allowed to play with Ebunny without supervision but the babysitter left the two boys with the bunny without watching them. According to the oldest boy who's 8 years old, the two youngest boys were holding Ebunny down and yanking on his leg. When I came home from work, I discovered that Ebunny's right hind leg was limp and appeared broken. I immediantly fired my babysitter for being irresponsible and took Ebunny to a vetrinarian for Xrays. His leg is fractured in 3 peices and needs surgury or he will need to be put down. After calling the Humane Society, Columbus House Rabbits Society and every Vetrinarian hospital that deals with rabbit surgery, I found a vet that can fix his leg for $750, which is half the price I was quoted everywhere else. Because I recently started working as a Home Health Aide for the Mentally Disabled and won't get my first check until mid-July, we cannot afford the entire amount of the surgury. My husband's paycheck pays rent and the bills and, just like every one else, money is tight as it is. I'm just asking for support and maybe some financial assistance from IMOM or if anyone knows of any resources that could help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Most vet hospitals do not have a payment plan and the ones that do go through Carecredit, which I tried and have been denied. Thank you for taking the time to read this. -Ebunny's Mom