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  1. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Poor unfortunate Tom! Praying that he will be returned to good health and that his assailant will be tormented with what he did to this innocent creature. Just made a donation in memory of my sweet boy, Kibby.
  2. Family needs their cat home

    Transport rescues by plane - On Wings of Care, based in La Canada, CA. Bonnie Laura Schumaker 626-383-1412
  3. Prayers for Gato Montes

    You are in Los Angeles? There is a low cost vet rescue clinic near Western on Slauson They will work with you. I don't know if I should post the number so I am going to PM you.
  4. So nice to see Leo in Happy Endings! What a handsome man!
  5. Glad to hear Leo had his surgery and is back home. Not surprising that he refused food yesterday. He had anesthesia, drugs and oh yeah, they cut off his leg! He had a good excuse. How is he doing this evening?
  6. Shadow's Thank You to IMOM

    I have seen the teeth grinding thing with cats who have stomatitis. How does the gum tissue surrounding his teeth look. Does he do a full yawn ever? Try to look down his throat. If you see red inflamed tissue anywhere, bring it up to someone.
  7. Want to start Leo off with a donation in memory of the 3 LBK's that I recently had to help to the Bridge. Salem in May. Lance in June. And, Meemo in August. Sadly, no amount of money could save them. I hope my donation in their memory can help poor little Leo.
  8. Stormie Lu

    So sorry to hear about Stormie Lu, Paula
  9. In memory of Salem who I lost a couple weeks back due to liver failure, I will take some of those matching funds.
  10. Hello :) first time ..

    Hi Elsa! Welcome to IMOM. Enzyme is adorable and I love the name Pigetta. I am in rescue but if I ever got to CHOOSE a kitty - I think it would be a Sphinx. Great personalities.
  11. Tigger Merritt - Kitty with Urinary Blockage

    Not what I was hoping to hear. I am so sorry...
  12. Tigger Merritt - Kitty with Urinary Blockage

    I'll take some of those matching funds!
  13. Otto Morris

    Adopted 1 week ago? Has the rescue organization taken any responsibility for this dogs condition? He didn't get in this condition in just one week.
  14. Skeeter Magoo

    I am so sorry, Paula. I know how much you loved your girl.