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Elizabeth Santanelli

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  1. Update on Storm!

    My cat, Storm, had broken his jaw. I wasn't sure how. The doctors think that he might have jumped out of a tree and landed on his chin. Guess they don't always land on their feet. I was in no positiion financially to handle the expenses of the surgery to place a wire in his jaw. Thanks to all the gracious donors of IMOM, he had his surgery yesterday and is doing great today. He ate his first full meal on his own this morning since it happened a few days ago! Thanks again to everyone at IMOM!!!!!! Elizabeth Santanelli
  2. Hi, Im Elizabeth Santanelli

    My cat, Storm, escaped from my home a few days ago. He managed to break his jaw. I brought him to the vet and they discovered that it was broken, the doctor said that he probably jumped out of a tree and landed on his chin. They don't think he was hit by a car because besides his jaw he is in great health. There was no way that I could after the x-rays and surgery that might be needed. I though for sure this meant a death sentence to my pet. I was crying my eyes out and decided that I needed to try everything I could before I gave up on saving him. I applied for IMOM. Hopefully, IMOM will be his saving grace. Please pray for Storm that everything works out for IMOM and he can be saved.