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  1. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hello Everyone! Smokey is doing real good, and healing just fine. Thank You! all again, for your prayers, and support. we love you.
  2. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    We are doing fine. Smokey is healing just fine. he sure does not like his cone, or taking his meds. But other than that he'll be OK. Hi everyone!
  3. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    We made it back from the Animal Hospital today. Smokey got his bandages off, and his drains removed. He still has to ware that cone for another week and a half. He seems to be doing a-little better . He goes back then, also to get his staples out. 4-5 Feet of snow for us in the last couple day's, that's been a-lot of fun.. We are doing fine, and really appreciate, all your help Angels, and IMOM. THANK YOU!
  4. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hello! Everyone. Smokey is doing fine, in his lamp shade. we are having trouble getting him to go #2 . He hasn't gone since we got him home. It must be from the pain meds. Anyways does anybody have any ideas for us on what we can do? their is alot of snow here, and it's quite an ordeal to go out and use the bathroom too. but we'll get bye on that, I just wish I knew how to make him go #2. He runs into everything with that darn cone, and tries to scrap things, to make it come off. I have to watch him every minute. well, we are open for ideas, on how to get him to have a bowel movement. Thanks..
  5. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    We made it home from the animal hospital, just as this big storm arrived. I want to again, thank all of you, for your support, encouragement, and prayers.. Smokey! has just eaten, and is laying down now. The poor boy, he's all bandaged-up, and looks like he just came home from the war, or something. And that big cone, just get's caught on everything, my-goodness, have I got my hands full, or what. I will try to post some pictures, in a day or two. so all is well here for now. Smokey goes back to the hospital, Saturday to have the drains removed.. God bless all of you..
  6. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hello Everyone! Smokey's surgery went well today.They are going to keep him over-night I will pick him up tomorrow morning. They had to remove the Ear Canal, and the Ear Drum, because of the condition of that area. I just finished talking to the vet, and he says that their are drains, and staples that will need to be removed, the drains next monday, and the staples in 2 weeks. He will come home in the morning with pain meds, and antibiotics. we hope that the weather holds here untill tomorrow morning. we just had a tornado come thru the beach city's and are expecting 2-3 feet of snow tomorrow. we are at the 5000 foot level. 4 big storms in a row. The doc say's that Smokey will be fine, and that his surgery went well. We will be able to get him first thing in the morning. So Thank You All again, and we will taking real good care of our boy Smokey , when he gets home. I will write more tomorrow....
  7. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hello again. Tomorrow is the big day for Smokey I will check back with everyone, After his surgery.
  8. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hello Everyone! No snow, just rain.. The snow is on it's way..California will be getting hit by a series of like 6 storms in a row, starting about an hour ago.. The temperature here now is 36. so as it rains, and the temp. drops, we'll get snow... I have 4-wheel drive, and I shouldn't have any problem getting Smokey to surgery, Tuesday... Smokey say's RAHRRRRRRRR! to you-all, and we'll holler at you guys tomorrow.
  9. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hello Everyone! Thank You Cindy! For all your help getting this all started. Smokey will have a better life because people like you, and Jennifer and, IMOM , and all the angels, really care, and don't mind using your time to help those of us, that are in a bad way. Smokey will be alot better, now that his ear will be surgically repaired. you guys are awesome.
  10. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hello Everyone! Jennifer,at IMOM was kind enough to post some Pic's of us, Thank You! Jennifer. We are expecting a storm tonight, but it warms my heart, to know that Smokey has no more worries, and that the ANGELS, from IMOM, have helped, give him a better life. THANK-YOU! We love-you.
  11. Smokey18

    Pictures from Home
  12. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Good Morning Everyone! Yes, that is rough, having to wait another week, for Smokey's surgery. But we waited this long, so another week, is not that bad. He's not on pain meds, they have me just flushing his ear , and continuing antibiotics, until his surgery. Give me a-little time today, and I will re-format some photos, to send you-all. We are getting ready for more snow tonite, and have a few chores to take care of first.
  13. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Smokey's Surgery, will be Jan. 19th 8:00 am.. Gone Fishin
  14. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    RAHRRR! RAHRRRRR! Thank-you! Jennifer! for the hug, Smokey say's. I Will be calling the vet first thing in the morning. and will let everyone know as soon as I hear, when he has to be there. THANKS! for your prayers, and support IMOM
  15. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    RAHRRRRRR! THANK YOU! CATPAWS! Smokey, and I are VERY interested in hearing more about JACK! Having gone thru ear surgery also. Did he also have his ear canal removed? What do we have to look forward too, as far as after surgery? I'm happy that JACK Made it thru, with no problems. Thank you for your prayers, and support.