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  1. Hey Isley, glad to know you, daddy and grandma are doing good! My little girl Lulu has skin allergies and needs medicated shampoo, Malaseb to help her control them. I buy it from Canada as its cheaper than at the vet. And, like your daddy, I, too, have kidney disease, so I can empathize what you are going through! So glad you are doing well and hanging in there, you and daddy need each other! Take care and lots of love, Christine
  2. Isley and Darryl - so happy you are hanging in there! It seems that things keep happening to you but you keep going and that is the main thing. And Isley, you are so handsome, even if your vet does say you are geriatric, you are one good looking ole guy! I am one of your sponsors so I love to see you are well. Hoping that this is a wonderful season for you and that 2017 brings you both the very best and better health and lots of love
  3. Hey Isley, i'm happy you are keeping your man Darryl on a retractable leash, they do come in useful when having to walk with big guys. Sounds like you are feeling better, hopefully with good weather coming you can get out and about more. Christine
  4. Any updates as to where we are with Isley's sponsorship now?
  5. Ok Isley, my man, everybody is against it these days, but I think my little pack of ragamuffins can extend to a $35 monthly donation..going to sign up now...Christine,
  6. Match sent in, let the dancing begin! Thanks to all the generous hearts out there. May you all be blessed this season and in the New Year....Christine
  7. I would like Brownie to be better and home for XMAS with his family. I will match the next $225 ..let's get this boy into surgery! Christine
  8. Ok so I sent in the match and a little bit more which I hope will take Frankie to AFR. Happy thanksgiving to all! Christine
  9. What a beautiful pittie, so gorgeous and so deserving of love and spoiling. I'll match the next $175 for Frankie. Please take my money in the true spirit of Thanksgiving...Christine
  10. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Rosiebud, you are doing a wonderful job with your healing energy, keep it going! Christine
  11. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Lauren, don't give up hope yet, the universe can turn in a second. It's still early on the west coast. Your vet sounds very compassionate and doing all she can to help. Think positive thoughts, there are a lot of people with you in this. I'm not giving up and I 'm counting my pennies to do another matching challenge
  12. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Ok I sent in the $200 match
  13. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Come on Angels, let's get Cujo well! I'm issuing a matching $200 challenge..who's in for some of that? Please Cujo deserves to have many more happy days with his family...Christine
  14. I am heartbroken about this news. Hopefully, the doctor can give you some idea of how much time she has left and what can be done to improve that quality. My girl Tuppence was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on her spleen/liver but still enjoyed a year plus of a good lifestyle and happy
  15. UC Davis is really the place for Paige. They have all of the equipment and the expertise. They should be able to give you an accurate diagnosis and go forward action plan and because they are a teaching facility there is less corporate financial motivation. I really can't think of anywhere better out on the west coast. I've gone to several of the big specialist facilities in the Bay Area in the past and they can be often quick to recommend costly tests. And it doesn't hurt to ask about cancellations but they often set appointments based on when the expert in that area is available. I have always found them being very willing to work with finances, there is really a great amount of compassion for animals and their human companions. And I too have put aside funds for Paige. Imom is always here for Paige!