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  1. Long time no see!! Just posted some new pics of Bocephus. After 2 years he is HUGE!! My email is still the same: eminnette25@hotmail.com find me on facebook Monica Spraker Wilkins

  2. Zoom Manly

    Dearest Susan, I am so sorry to hear Miss Zoom has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Please know she is healthy and whole now, My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through the days and weeks ahead. And know that Miss Zoom is patiently
  3. Bandit McLean

    Just checking in on you and Mr. Bandit. I hope you're doing well!
  4. Tanner Smith

    Ohhhhhhhhh Beth, I'm sorry to hear you have so much going on!!! Please know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. They should give you a sedative for the sleep study, but most doctors seldom do. Then they expect you to sleep while you're wired up like an electronics nightmare. I've never understood that, but people have them all the time. I do agree that you should have had a spinal tap to confirm MS, and while those aren't comfortable at all, it would be worth it to know for sure about having MS or not. I'm glad to hear Tanner's vomiting is better--I can see him now looking for more treats! I hope his internal alarm clock is letting you get some degree of sleep. You certainly need it with all you have going on. Take care of yourself and know that lots of prayers and hugs are coming your way!
  5. Hi Cindy, Just checking in to see how the little boys are doing. Glad to hear Tuck had a better night--even with the GM--it doesn't sound like he had you up as much as the night before. I'm glad to hear neuro can see him sooner than later--even if the Gabapentin is helping by then, it's still good that they can get him in sooner. I hope all goes well today with the derm appts. Keep your chin up--things are going to get better! Give the boys belly rubs and ear scratchies and lots of love! I'll ttys!
  6. Mary needs surgery on two legs

    Hi Kerry, She is beautiful! I have to agree with you on the overzealousness with the shaving. That's going to itch like crazy when it starts growing back. I'm hoping the popping you're hearing is just from the meniscus being removed and nothing more serious. Let us know how she's doing! Have a good day!
  7. Hi Tammy, Jay, and Reece! Just stopping by to say hello and see how little Reecey's eye is doing. I hope it's improving! Have a good week and I'll ttys!!
  8. Hi Steve and Smokey! Just stopping by to say hello and to wish Smokey the very best on his surgery Tuesday! He's waited a long time for this, and I'm praying his surgery is successful. Please let us know how he's doing afterwards. He might want to tell us himself.....
  9. Hi Cindy, Poor little Tucker!! I was hoping to read his neurons had settled down. I know you have to be exhausted--it sounds like you've had busy night with the little one. Please know you're in my thoughts and prayers! Tell the boys hello and lots of love and hugs coming to all of you!
  10. Zoom Manly

    Hi Susan and Zoom! Glad to hear she's home and you were both able to get some much needed rest. Yes, I admit, I asked K2 for advice on the e-tube for you--just looking out for you and Ms. Zoom! Thanks so much for the info K2! And a calm approach is best so Ms. Zoom can focus all her energy on getting better! The e-tubes sound so much like what I've worked with in humans--preventing a clogged tube is key!! I've used warm, not hot, water to unclog them--and for really stubborn clogs, a little coca-cola. Again--ask your vet before using the coca-cola!! I'm speaking strictly from what I've used dealing with humans. I've also found, as K2 said, frequent flushing of the tube, as well as pulverizing the pills and mixing with warm water helps them go in much easier and helps prevent clogging the tube. Sometimes I put pills in hot water and let them dissolve completely, then administer the mixture once the water has cooled down. As always, check with your vet with any questions. I'm hoping she'll eat for you, but am glad the e-tube is in place in case she gets finicky. Please know you are thought about and lots of love and prayers being sent your way. Tell Ms. Zoom to hang in there!!
  11. Raven DeRamo needs surgery for slipped discs

    How is little Raven doing? I'm sure she's enjoying being able to run and jump again! Wanted to let you know you're thought about!
  12. Zoom Manly

    I'm sorry to hear Zoom has been so sick. I hope you'll have her home and eating on her own soon! Please know you're in my thoughts and prayers!!! I hope you're feeling better soon too!
  13. Hi Tucker, You're having a really tough time these last few days...poor little guy! Here's something to help you feel better and maybe get you back on the train. Your mommy loves you so much and wants you to feel better soon, as do all of us! We're sending out many prayers for your neurons to rest quietly for many days to come! Justie--Congratulations! Now whisper sweet things to your brother's neurons and help him get back on the train! Cindy--sending and lots of to you and the boys!
  14. Mary needs surgery on two legs

    Hello Kerry and Mary! Welcome to IMOM! I've been crazy busy with work this week and haven't had much time to post. I'm soooooooo thrilled to hear Mary had all funds raised and a successful surgery in such a short amount of time!! Way to go IMOM angels!! I hope Mary is having a good day! We look forward to her pictures!
  15. Bandit McLean

    Just stopping by to see how Mr. Bandit and you are doing. Is he being a good kitty and taking his pills? I sure hope he doesn't have you looking all over for them. Have a good day and I'll TTYS!!