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  1. Buffy lived with chronic IVDD for many years. Robaxin (muscle relaxant) twice a day and monthly acupuncture worked wonders, along with a Chinese herbal tablet called Supple Spine.
  2. Cindy, I have very sad news. Our vet came to our house at 7am this morning and put Buffy to sleep. After 15 years and 5 months of a wonderful healthy life, and 8 months after her lymphoma diagnosis, Buffy just ran out of good times. The vet put her to sleep lying on her own memory foam mattress in her own living room, with our other two dogs milling around to comfort her. So her spirit has moved from a sick separate body into my heart, where she will always be healthy and safe and can accompany me everywhere. All best, Michele
  3. WBCs regenerate quickly. Whenever Buffy had a low WBC, we simply waited a few days and repeated the CBC. Her WBC had always come back up by then, and then we continued treatment.
  4. Hi Cindy, Definitely use the gloves to administer, and the official recommendation is that humans and other animals should avoid touching his urine, feces, or vomit for 24 hours after he receives the med, as some of it is excreted and is mildly toxic. However, with multiple dogs going to the bathroom in the same places, I just ignored that part and let them do their normal things. But if Buffy had vomited or had an accident in the house, I would have put on the latex gloves to clean it up.
  5. Yes, Buffy's leukeran was compounded and Wedgewood is the best veterinary compounding pharmacy. I use them to compound Mouse's meds too -- her gabapentin and omeprazole. They ship them directly to my house. And yes, Buffy stayed on pred when taking the leukeran. Hugs to you!
  6. Cindy, you mentioned the possibility of Justice going on Leukeran if other meds didn't help him. Leukeran is the brand name for chlorambucil and as you know, it is a drug used for chemo. In fact, it is one of the main drugs used for lymphoma, and Buffy had several doses of it. She didn't have any side effects at all. You do need to check CBCs regularly because it can sometimes cause a drop in white blood cells, which can leave a dog more susceptible to infection. But in many dogs, it is used as a low-dose, every-other-day drug for months and months with no side effects. As chemo drugs go, it is one of the mildest ones. So try not to be too concerned. All best, Michele
  7. Pics! Here is Ralph and Buffy winning the Owner-Dog Look Alike Contest at a county fair many years ago. And Mouse and Buffy, also from some years ago. :-)
  8. Hope to see you, too! It's been a long time. Dr F is usually on time, so I'm pretty sure we will be gone well before 11:30, but you never know. Mouse's condition continues to deteriorate as far as weakness in her front legs -- she keeps collapsing -- but she is still trying to run around and she eats like a pig and remains interested in life, so that's something. (Mouse is a 14 yr old chihuahua with severe syringomyelia, a brain and spinal cord disease, for those reading this who don't know her.) Buffy is no longer doing chemo, as it failed to keep her lymphoma in remission. She is being treated with Chinese medicine and supplements and though she continues to eat and follow us around, she is slowing down and showing signs that the end is not too far off. She is nearing her 15 year and 3 month birthday, a good long life. At least it looks like the weather on Monday will be good for driving.
  9. Hi Cindy, we will be at Medvet on Mon at 10:30 to see Dr Fenner.
  10. Merry Christmas, Cindy, Justice, and Tucker (he's there). Mouse is doing pretty well, holding her own. Buffy, unfortunately, is losing her fight with lymphoma after 3 months of doing well with chemo. She developed resistance to the common drugs and we are unwilling to risk the more aggressive ones with their higher risks of side effects. But she made it to her 15th birthday, and she made it to Christmas, and our last milestone is for her to make it to 2015. She is still playful and eating well. We miss visiting with you at Medvet....though that does odd, since none of us really wants our dogs to need a trip to Medvet. But you know what I mean. All best, Michele
  11. Help Please Maggie is suffering...my baby girl

    I am very sorry to hear about Maggie. Start calling vets immediately -- every vet in your phone book -- and explain the situation, ask them if they can come to your home or if they can refer you to a vet who makes house calls. If you can't find one, call a dog rescue group in your area (or a friend or neighbor -- you must have a friend or neighbor with a car) and ask if they can help you take Maggie to the vet. Whether she is scared or not, you cannot just let her keep suffering.
  12. Prayers being said for Justice.
  13. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    Hi Deidra, Poor Rozay. How did he get into the road? Did he escape from your yard? How did he get his name?
  14. Really laughed at this one! Truly inspired.
  15. What did the vet say about your dog? You never mentioned that.