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  1. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Looking forward to hearing what UC Davis has to offer in comparison, but I have a GSD internet friend who lives out there and has said their prices are not much better than all the other incredibly priced vetting fees in CA. In fact the costs for diagnostics were 2x what they would have been at Cornell - same tests, same setup. When she guessed how much Ava's liver surgery was she guessed 3x what I paid - because it was a surgery (thank goodness it was not that)! Not to be Debbie Downer, but that's what I have heard - so people don't get their hopes up-but that's what I've seen. I remember the first time I saw a VIP case for similar eye surgery and thought oh, all dogs get cataracts, not knowing the difference. Right now I have my German Shepherd (and her sister, my foster dog!) on eye drops to prevent blindness from a genetic condition known as pannus (Bella only has plasmoma - which is the better form to get). Those drops over a lifetime will cost a considerable amount of money (but thankfully not the $3-5,000 that I have figured it out to be all at once) but will keep both girls (hopefully) from going blind. So now I get it - lol - it's all about me! Good luck to this adorable little Pom - some day I am going to foster one because I think they are the cutest. Maybe posting a link on one of these groups to here - some sound fancy schmancy but maybe a couple might help: http://pets.dir.groups.yahoo.com/dir/1600042575 http://www.dogster.com/group/Pampered_pomeranians-1036 just be careful posting - you don't know these people/trustworthiness May know of additional resources (and would probably love to know that someone isn't asking them to fix the problem!) http://www.pomeranianrescuegroup.org/ Facebook too...
  2. Rachel Blue Gulley

    Wow. That is scary - I don't know why they eat some things, but they certainly do. Now you know she will do it at least - I hope her condition has been upgraded to good already. Kim said it - your testimonial is wonderful. IMOM is amazing.
  3. Hugo Jade

    Wow - new board?!?!!? Or are my eyes really getting weird? Kim - thank you so much for donating in memory of Kramer and Moo and in honor of Ava. SO appreciated because Hugo and his buddies look like they could be friends with both packs! The liver is pretty amazing and able to "regenerate" so well. Just hold still till AFR, Hugo.
  4. Hugo Jade

    Hugo the kitty helper - he is adorable. What a good boy - I had a senior with a liver tumor removal and he lived another 13 great months which was huge - to 16! And just in January my little Ava had one removed (I had a neighbor who used tons of chemicals in his lawn - and I suspect that but regardless). Ava says you're pretty cute there Hugo...like my haircut? She is rooting for him to get to AFR soon!
  5. I think if you haven't, go here: http://www.imom.org//fa/step2-carecredit.htm because you have gotten this far. Good luck to you and Tidus!
  6. Shiloh: Dog with Severely Broken Leg

    Poor baby Shiloh...so sad... I will send her around with my Rocco email.
  7. Please let Justice know that there are hungry doggies in NY (well, not hungry, but will always eat) who would like to eat his supper if he doesn't...so he'd better try it. And if not them, I'll eat it! (I used to do that with Kramer - I read it in a book - stick my face in the bowl and pretend to eat it first so he would know I was "boss" riiiiiiiiight). As always, thinking and hoping for you guys as a giant conga line of pets here sends all the good, hungry thoughts and system soothing wishes we can. Amazed, as always by you. Jean
  8. Testimonials (several in one thread)

    Annalise... I offered to foster Anna after she had to leave her foster with another rescue, was being fostered in TN, where she ran away. I said if you can catch her, I would like to help her. I had been following her story since seeing her posted in an urgent section on a GSD board. Amazingly, they caught her (even more amazing to me once I met her). However, she'd been shot. The vet down there just noted some swelling, but when she got here, and to my vet, the look on his face during her exam told me something else was wrong. When he took her back to see the other vet, I knew it couldn't be good. Annalise had a heart murmur. They sent her for an ultrasound, and I started fundraising for the rescue. I got that bill covered but they couldn't figure out what was causing the murmur. Back to my vet for x-rays, still no answer, fundraising covered that. To Cornell, more fundraising, and more confusion. Her breastbone was covering the area that needed to be checked. They needed a new piece of equipment to be delivered, then they would be able to see what was going on. Estimate was anywhere up to $3,500. OH NO. For a rescue, for one dog, that was likely unadoptable...this could hurt other dogs in need. Back to fundraising. Someone asked me if I had tried IMOM. My mom? No, IMOM. I-what? So I went home and searched and found it. I read through the forum, read about the Love Bug grant, read through the application instructions and sent my application in for that grant. I told Anna's story. Within minutes (seconds?) I got an email back from Jacki saying that this dog has suffered too much, and that they would put her in the general fundraising section where they could give more. To say I was relieved to have a partner in fundraising was an understatement. I was at the point of...not being able to do think of more to do...and under pressure to take her somewhere else, which would have been a life threatening error. IMOM allowed Annalise to go to Cornell. Cornell saved her life. IMOM saved Anna's life, all the donors here, and the people who helped in the fundraising efforts elsewhere, are why Annalise fancy prances, tail held high, plays, gets petting and gives kisses, and brings joy to me each day. You can't put a price on that, but, in real life, there is a price for the incredible surgical gymnastics that allowed her to be here, and IMOM will forever be in my heart. Thank you all; Jacki, volunteers, donors, fellow PINS.
  9. Smokey, 5 yr old German Shepherd

    Hi guys! I love Smokey!!! He's gorgeous. When my littler dog (she thinks she is a German Shepherd though when she sees one) had surgery she did get bound up with the painkillers. I gave her some canned food and water in like a soup....so she would drink. That seemed to help her. But give the vet a call if you can just to ask in case they have something that they do. The other part of it is that they seem to need to move before they...move their bowels so if he's having trouble getting around with the cone and the snow, that's going to make it harder to do. I was able to take the cone off (BUT don't know if you should for an ear thing) to do leash walks to let them do the walk, circle, circle for the poops. Good luck!
  10. Dopey Davila

    WOW! That is excellent news! Happy Thanksgiving little Dopey!
  11. It was hard to come back to this thread with the last post of mine. Thank you Michelle. I miss those guys so much. BUT Anna said count your blessings and I needed to come back and thank everyone for Annalise. A very content little girl she is: Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Dopey Davila

    Sending $25 in Judy! Thanks for the huge incentive! Do you remember that book? It made me want a Cocker Spaniel...of course that didn't last long, but they are adorable!
  13. Dopey Davila

    Great post about Dopey! Did I miss it or how did you name him? Judy (and anyone else, but I kind of suspect she might) do you remember this book? http://www.amazon.com/Champion-dog-Prince-...z/dp/B0007G5J6W That's who he reminds me of, Champion Dog Prince Tom.
  14. Tyson Bragg

    Mary I just stopped in to check on you and saw the beautiful website! WONDERFUL! Thinking of you at Thanksgiving time.
  15. Dopey Davila

    Checking in on Dopey. Such a good boy to be so sweet and in so much pain.