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  1. Saving Halos Life

    aw she is so cute..good luck with her..this organization is fantastic..They saved my Max a couple of months ago. thanks god for IMOM.. Pam xoxoxox
  2. Hi, Im Pebbles

    Hi IMOM came through for me. Good Luck, I know how waiting can be for you..:>) Pam
  3. Armandina

    My Max had the same problem. IMOM came through for me as I hope they will for you. Please be patient. They are good people.
  4. Just thought I woudl come by and wish all of IMOM the best new years. You have saved Maxes life and made it possible for him to be with us during the holiday. I will never forget you guys..keep up the great work xoxox from the Lipkints..Pam, Hillary, David, Sammy, Angel and Max...
  5. Chimaira

    Aww, she is so pretty. I know the waiting game is tough, but keep up the faith. My prayers are with you. xoxoxo
  6. My prayers are with you. This organization has saved Maxes life. Keep up the faith. xoxoxo
  7. An Angel for Daisy

    I am so happy for you. I know how important this organization has for been for Max and me. I will keep my eyes opened for her progress. My prayers are with you..xoxoxo
  8. Max

    I just want to let all know Max is doing really good. I would say he is all back to normal with the exception of the peeing at every corner. I gave Max a bath and noticed stitches were left from his surgery. I took him to the vet and the inside stitches were coming through without dissolving from the inside. So he is just fine now..love to all PS. As I was drying my Jap Chin, I noticed her nails needed to be cut. She always digs with her paws, so I noticed under her nails became very dirty..Heads up to check...
  9. Please Pray For Pookie

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. My prayers are with you and Pookie. i agree it is so hard when you loving pet gets sick..xoxoxo
  10. Our Baby Girl Gabby

    Oh I hope Gabby is OK. The people at IMOM are heaven sent..They saved Maxes life..Good luck
  11. Snoopy Melgar, all fund raised!

    Yes Pat the angels have come. Thank god for this organization. it saved my Maxi
  12. Snoopy Melgar, all fund raised!

    I am so glad your is on her way to help. My Cearer (a cocker that was as wide as an end table) didn't make it. He was slowly ran over and gone before he knew what was going on. Good luck with your baby. He is home yay!!!!!
  13. My Baby Girl

    I am so sorry that happened. Very large dogs will make big wounds. good luck :>)