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  1. Lilly Whitacre - Soon to be spayed!

    IMOM received a request for assistance with the spaying of kitty Lilly and is happy to pledge $20 to help with her surgery. Lilly's family took her and her 2 litter mates in as kittens to help save them. Her family found her 2 litter mates homes, and are keeping Lilly to help fill out their fur family. Here is what Lilly's family had to say: Thanks to you, our generous donors, we can help jumpstart Lilly's life with a spay surgery! Lilly's family will be along soon to post their introduction and updates about Lilly's procedure.
  2. Katherine First off, pets are not property. They are not it or that. You were helped with Paige through the gracious generousity of IMOM's donors. You were not then, and are not now "entitled" to anything. IMOM existed to help you with your pretty girl Paige. We went out of our way to help you, and we continue to help other animals despite your wishes to spend our donors money on Paige's cremation. Try for a moment to consider that moment when you learned that you would lose your precious Paige. Remember what it felt like, not being able to breathe? We know that pain EVERY DAY as we walk owners through trying to help their pets. While I understand your pain and frustration, your need to lash out at the organization who volunteered to go through this pain with you is beyond me. Take your sadness, which will pass over time, turn off your computer, and stop abusing IMOM. Vicky T
  3. We got a call early this afternoon from All About Pet Care, a vet located near Cincinnati, Ohio. They had a client with a little Pom mix who had a bad eye. This Mom and Dad had brought their little Ralphy in, and they only had $200. Lucky for them, their vet is exactly what their name says, All About Pet Care. They had heard of IMOM before, and they knew that Ralphy's Mom and Dad did not have Internet access at home, so the vet contacted us themselves. They applied for a Luv Bug Grant (only made available due to donations to our Visually Impaired Pet fund - thank you to our donors!) this afternoon. Our committee was able to quickly review their request, and pledge the necessary $300 to get Ralphy the surgery he desperately needed. There are pictures attached, but please know, the "Before" picture is a little graphic. The "After" picture is really good though, Ralphy looks so much better! Ralphy was able to have surgery late this afternoon, and is now recovering, paws crossed with no complications! We can make emergency pledges like this due to our generous donors. If you can, please consier a Donation to IMOM, so we can continue to help poor little pups like Ralphy. Thank you for taking the time to read about Ralphy. Vicky T
  4. Today we got a call from a very understanding vet at Bellerose Animal Clinic in New York. They had a client, an 8 year old very pretty tuxedo cat named Mittens. Mitten's Mom and Dad, had spent all their funds (and some that were borrowed) on Mitten's initial blockage this weekend. When Mittens came into the vet on Saturday, the vet tried to use a catheter to relieve the blockage. When the vet checked the catheter, they found out that it had not fixed the problem, and in fact had become stuck and they could not pull it out. After further x-rays and exams, they determined that Mittens had severe bladder stones, and was in danger of death if surgery could not be performed. Mittens Mom and Dad reached out to IMOM during the weekend, and the vet completed the process this morning. While the estimate was too far out of reach for a full pledge, and too urgent to fundraise, the vet graciously accepted a $500 pledge from IMOM and worked out a payment plan with Mitten's family. Mittens had surgery this afternoon, and we are anxiously awaiting to here - and really hoping - that surgery went well and Mittens is relaxing and getting better. Please understand that our pledge was only available to save Mittens life because of donors like you. Donating to our General Fund is what enables us to help save lives and keep happy cats like Mittens with their loving families. Thank you to everyone again for helping us save lives, once life at a time, as many times as possible! Vicky T
  5. Mustard Hill is a 7 month old kitty (kitten really). Mustard had a unknown trauma to his side, causing a really bad abdominal hernia. Mustard's Mom spent her last available $70 to get him checked out, and he started vomiting blood and became very lethargic. The only vet open on the weekends was an emergency vet, so IMOM pledged the required amount to get Mustard into the hospital overnight, stabilized, and on fluids. This amount (available only because of our awesome donors) was $558.75. Mustard did well overnight, and was successfully transferred to a vet who could do the repair surgery for the abdominal hernia this morning. Lucky for us, the new vet with the surgery was very understanding, and the original estimated amount from the surgery ($~3600) at the emergency vet dropped to a reasonable (although hard hitting to the General Fund) $732.34. Mustard should be going into surgery as we speak, to help save his life and let him return to his loving family. This is what Mustard's Mom had to say about him: My 7 month old cat is named Mustard. He's so special to me because he is the first born frim a litter that I helped to deliver. He is the sweetest cat, and loves people. My poor Mustard is suffering from a Abdominal Hernia and needs surgery right away. The vet says it is due to trauma that has damaged his abdominal organs and wall. I am not able to pay, and there are no payment plans available. I love my cat, and I can't bear to see him be euthanized. We desperately need your help. From this weekend to this afternoon, IMOM has pledged $1,291.09 to help try and save Mustard's life. Please keep Mustard in your thoughts as his family waits to hear the results of his surgery this afternoon. Thank you again for your continued support to both IMOM and the PINs. Without the IMOM Angels support, helping these pets would not be an option. We really want to extend our thank yous to those of you that donate to the GF (general fund). This fund allows us in emergencies to help these pets seek treatment they would not otherwise obtain. If you are interested in making a donation to the GF you can go to: http://www.imom.org/donation/index.htm You can either make a one time GF donation or a monthly reoccurring donation! Any dollar amount is appreciated. Vicky T
  6. Cookie Knight is at the Bridge :(

    Jamie Evening. I would say good evening, but I think you probably aren't finding many things too good right now. I am an IMOM volunteer, and I also run a cat rescue, a relocation sanctuary for feral cats. I have been in and out the veterinary community for close to 20 years now. I sit on 3 boards for 3 different universities, mainly for documenting case studies for research. Two years ago I assisted in a research study for our group, and our focus was FIP. I know that Laurie has already told you about FIV, and the details about it. So I will let you know a little bit about FIP. There are 2 forms of FIP, commonly known as 'wet' and 'dry'. FIP is very hard to diagnose as the 'dry' version due to the fact that it so closely mimics FIV and Feline AIDs. FIP in the 'wet' version is easier to diagnose, but unfortunately that does not help. The 'wet' version builds up fluid in the abdominal cavity, which applies pressure to the organs, and stops blood from flowing as it is suppose to. This can be diagnosed using an ultrasound, and often you can visually see the build up of fluid. It really does pain me to tell you this, but there is no cure or treatment for either version of FIP. I can tell you, with certainty, that FIP is NOT CONTAGIOUS. By no means can your other cats "catch" this disease from Cookie. FIP, in either form, is heredity. It is passed on to the kitten before the kitten is born. In a litter with an FIP positive Mom or Dad, there is a 1 in 4 chance that one of the litter has contracted the virus. There is a common misbelief that FIP can be contracted similar to FIV. This is not true. FIP is passed in the little one's DNA prior to birth. There is no other way to "catch" FIP. One shining ray of hope, your other kittens are safe from this. I wish I had better news for you, for Cookie. Personally I have had 4 of our feral babies come up with FIP, and all the 'wet' version. Every time I lose one for a disease that I can do nothing about, it's like a hole in my heart that the wind blows through while I have to watch them go. I invested a lot of time trying to find out everything possible about this horrible disease, only to find out that the research is right. Nothing will save Cookie, but Cookie will know how hard you tried, and how much you still care. Just reading your posts and knowing how hard you have tried to help Cookie brings me strength, happiness, and resounding sadness for you. Please know, you tried everything that anyone could try, and that's all our fur kids ask from us, because that's what they give us. I hope this information helps bring some comfort to you Jamie. I know eventually the hole in your heart will heal, and Cookie will always be a part of what patches it. Vicky
  7. Player Jimenez

    A quick update on Player this afternoon. We got a call from the vet, letting us know that Player was there to get the wire removed from his jaw. The only problem was that the original estimate wasn't high enough, and they needed another $229 for the removal of the wire. Player's Mom didn't have the funds, and was completely taken by surprise. The vet unfortunately was not willing to budge on the fact that their original estimate was short, and they sent Player home without any treatment. The vet contacted us, and although Player's case was closed, we could not let him suffer with a wire in his jaw that needed removed. So, IMOM pledged the extra $229 to help Player reach a full recovery, thanks to our generous and loving donors. Our General Fund took the hit on this one, but it was worth it for Player to continue his life, and not have a wire stuck in his mouth. We weren't really happy with the vet, but not much we can do, we always try to err on the side of making sure the pet is safe and secure. Thanks again to all of our angels who make taking care of bad situations like this possible! Vicky T
  8. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Just wanted to let every one know that we are at ALL FUNDS RAISED!!!! Thank you so much, thank you to the IMOM angels who make magic happen for the little furry loves of our lives! We will make sure that Lily's Mommy knows and hopefully Lily can get in right away tomorrow morning. Vicky T
  9. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    The title has been edited to read Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Hope that's correct. Sorry for the wrong title earlier, it gets a little crazy here when we are trying to get a little girl like Lily up everywhere. Please let me know if I need to edit the title to read more correctly. Thank you! Paws crossed for Lily. Vicky T
  10. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Quick fund raising update: we have raised $160 so far. We still need $755.20 to save this little girl! Please help if you can, donate as much as you can spare to save this little girls life! Please help. Vicky T
  11. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Thank you angels, the magic is beginning to stir here. Lily's Mom has sent us another picture of Lily. Please, any donation matters at this point to save Lily's life. Vicky T
  12. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Hello Angels - Lily's Mom is on her way home, and is posting mobile, so we are going to post this picture for her until she gets back to a regular computer so she can begin to post images. Please consider a donation for Lily, she has a wonderful loving family. Please help her. Vicky T
  13. Lily Leopold - Intestinal Blockage

    Diagnosis: Intestinal Blockage Treatment required: Exploratory Surgery Low end of estimate: $1530 Less applicant contribution: $150 Less IMOM Pledge: $500 Needed for low end of estimate: $880 4% for IMOM operating expenses: $35.20 Fundraising goal: $915.20 Spayed: Yes Caseworker: Kyle/Vicky T All funds have been donated! Thanks to all who helped Lily is a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She has an intestinal blockage that she has been dealing with for 5 days now. Her Mom has spent her last $500 on treatment to try and help, with fluids and medications. Her Mom does not have the necessary funds for surgery, so she has come to the IMOM angels for help saving her Lily. Lily is in risk of losing her life if she cannot get this blockage taken care of by surgery today. Lily's regular vet cannot perform the surgery until Thursday, so Lily is at an emergency vet. The emergency vet will not take a simple pledge of a partial amount, IMOM has already tried. We really do need to raise this full amount, and very, very, quickly. Donations of any size can be made at our Donations page, please mark your gift "Lily Leopold" or if you prefer our PayPal address is paypal@imom.org This little girl is very sick, and still young, with plenty of years of great, loving family time left! Please help Lily get the life saving surgery she needs. We have very little time and this is a lot to raise quickly, no donation is too small. If you can't donate, you can still help by sharing Lily's forum page through social networking. Thank you, Kyle/Vicky T
  14. Buster is a little golden retriever mix, only 4 months old. Buster's family adopted him in November of 2011 from their local shelter, and have fallen in love with him as he became part of the family. There was an accident on Friday, and Buster got badly injured on his front legs.There is severe trauma to the skin, and possibly a broken femoral head. Buster has been receiving treatment since Friday, but his Mom had exhausted her funds to get him treated right away. She reached out to IMOM over the weekend, to see if we could help with his necessary surgery. We spoke with the vet, and were able to negotiate a lower rate for Buster's surgery. The vet was great, and didn't want to see this little pup suffer any longer. Combined with Buster's Mom's last $500, IMOM has pledged $500 from the General Fund. Buster will be in surgery tomorrow as a result of our pledge, and Buster's Mom's savings. This is what Buster's Mom had to say this morning: "We rescued Buster in November 2011 and he has been a delight to my son and my life. He has a unique and funny personality about him and is so adorable. Our house has not been the same since last Friday, its entirely to quiet and not able to see his adorable face." Without our donors, we would not have had the chance to make sure that Buster continues on his young life with his special family. Thank you so much to our generous donors for giving their money and time to IMOM. If you would like to make a donation to help replenish the General Fund in Buster's name, please click here and mark your donation for Buster Smith. Thank you again to Buster's Mom for trying so hard, and to our wonderful donors for keeping IMOM going and available for pets in need like Buster. Vicky T
  15. Walter - Cat In Acute Renal Failure

    Happy to report that Walter has $355 in donations! Keep the magic coming in for this baby. His owners have worked so hard for Walter, keep the kind thoughts, prayers, and donations coming in! We will keep updating throughout the night as we are able. Vicky T