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  1. Shadow Ropel

    Oh that's wonderful, Pat! We're going to call it "Send a Sailor to Sea!" I will provide lots of information about IMOM as I promote it. I'll put the website out but I'm not going to count on people going there; I'll print out information from your site (especially about sweet little Shadow, who will be the official "mascot!" Shadow is still in the hospital, recovering well but he's been through a lot and they're being cautious about sending him home. This means that the cat hospital has taken on a lot of expenses that they have just absorbed. There aren't enough good words for that place -- Or THIS place!!!
  2. Shadow Ropel

    We had another update from the vet today. Shadow continues to do very well. However, since he has had so much surgery -- amputation, repair of the hernia and neutering -- they are going to keep him another couple of days. Shadow's mother raised another $60 on her own on very short notice -- it may be more, I'm not sure. I know I have another $10. I have not heard back from IMOM.org yet about whether they are OK with my idea of the Sail-A-Thon but I will not be seeking sponsors from the IMOM site. This site does such a phenomenal job of raising money in its own way and I don't want to distract from that in any way! But I have discussed the idea at my sailing club and people are very, very enthusiastic about it. So please let me know. Email me if you need more information. All funds raised will either be in the form of a check made out to IMOM by donaters, or uploaded by the donaters.
  3. Shadow Ropel

    I won't have a report on how marvelously Shadow is doing today. The hospital is staffed but they don't answer the phone on Sunday. However, I hope to have Shadow's Mom online later on so she can tell you first hand what this has meant to her.
  4. Shadow Ropel

    Update for Saturday: Shadow is recovering BEAUTIFULLY! They had to move him to a larger space because he was figuring out how to walk around as a "tripod cat." They put him in the larger space and he immediately started walking around. He's "got it!" He probably won't be coming home from the cat hospital until Tuesday but he's doing wonderfully. Shadow's mother had the garage sale with her neighbors today. I went and they had a huge amount of stuff, cupcakes and brownies as well as lemonade, and a collection jar for Shadow. I don't know how much more there will be to donate but Shadow's mom is doing everything in her power to raise more money for IMOM.
  5. Shadow Ropel

    It has been extremely difficult for Shadow's owner and I to get together. I hope everyone will forgive! I tried to upload a picture of Shadow being held by the surgical vet but it wouldn't go up. He was NOT a happy kitty at that time. I am overjoyed to report that Shadow came through the surgery beautifully. This afternoon by 4PM he was already learning to walk on three legs, welcomed attention from the staff and was eating well. You just can't ask for more!! Shadow's owner and her friends and neighbors are still fundraising. We'll need to know from IMOM how to donate that to their general fund. Best of all, someone had an unexpected windfall and covered some extra surgery they found needed once they got in there -- a hernia caused by his accident. The vet went ahead and did it, knowing that this place had already worked a miracle and that the miracles would keep on coming. They did. I promise Shadow's mom will be posting soon, but she'll be busy tomorrow selling lemonade, brownies and cupcakes at the garage sale to raise money.
  6. Shadow Ropel

    Kelly and I had faith that we could do it, and so did the vet. The surgery is a go for them. There is more money coming in. Not sure how much yet but I believe we will do it. Thank you sooooo much! You've saved a wonderful cat for a wonderful person.
  7. Shadow Ropel

    I have had a long and active day, which with the TREMENDOUS support here, included taking Shadow to the hospital to get ready for his surgery -- YAYYYY!!! The vet has been soooo generous. She is neutering him for free, updating his shots, and since the little sneak got outside (grin), checking him for worms and fleas. They aren't charging for a lot -- his stay today, and (I think) his weekend stay there as well. He went in this morning so they could put a pain patch on him and make sure it has fully "kicked in" by the time he wakes up from his surgery tomorrow. Shadow's mom has had some great fundraising ideas. Someone is having a garage sale at her apartment complex, and Kelly is setting up a lemonade stand -- hey, shopping at garage sales is hot work in Florida! And she's baking brownies to sell. She also wants to quit smoking, and neighbors often "borrow" cigarettes from her, so at the garage sale she's selling her cigarettes for 15 cents each to help her quit smoking while raising money for Shadow. She has also collected donations from some of her neighbors and her landlord, and I will be sending that in on Monday. Even if we've reached our goal for Shadow by then, I'm sure IMOM can find a use for it (smile). Kelly will be making a long post tomorrow about what all this means to her. You have all been so tremendously generous. I am so touched! I'll be putting a picture up of Shadow in a little bit. The surgical tech is holding him and he doesn't look very happy. The next picture will be so much better! God bless you all.
  8. Shadow Ropel

    I am so moved I am in tears. I have heard of "Bike-a-thons" and "Walk-a-thons." Well, I belong to a community of boaters and I would like to have a "Sail-a-thon" in IMOM's honor. Each person would pledge to sail so many miles in a month, and gather subscribers who would pledge a dollar a mile, or a nickel a mile -- whatever they can afford. My personal goal would be to sail 100 miles in a month and gather 100 donors. For each person I recruit as a pledger I'm going to challenge them to find five people to join them. All money would be collected in the form of checks made out to IMOM. What do the people at IMOM think of this? It can't be done in time to fund Shadow but it might provide a fair chunk of change for someone else's cat. Maybe there are legal complications I'm not aware of but I think the sheer novelty of this might gather a lot of money. I've already located several businesses in my town who would enthusiastically put up sign-up sheets, either for sailors or pledgers. Shadow's owner is a remarkable woman. She could be constantly moaning and complaining about the bad breaks she's had in life, but instead she concerns herself about others. She hosted a Thanksgiving dinner last year for the people in her apartment community who had no place to go. Everyone contributed food but she cooked it all, and no one had to spend Thanksgiving alone. For Christmas she volunteered at the Salvation Army sorting toys for presents. Now she wants to write an essay about the plight of homeless people after seeing a homeless woman using a walker but still struggling to walk because her shoes were obviously too big. You have all helped a woman who would be fabulously wealthy if wealth were based on the size of one's heart, and I don't know words adequate to say thank you.
  9. Shadow Ropel

    I have been acting as advocate for Shadow's owner, who has a learning disability and who struggles with writing. However, she will be providing an update each day about Shadow's progress. Shadow's leg is badly broken and amputation is the only reasonable solution. However, the vets have assured us that Shadow can live a good and happy life with three legs. I have seen dogs with three legs playing Frisbee so I believe them. Right now Shadow is at home and resting comfortably on strong pain medication. Tomorrow he will go to the veterinary hospital. They will put a pain patch on him that will last for five days and get him through the first few days after surgery. He will be operated on on Friday morning. Shadow has been a wonderful, loving companion to his owner and thanks to IMOM he will live a long and happy life.