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  1. Brewski Terwilleger

    I know first hand how nerve racking it is to be in a situation of this kind. I am soooo happy to hear that the funds were raised. I hope surgery went good. I look forward to hearing the good news.
  2. Kilo Carroll

    Hello to all!!! I wanted to let everyone know that Kilo is doing very well. He goes in for his post surgery check next week and to remove stitches. He doesn't use that leg yet but it looks to be healing wonderfully. We almost have our old Kilo back. We can't wait. Thanks again to everyone!!!!! The Carroll Family
  3. Kilo Carroll

    Well...the first night home was really hard. I was up about every 1-2 hours with Kilo. He just cried and cried. I called the emegency vet to see if I could up his pain medication and he said that was ok. So since then I have been able to keep Kilo's pain to a minimum. He sleeps a lot and lays around on his blanket. He is doing very well. Last night was a better night. Things will improve daily. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks again for everyones support. XOXOXO!!!!
  4. Kilo Carroll

    Sorry for the delay on Kilo's condition. The vet kept him overnight for observation. We went and got him this morning at 11:00 a.m. We were so excited. Thank you again to everyone who supported and helped us through this ordeal. We will never forget this. I will always keep in touch with IMOM and hopefully soon will start donating monthly to this great cause. I have posted information to all my friends and family to donate to this organization. I want to help other people the way we have been helped. Here is a picture of Kilo at home on his bed. He is really sleepy, but that is good because we want to limit his use on his leg. He is doing just fine. The Carroll Family
  5. Kilo Carroll

    My family is at a loss for words. We are so amazed at the amount of support we received. I knew mt prayers would be answered! Thanks to everyone for their help and support. I took Kilo into the vet this morning at 9:00 a.m. He was just a shakin. He knew something was going on. All I could do was cry for joy. The office staff were just smilin. I will pick him up tonight at about 6:30 p.m. I know everything will be alright! Thanks so much, The Carroll Family
  6. Kilo Carroll

    I am getting the house shut down and the kids in bed. The dogs have been fed and I feel very anxious about tomorrow. I know things will work out for the best. My family would like to thank everyone who has helped Kilo. It means the world to us. Have a great night and I will keep you posted. XoXoXo!!! Here is a great pic of Max and Kilo!!! Jami and family
  7. Kilo Carroll

    Hello I'm Kelsie I am 14 years old. Kilo is my little baby, I love him with all my heart! For the first few nights of Kilo living with us, I was the one to take him out at night when he had to go potty. I was the one who took him on his first walk. He slept with me whenever he could. When he got fixed I felt so bad and sorry for him. He cant talk, unless us humans, and now this has happend. It hurts my heart to know that my little baby may be put to sleep if he doesnt have this major surgery. Everyday when i get home from school, Kilo is there to welcome me and give me kisses, which I love. He is the best dog and I would be devistated if he was to be put asleep. Please help us out. I dont want to have to put him down. It would kill me, deep down. Thanks, Kelsie Carroll.
  8. Kilo Carroll

    I am Jordan and I am 9 years old. Kilo is an awesome pet friend. I'd feel really lonely if he wasn't around. I want him to get better and be able to play again. I love him and want him to get his surgery done. Please fix my dog. This was a note from Jordan Carroll Typed by his mom, Jami
  9. Kilo Carroll

    I have been on facebook, twitter, texting all my contacts in my phone and sent out an e-mail to all my contacts online. I have begged all my family members and done odd jobs for my neighbors. I offered my services to my vet, to clean or do whatever he needed for any expenses that could not be paid. I am not giving up!!!
  10. Kilo Carroll

    I can't thank you enough!! For the life of me, I cant figure out what happened. Whatever it was, he is an absolute trooper because he didn't make much of a fuss. I'm sure glad I caught it when I did. I can't wait to be on the giving end of this site. You are all such wonderful people. I plan on sticking around here and finding some more new friends. Thanks again!!! Jami
  11. Kilo Carroll

    Here are some more recent pics of Kilo. He is a bit medicated in the second one, but always such a baby boy!!!!
  12. Kilo Carroll

    I cant stop thinking of what could happen. How do you say goodbye to something that you love so dearly. I'm not ready to do that. Kilo has been such a blessing in our home. I keep thinking to myself why this had to happen. Why can't I be wealthy? Why, Why, Why? It is so frustrating. Kilo loves to chase Max around the house with his monkey. He loves to get the remains of the ice cubes after Max has chompped on them. He snores when he is in a deep sleep on his bed. He hops like a little rabbit when he is getting fed. He chases flies at the slider window. He is the smallest in the family, but he has the biggest mouth!!! LOLOL!!! I can't imagine not having him there in the mornings when I come downstairs to feed him and Max. I can't imagine him not there when we all go to bed. I feel just sick inside.
  13. Kilo Carroll

    Kilo is a very special part of our family. He is only 11 months old and he was given to us by a friend who is an apartment manager, found him and his litter mates in an apartment that a tenant had abandoned. He was the smallest little guy and we just fell in love with him. We brought him home and my daughter and I would take turns getting up with him in the night. He is our baby. We can't imagine life without him. Our 5 year old German Shepard named Max just loves him. You wouldn't believe how well they get along. I always call them David and Goliath. Kilo just started his life and deserves a long one. My family took Kilo when our lives were more stable. We didn't think that our lives would take such a finacial turn for the worse. We will do whatever it takes to save our little guys life. Thak you to everyone. Jami
  14. Saying hello again

    Just wanted to say hello again to the community. Max and Kilo both say "Hello!" I have really enjoyed meeting a couple of people online and chatting with them. I would love to meet more. I live in Murrieta, CA. Is there anyone who lives close to me. I met a lady that lives very close to me and also goes to the same vet. How cool is that!! Well, the steps have been taken, and I have been workin my tail off. I know it is all worth it.
  15. Kilo

    Kilo and the family