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  1. Thank you to everyone endlessly!!!!! My monster come home this afternoon and I'm SO greatful!!! It feels so good to see her walking around again. She's following me all over the place now which she never did before. I love her SO much I don't know what I would have done if I ever lost her! THANK YOU AGAIN SOOOOO MUCH!!!!
  2. Words can NEVER express just how thankful I AM!!!!!!!! I went to visit her today and she was actually moving around again. Even though I am sill VERY worried it felt good to see her walking. Her little brother gizmo and I miss her SO very much!!! Thank you to everyone!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! :-)
  3. My baby monster

    2 1/2 yrs ago this adorable blk kitten chased my car and when I got out to pet her she jumped in my arms and it's been love ever since. She is in the hospital sick something is wrong with her liver and I can't afford to pay for the proper test and treatment. I can not have childern so she IS my child, my best friend and my heart!! Please pray she will be ok..!